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Manufacturing Processes and Procedures

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Building the Allison V-1710

The Armstrong-Siddeley Cheetah X
Part 1: Design Details, Machineing the Crankshaft and Master Rod
Part 2: Machining the Cylinder Unit, Induction Casing Rear Cover and Crankcase; Assembly and Testing

Manufacturing the Continental A-40

The de Havilland Gipsyqueen II
Part 1: Development, Design Features, Machining the Crankcase, Cylinder Barrel and Head
Part 2: Machining the Pistons and Connecting Rods; Forging, Heat-treatment and Subsequent Operations on the Crankshaft
Part 3: Fixtures for Machining the Crankcase Top Cover and Camshaft; Gears, Final Engine Assembly and Test

Building Franklin Air-Cooled Engines

Napier Sabre
The Napier Sabre Engine, Part 1: Shop Layout, Work Flow, Production Sequence, Machining the Crankcase and Cylinder Block
The Napier Sabre Engine, Part 2: Machining Operations on the Crankshaft, Connecting Rods, Sleeve and Sleeve Ball
The Napier Sabre Engine, Part 3: Balancing, Assembly, Supercharger and Engine Testing

Packard-Built Merlins, Part 1
Packard-Built Merlins, Part 2

Manufacturing the Rolls-Royce Merlin XX, Part 1
Manufacturing the Rolls-Royce Merlin XX, Part 2
Manufacturing the Rolls-Royce Merlin XX, Part 3
Manufacturing the Rolls-Royce Merlin XX, Part 4



Carburetor Manufacture
The S.U. Carburettor, Part 1
The S.U. Carburettor, Part 2

The Douglas XB-42 Propeller System
Steel-Tube Airscrew Blades
Hydulignum Blades
Electric Airscrews
Steel Airscrew Blades
Jablo Airscrew Blades
Propeller Blade Stress Measurement


Materials and Processes

Magnesium Casting
British Magnesium
Magnesium from Sea Water
Magnesium Surface Protection

Pressed Pistons, Part 1: The Technique and Equipment Adopted by a Pioneer Firm
Pressed Pistons, Part 2: Heat-treatment, Laboratory Control, Advantages of the Pressing Process
Flame Hardening: Heat-reatment by the Shorter Process
Gravity Diecasting, Part 1
Gravity Diecasting, Part 2
Gravity Diecasting, Part 3
Light Alloy Forging
Light Alloy Foundry Technique
Machaning Cylinder Fins
Material Testing
Powder Metallurgy
Training Female Labour

Engine Power Recovery
Engine Testing
Regenerative Dynamometers

Diamond Tools, Part 1: Cutting Angles for Lathe Work,Methods of Mounting and Types of Holders
Diamond Tools, Part 2: Boring Tools, Special Lathe Tool Holders, Milling Cutter, Speeds and Feeds
The Manufacture of Diamond Tools: Wheel Dressers, Shaped Tools and Hardness Indentors
Thread Grinding: Diamond Tools and Crushing Equipment for Form-Dressing Wheels