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The Fedden Mission to America
Section 4: Engines, Powerplants and Propellers
Compiled by Kimble D. McCutcheon
from Materials Provided by Tom Berthold and the National Library of Australia

Published 23 Apr 2016

Sir Roy Fedden
In Dec 1942 Sir Roy Fedden, former Bristol chief engineer, led a team of investigators to chronicle the U.S. WWII aircraft production effort. Fedden was well qualified to lead the mission , knowing the country, people and technical subjects. His mission was to find out everything of interest in new aviation technology and make recommendations to the British government. Fedden and his team were impressed the size and scope of engineering departments, the flexibility of manufacture in spite of the colossal production scale, the rapidity by which modifications based on combat experience were adopted, the control of production planning departments, the breakdown of production operations, and the close cooperation between design and production. Fedden returned to Britain and began writing the large report during Mar 1943. It consisted of seven sections:
  1. Constitution, Summary and General Conclusions of the Mission
  2. Aircraft Production
  3. Aircraft Design
  4. Engines, Power Plants and Propellers
  5. Accessories and Equipment
  6. Education and Research
  7. Post-War Problems

Section 4 is presented here. The original document was scanned by the National Library of Australia and made available to the AEHS by Tom Berthold.



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