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Video of AEHS Member David Irwin's Merlin 24
Running at the 2015 RAF Museum London's Battle of Britain Celebration

Napier Lion

Restorer Andy Lloyd: "I am making progress with the Napier Lion engine; my biggest worry was the 80 year old plus water jackets. I pressure tested them with the help of Chris Williams, who has a Lion engine in his racing Bentley. He also had a spare set to test; we were both very pleased to have water tight cylinders. Chris has been very helpful throughout this rebuild.

The rod assemblies have been stripped, checked and rebuilt. The timing case has had the same attention and is now finished having had the hand starter area remade with a lot of time spent on the milling machine and lathe producing components.

I have ordered pistons which will hopefully arrive in March or April. The original piston's had varying amounts of corrosion,  which I assume is down to age; I could not risk re-using them. The cylinders have been honed and I am currently working on the valves. Luckily they are very good and have only required a small amount of grinding and seat cutting.

I am also working on the engine carrier. This started out as an electric 'trash cart' for use in the city centre, I have removed the cart body and made up mountings with wooden engine bearers. This will also house the tanks, radiators and ancillaries."

July 30, 2009 -- The crank and rod's went together very well and the magneto's fitted easily. I am at one of those times when I am waiting for things and feel I am not getting much done, although I am picking up a few bits and pieces of ancillarys that I require; I recently got a beautiful WW1 aircraft revcounter with a 500-2500 rev range in working condition.

January 23, 2010 -- The pistons arrived and the engine is now fairly complete. The ancillaries and all the little parts that were missing are taking quite a bit of time to make but if it was easy everybody would be doing it !

July 24, 2010 -- A lot of time has been taken on the coolant system, making all the fittings, pipework and seals. Both mags are timed in, oil pipework to the head's is going well, control rods and support have been made along with a coolant header tank. The under body oil system is fairly complete as is the control panel. This weekend I am aiming to finish the fuel priming pipework; I had some help with the tiny jet drilling,  which was to small for my general drilling equipment. All the valve clearances are done, cam cover gaskets in position and the engine turns over with a nice "whoosh" when cranked by hand.

March 18, 2011 -- I would have updated more regularly but I have been in the workshop instead. I have made good progress especially with the carburettors. I borrowed a set from a museum and had patterns made for the cast bodies. I have made all the internals including main jets, floats and rotary throttles. The throttle linkages are now coming together and the inlet manifolds are awaiting paint, the prop is mounted and the locktabs and main prop nut look well. The engine carrier now has folding support legs and Ash engine bearers in position.

November 4, 2011 -- I have had a great summer running the Lion engine at various events, some being very small local shows and others, such as the Shuttleworth's Edwardian flying days and Brookland's Double Twelve weekend attract international visitors. I have met so many interested people with questions, stories and great information regarding the Lion, I have hardly been able to take it all in. I have recently been invited to the RAF museum reserve collection where I have spent several days studying and making detailed notes of a genuine Napier Lion tool kit, which I am currently replicating to keep with my engine. There are YouTube clips of this summer's engine runs below.

February 11, 2012 -- I have recently collected a 4 blade test club for the Lion engine; it has been beautifully made by Colin Essex at Sovereign propellers in Coventry. I will let you know how it performs after the first test runs when the weather improves.

November 27, 2012 -- I have been very lucky and now have another Lion engine, in fact another type 5. I am now rebuilding an American car, a 1913 Chalmers 36 model 17, it will be finished as a Vanderbilt cup type car, I hope to be finished for its 100th birthday.

April 16, 2013 --I have done my first few rides out on the Chalmers, I didn’t know 40mph was so scary !


Cylinder Fitting Cylinder Fitting Camshaft Fitting Camshaft Fitting Engine on Carrier Engine on Carrier Magneto Linkage Breather Starter Cover Chris Williams' Napier Bentley
Connecting Rod Refit Connecting Rod Refit Connecting Rod Refit New Pistons Cylinders Installed Engine on Carrier Engine on Carrier Out Front Out Front Out Front
Out Front Out Front Claudel-Hobson Carb Castings Claudel-Hobson Carb Floats Claudel-Hobson Carb Parts Claudel-Hobson Double Carb Float Carb Fitting Carb Fitting Carb Fitting Inlet Manifolds
Test Club Test Club Test Club 1913 Chalmers 1913 Chalmers 1913 Chalmers 1913 Chalmers      


Finally, On March 13, 2011 it Runs! (3.2M wmv)


Run at Brooklands Museum, June 2011
Run of Three Lions at Brooklands, June 2011
Run at Brooklands MotorSport Festival, June 2011
Run at Shuttleworth, September 2011
Run at Mill Meece, September 2011
Night Run, November 2012



Restorations by Brian Peaden

Bristol Centaurus

This is a Bristol Centaurus cutaway recently completed and donated to the Aerospace Museum of California, McClellan, California. Brian did not have a fuel control unit for the engine. Perhaps someone may know where one can be obtained? The museum would love to have it to complete this display. The last image is a progress photo of an R-4360 which should be in the museum this summer.



Restorer Brian Peaden: "The R-4360 has been completed and donated to the Aerospace Museum of California, McClellan, California. This is my hobby and retirement project so progress is slow.

The complete 4360 has one damaged cylinder, which I am trying to find a replacement for. If I can locate one and a starter motor  I hope to be able to start and run this engine."



Ken-Royce 5F

This engine is currently is installed and flying in a 1939 Rearwin 9000KR Sportster, N25431


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