Information for Authors

All Submissions

The AEHS may, at its option, choose to publish articles, photographs, correspondence, sound recordings, video recordings and other intellectual property contributed to the AEHS. When you send the AEHS such material and do not explicitly state otherwise, you are giving the AEHS implicit permission to publish it on the AEHS web site.

The web site is laid out electronically using styles, fonts, character sizes and image placements that correspond to the overall design. This means that any special formatting in your article will be changed. Please see that your manuscripts consist of a one column of single-spaced text. You may refer to articles on the AEHS web site for style and form.

Within the text, you should clearly indicate where photographs, drawings, tables, etc. are to be inserted and include the caption that goes with that figure or table. Please DO NOT insert images into the text as they will only have to be removed as part of the web publishing process. Each photograph or drawing must credit the original owner/photographer and the lender. It is the author's responsibility to obtain permission from the copyright holder(s) to use photographs, drawings and other intellectual property. Please try to avoid referencing illustrations from within the article text -- use the caption instead. In instances where referencing illustrations from the article text cannot be avoided, number the figures in the order they are referenced.

Bibliographic information, captions, and references should follow the manuscript. Please include a brief biography of the author.

Electronic Submissions

We prefer that manuscripts be submitted in electronic form. ASCII text (*.txt), Microsoft Word® (*.doc), Rich Text Format (*.rtf), or WordPerfect® (*.wp, *.wpd, *.wpt) formats are all acceptable. These may be sent by e-mail to or on CD-ROMs/DVDs. Images of photographs should be a minimum of 300 dots per inch for the final printed size. Images of line drawings should be a minimum of 600 dots per inch (1,200 dpi preferred) and should be grayscale (not black and white or 2-color). While we prefer to work with Tagged Image Format (.tif) images, .bmp, .eps, .gif, .jpg, .pcd, .pct, .pcx, .png and .wmf image formats are also acceptable. Please be particularly careful to err on the side of quality when selecting compression settings for lossy formats such as .jpg and .gif. Also, please submit one file per image.

Paper Submissions

Paper manuscripts are scanned and converted to electronic form using optical character recognition software. For this reason, all manuscripts should be printed on one side of 8.5 x 11 inch (or A4) paper. Please keep the number of fonts to a minimum and try to use standard, widely available fonts like Courier or Times Roman. Also, please keep character spacing uniform by select unjustified (ragged) right margins. Photographs and drawings should be at least as large as the final printed size. Please include photograph captions separate from the photographs themselves.

While we at the AEHS will make every reasonable effort to safeguard your manuscript, we can not be responsible for damage or loss. If a photograph or drawing cannot be replaced, please submit a copy rather than the original.

Your stories are important to us. If there is anything we can do to aid the process of getting them published, please let us know via e-mail to