Restorations 2

Renault 4P03 A

Brett James of James Aeronautics is restoring this engine to running condition.



Benz Bz IVu of 1918 Vintage

This engine is from the Brussels Air Museum, which has an extensive collection of engines dating from the early days of flight (pre-1914 ) up to the present day. These images appear through the generosity of Mike Lewis. They may not be reproduced in any form without the express written consent of Mr. Lewis.

The Benz Bz IVu engine powered both the LVG CVI and the Halberstadt CV two seater artillery spotting aircraft. Both aircraft were constructed in 1918 and it is probable that the LVG never saw action. The Halberstadt is unique in that it is the only surviving example in the world.

Benz Bz IVu Specifications
Type6 cylinder in-line
Piston displacement18,800 cm³ or 18.8 litres
Bore145 mm
Stroke190 mm
Piston MaterialAluminium
Engine mass370 kgs
Inlet valve travel11.8 mm
Exhaust valve travel11.25 mm
Magnetos are set to 30° advance and geared to turn at 2/3 engine speed.


Engine Performance

All engines were tested before removal to the aircraft companies that used them and the power output (which varied slightly) was stamped on the maker’s plaque which in the case of the LVG is regrettably missing.
Nominal power: 200 hp increasing to a maximum 230 hp at sea level
Nominal RPM: 1,400
Oil consumption: 10 grams / hr