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Jet engines, since their appearance in World War II, have literally revolutionized almost all aspects of aviation. Because of improvements in jet engines, aircraft continually fly faster, further, and carry more payload. The reliability and longevity of jet engines has made air travel one of the safest and least expensive means of long-distance transportation.



Gas Turbine Videos

A fellow calling himself "AgentJayZ," who works for the Canadian company S&S Turbine Services Ltd, has posted over 100 high-quality YouTube videos covering all aspects of gas turbines. Please see the extensive index.

Gas Turbine Observations
by Charlie Cravens

Compressor Bleed and Power Extraction

Thrust and Power

This outstanding aircraft gas turbine site by Jack Mattingly
has a wealth of historical and technical detail, including many images of gas turbines.

Gas Turbine Blades (Fan, Compressor and Turbine)

Images from the Collection of Paolo Pisani

Images from the Collection of Andrzej

Textron Lycoming Gas Turbines
via Ken Collinge