Notice to AEHS Members

Since April, 2009 the Members’ section of the AEHS web site has contained most of the new articles and much of the other content (images, sounds, videos, etc.) that is published by the AEHS.

Persons who were AEHS members at the end of 2008 are now Legacy Members with lifetime access to the Members’ section. Legacy Members have always had access to the AEHS Members' Bulletin Board.

Others may gain access to the Members’ section and Members' Bulletin Board by joining the AEHS.

Every AEHS member who has joined and provided an e-mail address has been assigned a username and password that allows access to the Members’ Bulletin Board (also known as the AEHS Forum), which has been active since 2003. This username/password combination was sent to each member via e-mail when that member joined the AEHS or provided an e-mail address. This same username/password combination is used to access the Members’ section of the web site. The username consist of the first initial of the member’s first name followed by the member’s last name, all in lower case. If the password has been forgotten, one can gain access to the Members' section via a substitute password automatically generated by the AEHS Bulletin Board PROVIDED the member still has the same e-mail address as when s/he joined. Members who are still unable to access the Membersí section after trying the lost-password process should contact the Bulletin Board Administrator for manual assignment of a new password and/or correction of their e-mail address. Please state your name and mailing address in the e-mail.

The AEHS Bulletin Board allows AEHS Members to communicate about aircraft engines and other topics. The Board presently has several categories (Help, Air Racing, Collections/Restorations, Discussion, Members Only (private) and Wants/Disposals, etc.) Within each category are one or more forums.

We encourage every AEHS member to use the capabilities of the Bulletin Board.

The Board is organized in a hierarchical fashion:


Some of the Categories and Forums are public. While only AEHS members can post to them, anyone with Internet access can read them. Others are private, are designated so in their title, and are hidden from anyone who is not an AEHS member. We encourage AEHS members to post messages in the public forums when possible. This allows sharing of our collective knowledge with both AEHS members and non-members alike.



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