AEHS Privacy and Security Statement

When you donate to or buy products from the Aircraft Engine Historical Society, the personal information you provide is added to a database. This information is used to mail products to you and may be used to send you information that the AEHS Directors and Officers deem of interest to members. The AEHS will not provide this information to other individuals or organizations without your express consent.

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The AEHS respects the privacy of visitors to the AEHS web site. We make no effort to identify individuals, and make no use of the visitor’s domain name and IP address other than for the production of statistical data that allows us to continually improve the quality of the web site.

If you send us electronic mail, we will retain your name and return address so that we can process your request or otherwise resolve the subject of your e-mail. The AEHS will not provide your e-mail address to third parties without your consent.

The AEHS may, at its option, choose to publish articles, photographs, correspondence, sound recordings, video recordings and other intellectual property contributed to the AEHS. When you send the AEHS such material and do not explicitly state otherwise, you are giving the AEHS implicit permission to publish it.



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The information, drawings, plans, or other technical data (hereinafter “data”) provided herein is for informational purposes only and the Aircraft Engine Historical Society, Inc. expressly disclaims any warranties relating to the accuracy of the data and the reader makes use of such data at his own risk. More specifically, the Aircraft Engine Historical Society, Inc. does not warrant the accuracy of any of the data provided herein and no representation is made that the data, or any devices constructed using the data, shall be fit for use for any purpose whatsoever. The reader shall be solely responsible for determining the adequacy and accuracy of the data, and all results or effects resulting from the use or application of such data. Furthermore, the use of data herein shall constitute the user's express recognition and agreement that the processes, procedures, techniques, and operation of devices described herein may result in personal and/or property damage to the user and third parties. The Aircraft Engine Historical Society, Inc. has not undertaken to instruct users of data in any safety procedures related to the use or application of this data and the observation of proper safety procedures is the sole responsibility of the user.