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Engine Descriptons and Maintenance Procedures

Aircraft Engine Company Employee Publications
Armstrong-Siddeley Cheetah IX Top Overhaul
Armstrong-Siddeley Tiger VIII Overhaul
BMW 003 Intelligence Reports and Correspondence
BMW 801 D-2 Kommandogerät (Control System)
The BMW 803A Aircraft Engine
BMW 803A CAD Models
Bristol Orion Design Notes
Bristol Sleeve Valve and Turbine Engines
Chevrolet Aircraft Engines
Continental A-40 Design and Machining
Continental A-Series Engines: The A-50
Continental A-Series Engines: The A-65
Continental A-Series Engines: The A75
Continental A-Series Engines: The A-80
Continental A-Series Engines: The A100
Continental A-Series Engines: Fuel Injection
Continental C-Series Engines and Their Derivatives: The C75 and C85
Continental C-Series Engines and Their Derivatives: The C-115 and C-125
Curtiss, Lawrance and Wright Engine Specifications and Images
Curtiss CD-12 Engine by Lanny Waguespack
Curtiss OX-5 Overhaul Methods Donated by William Lewis
Daimler-Benz DB601A,B Details Donated by Michael Smith
Daimler-Benz DB603A Details Donated by Michael Smith
Daimler-Benz DB601, DB603, DB605, DB610 Images, Drawings and Specifications
de Havilland Ghost 48 - Part 1: Engine Components
de Havilland Ghost 48 - Part 2: Lubrication, Fuel and Ignition Systems
de Havilland Gipsy 85/100hp Care and Maintenance
Duesenberg Aircraft Engines by William Pearce
Engine Maintenance Costs by Charlie Cravens
Ford's Aircraft Engine
Fw 190 and BMW 801
General Motors Research Laboratories X-250
German V-1 Flying Bomb
Halford’s H.1 in America by Dave Birch
Jacobs R-755
Junkers Jumo 205-C and 207 Diesel Engines Outstanding Features Donated by William Lewis
Junkers Jumo 211 Photographs Donated by William Lewis
Junkers Jumo 213 Engine by Doug Culy
The Liberty Motor Donated by William Lewis
The Manley Engine: Langley Memoir on Mechanical Flight
McCulloch Aircraft Engines by Kimble D. McCutcheon
Menasco Aircraft Engnes
Murray Rotary Engines
Napier Sabre Overhaul
Packard Articles by Robert J. Neal
Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A
Pratt & Whitney JT-3 Disassembly
Pratt & Whitney R-4360 Valve Train Development
Pratt & Whitney T34 Drawings
Pratt & Whitney TF30-12, -12A Engine Characteristics Card Donated by Michael Smith
Pratt & Whitney TF30-P-1, -1A Engine Characteristics Card Donated by Michael Smith
Pratt & Whitney Valve Adjustment Guides
Rolls-Royce Conway Part 1: Overview, Compressor, Combustion, Turbine
Rolls-Royce Conway Part 2: Accessory Drives, Fuel System
Rolls-Royce Conway Part 3: Oil, Starting and Air Systems
Rolls-Royce Conway Part 4: Operation
Rolls-Royce Conway Part 5: Bomber Installations
Rolls-Royce Conway Part 6: Transport Installations
Rolls-Royce Merlin XX Installation, Mechanism, Carburetion and Lubrication Diagrams - AP 1590G
Turbomeca Artouste Airborne Auxiliary Power Plant
Westinghouse J46
Westinghouse XJ40-WE-1 Engine Characteristics Card Donated by Michael Smith
Wright Aero YJ67-W-3 Engine Characteristics Card Donated by Michael Smith
Wright Aero YT47-W-1 Engine Characteristics Card Donated by Michael Smith
Wright Aero YT49-W-1 Engine Characteristics Card Donated by Michael Smith
Wright Gipsy Installation, Inspection and Maintenance Instructions
Wright Gipsy History
Wright TC18EA Cutaways and Schematics
Wright Turbo Compound Power Recovery Turbine Removal and Disassembly
Additional Engine Descriptions and Maintenance Procedures


Engine Images and Installations

Eagles Mere Air Museum Engines
Engine Cutaways
Engine Installations
The Engines of Brodhead, A Photo Essay by Richard E. Loftis
Lockheed SR-71 Propulsion, A Photo Essay by Richard E. Loftis
Museo del Aire de Madrid, Courtesy of Quinto Sertorio


Engine and Propeller Sales Brochures

This great collection of engine sales brochures includes images, specifications, construction details and performance charts for rare and not-so-rare engines and propellers. These are part of the AEHS Document Collection.

Bliss Jupiter Aircooled Radial Aero Engine
Bliss Titan Aircooled Aero Engine
The Caminez (440-C) Engine
Continental Aircraft Engines
de Havilland Gipsy Aero Engines
de Havilland Gipsy 100hp Aero Engine Brochure
de Havilland Propeller Brochure
Fiat Engines at the Second Annual New York Aviation Show
The Frederickson Model 5A 2-Cycle 5-Cylinder Rotary Engine
Isotta Fraschini Moteurs D'Aviation
Kinner C-5 210 hp Aircraft Engine
Le Quadri-Moteur Breguet Brevet Bugatti
Les Productions Farman Department Moteur
Menasco M-50 Engine
The Moore-Power Three-Valve Engine
Packard - Master Motor Builders
The Packard Diesel Aircraft Engine
Pratt & Whitney Aeronautical Engines for Every Purpose
The Rover (R-267) Aviation Engine
Sturtevant Model 5A, 5A-4 1/2 Airplane Engines
Walter NZ 120/135 hp Licensed by Spartan
Wright Whirlwinds 320 and 450
Pratt & Whitney Family Day Brochure, 1944
Hamilton Standard Family Day Brochure, 1953



This collection of accessory brochures provides details on engine accessories and instruments. These were donated by Ted Koch and are part of the AEHS Document Collection.

Bendix PS Series Carburetor Manual Donated by Ted Koch
B.G. Spark Plug Sales Brochure
B.G. Spark Plug Service and Maintenance Manual
H-T Aviation Spark Plug Data
Mosler Aviation Spark Plugs
The Aircraft Magneto
Boost Control for Aero Engines
Marvel Aircraft Fuel Injection Systems
Manual of Stromberg Aircraft Carburetors, Edition II
Manual of Stromberg Aircraft Carburetors, Edition III
Aeromarine Inertia Starter Instruction Book
Eclipse Aviation Generator Instruction Book
Eclipse Aviation Starters and Generators
Eclipse Aircraft Accessory Equipment
Eclipse Aircraft Accessory Equipment
Lunkenheimer Aircraft Specialties
Coffman Engine Starter
Exide Battery Installation and Operation Instructions
The Sperry Gyro-Horizon and the Directional Gyro
Pioneer Instruments Brochure
Weston Engine Temperature Indicator
Weston Electric Tachometer
Flying with the Sperry Horizon and Directional Gyro
Elmer Carries On: Sperry A-3 (MK 3) Gyropilot Operating Bulletin
Jaeger Tachometer and True-Airspeed Indicator
General Electric Tachometer
Lorenzen Propellers
Hamilton Standard Propellers
Formica Pulleys, Fairleads, Bushings, Cabin Lining
Comparison of Air-Cooled and Liquid-Cooled 4-Engine Monoplane Engine Installations
Lambert R-266 Instruction Book
La Produzione Motoristica Tedesca
A Pictorial Review of United Aircraft Corp at War


Propulsion Development History

Stepping Stones to Jet Propulsion; Sir Frank Whittle’s 1928 Cranwell Thesis and the Unbuilt Jet Engine Demonstrator, by Dr. Fred Starr
The 1929 Whittle Turbojet Demonstrator: Britain’s Greatest Lost Opportunity?, Presentation by Dr. Fred Starr
How Many Valves — The History of Number of Valves per Cylinder, by Kevin Cameron
McCook Field's 1918 Propeller Testing Laboratory
Notes on Hispano-Suiza WW1 Engines, by Paul Dempsey
Notes on Early Air-Cooled Engine Design, by Paul Dempsey
Why Internal Combustion?, by Paul Dempsey



The Evolution of Crankshaft Design in High Output In-Line Aircraft Piston Engines --- by Robert J. Raymond
Allison V-1710 and Rolls-Royce Merlin Torsional Vibration Characteristics, by Robert J. Raymond and Daniel D. Whitney
Bristol Engine Tests at the Royal Aircraft Establishment: Work Carried Out by Beatrice Shilling ca. 1941, by Robert J. Raymond (web version)
Bristol Engine Tests at the Royal Aircraft Establishment: Work Carried Out by Beatrice Shilling ca. 1941, by Robert J. Raymond (1.5M PDF)
Crankpin Bearings in High Output Aircraft Piston Engine, by Robert Raymond (2.5M PDF)
AEHS Document Collection Catalog With Access to Over 40 Engine Accessory Manuals and Hundreds of Other Scans!
Aircraft Engine Performance Analysis at Rolls-Royce ca. 1940, by Robert Raymond (web version)
Aircraft Engine Performance Analysis at Rolls-Royce ca. 1940, by Robert Raymond (1.4M PDF)
Airplane-Engine-Accessory Cross Reference (December 1943)
Bristol Hercules, Centaurus, and Proteus Performance Curves
Case History of Triptane
Engine-Airplane-Carburetor Cross Reference
Engine Power Calculators
Engine Specifications circa 1924
Engine Installation Drawings
M-L Magneto Type ADS Manual
Pratt & Whitney Gasoline and Engine Specifications
Pratt & Whitney Installation Drawings
Propellers and Governors Aircraft Application
Rotol Propeller, Governor, Fan and Spinner Specifications, Courtesy of Bruce Vander Mark
Rotol Propeller Control Units, Spinners, Fans and Feathering Pumps, Courtesy of Bruce Vander Mark
Whatever Became of the Surplus Merlins?, by Dave Birch
Wright Student Notebook: 2. Power Curves
Wright Student Notebook: 7. The Wright Torque Indicator
Wright Cyclone Power Measurement

Additional Reference Material


Reno Air Races

Reno 2017, by Dan Whitney
Reno 2016, by Dan Whitney
Reno 2015, by Dan Whitney
Reno 2014, by Dan Whitney
Reno 2013, by Dan Whitney
Reno 2012, by Dan Whitney
Reno 2011, by Dan Whitney
Reno 2010, by Dan Whitney
Reno 2009, by Dan Whitney


Members’ Restoration Projects

Mike Grimes’ LeBlond 7D Engine
Mike Grimes’ Heath Cannon Ball Racer Engine
David Irwin's Merlin Mk500-29 Runs
Bill Bishop’s Armstrong-Siddeley Cheetah
Tom Fey Explores the Boulin Strobomeca Instrument
Tom Fey’s Righter 2-GS-17
Tom Fey’s Mystery Contra-Prop Restoration
Tom Fey’s Kiekhaefer 0-45-1 Restoration
Tom Fey’s WWII Gunnery Target Engine Technical Analysis
Luca Mariotti’s Drone Restorations
Brian Mills’ Bristol Hercules 216
Brian Mills’ Rolls-Royce Griffon



US Army Air Corps Turbocharger Development, 1919 - 1922
The Engineering Division Side Type Turbocharger, 1922 - 1924
Turbocharger Development and Production, 1924 - 1945