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Nord Aviation N 2501 Noratlas

A former military cargo used by the French Air Force until 1987, this is the only one of 450 still flying. Its Bristol Hercules 759 engines produce 2,048 hp @ 2,800 rpm at during takeoff.

Christian Estieoulle, who has for the past 11 years been involved in the restoration and maintenance of this rare aircraft, has recorded the sounds of its engines.

The sound file consist of four clips: Left engine start, right engine start, takeoff power at 2,800 rpm followed by power reduction to 2,400 rpm, and shutdown. Note the absence of valve gear clatter typically associated with radial engines; all one hears is the bark of the exhaust. These are the last two Hercules 759s flying in the world.


Startup, take-off and shutdown of Bristol Hercules 759

Click HERE to listen (660K mp3)


Air Zoo Sounds

Bill Painter, Accessions Director and Research Coordinator of the Kalamazoo Aviation History Museum (Air Zoo), has kindly donated these sounds of engines in aircraft that are part of the Air Zoo collection.







All photographs in this section are courtesy of the Air Zoo.


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