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Lockheed Constellation Survivors
The General Electric GE9x Commercial Aircraft Engine
Bristol Hercules Restorations
Air Corps Library, Aircraft Drawings and Manuals
Avialogs, Aircraft and Engine Manuals
Kermit Weeks Visits Vintage V-12s
  Part 1
  Part 2
  Part 3
Hall-Scott Aircraft Engines
The Flying Machine Journal —A quarterly journal focusing exclusively on "aeroplanes" manufactured prior to 1920
AEHS Member Calum Douglas’ Account of Research for His Upcoming Book The Secret Horsepower Race Calum Douglas’  Web Site
Joe Baugher’s Superb American Military Aircraft Reference
Ricardo Miguel Vidal's Aerspace Engines Blog
Crover Diesel
Flying Heritage Collection Engine Starts Video
Classic Aero Engines and Parts
Various Warbird Engine Starts (Video Includes P-26, TBM, Fw 190, P-51, SBD, P-63, B-17)
FM-2 Wildcat Coffman Cartridge Engine Start Video
Reno Engine Starts Video
Penngrove Power & Implement Museum Runs a Pratt & Whitney R-4360
Anderson Airmotive
Piston Engine Development Information (Auto Engine Conversions, Propeller Reductions)
Royal Air Force Battle of Britain Memorial Flight
Heroic Relics: Fantastic Manned Space Flight Web Site
Official Frank Whittle Web Site
Bill Pearce's Old Machine Blog (Aircraft, Automobiles and Engines)
Evzen Vsetecka's Aircraft Engine Photographs: Hundreds of Rare Engines from All Over Europe
Allied and Axis Aircraft Performance Information - Thanks Robert Nishimura
Pan Am Historical Foundation
All the World's Rotocraft
La Maison Ratier
Jet Engine Specification Database
WW1 Aero and Skyways
Vintage Aircraft Association
Virtual Aircraft Museum: Images and Data for Thousands of Aircraft
Lockheed D-21 Ramjet Details
FAA Airworthiness Standards and Advisory Circular covering Aircraft Engine Certification
War Department Technical Manual on Aircraft Engines (TM 1-405, 1945)
A Study of the Flammability of Magnesium (4.95MB PDF)
WW1 Engines in Museums (click on Museums, then En. ...)
EAA Warbirds - Promoting and Encouraging the Preservation and Safe Operation of Warbirds
Wikipedia Article on the Rolls-Royce R
Scale Resin Engine Models
Pratt & Whitney Logo Products
BMW 801 Images
Woodward Governors
Flight's History of Flight from 1909
The Vintage Aviator - WW1 Aircraft and Engine Restoration and Reproduction
Inside a Merlin 68
Memorial Flight's He 162 Restoration Page with Numerous BMW 003 Engine Details
Aircraft Engine Walkarounds
Siemens Engines
Indexes for over 550,000 Air Force Documents
The Transport Archive (Images of Britain's transport system. Includes aircraft engines and manufacturing.)
Miss Bardahl Merlin Engine Overhaul
Ezell Aviation Warbird Restoration
Glue-It Aircraft Photographic Reference
Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences in Sydney Australia (Powerhouse Museum)
Napier Power Heritage
Flight Magazine Cutaway Drawings
Encyclopedia Astronautica (Rockets and Space, includes engine index and information)
Dennis A. Harmon's Flight Engineer Page
Computer Graphic Renderings of WW1 Aircraft and Engines
Cross & Cockade: Aero-Engines Exhibited & Stored in the United Kingdom & Ireland
Zeno's Warbird Video Drive-In
Pratt & Whitney J58 Engine Information
Collection of the James Dekle Family of Thomasville, Georgia
Society of Air Racing Historians
Berlin Airlift Historical Foundation
Randy Wilson's Aviation History Site
Science Museum - London
Holcomb's Aerodrome -- Pioneer, Great War and Golden Age
Andreas Parsch's Military Designations Site. Includes US, Chinese, and German engines.
Aerofiles Powerplants
Wooden Propellers
Engine Manuals on CD
The Internet Craftsmanship Museum
Joe Gertler's Engine Page
The Aviation Zone - Unofficial Home of the Heavies
Royal Aeronautical Society
Gnome Rotary Animation (other engines also)
NASA History Series
Fantastic home-constructed model engine site!
The Wright Experience - Details on the engines that started it all
Kalamazoo Aviation History Museum
North American Trainer Association
NACA Technical Report Server
Miniature Radial Engines
Armstrong-Siddeley Experimental Engines
Big Lycoming Engines
Jack Mattingly's Aircraft Gas Turbine Engine Design Site
Lisa's Aviation Links
Wings on the Web - Aircraft images
Society of Experimental Test Pilots
Eng-Tips Forums - Technical support forums for engineering professionals.
Junkers Aircraft and Engines
History of Air Transport Aircraft since 1930
Ian F. Bennett's Gas Turbine site

Resources for Students and Educators

History of Flight (thanks to Trevor of the Lake Jennings BSA Troop 325)
EducatorLabs.org Educators’ Resources
PBS Kids Chemistry, Physics and Engineering Projects
Great American Adventurers: The Wright Brothers and the Airplane (thanks to Ashley M.)
Wings of Eagles Discovery Center

Wondering where to get engine books in the UK? Here are some places to start (please send your links)

Crowood Press (Airlife Books)
Rolls-Royce Heritage Trust Book List/Order Form (313K PDF)

U.S. Publishers and Distributors of Engine Books (please send your links)

Specialty Press
Society of Automotive Engineers
Schiffer Books
Weak Force Press