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Piston Engines

Piston engines have powered aircraft since the dawn of powered flight and still power them today. Nearly every noteworthy aircraft performance improvement was the direct result of an engine improvement. Many of these engine improvements ranked among some of the greatest accomplishments of the first half of the Twentieth Century.

This section details piston engine development and use.



Supercharger Development in the U.S. During the Inter-War Period

V-12 Firing Order Display

Air-Cooled Aircraft Engine Cylinders - by George Genevro

Outstanding Compilation of Horizontally Opposed Aero Engine Information - by Jack Erickson

Table of US Engine Details, provided by Larry McClellan (PDF, XLS)

The Air Annual of the British Empire - 1938: British Engine Progress

Defective Engine Parts

Tom Fey's WWII Gunnery Target Engine Technical Analysis


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WW2 German Engine Production

Aircraft Engines in Armored Vehicles