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An enhanced version of the AEHS Document Collection Catalog, in the AEHS Members Section,
gives AEHS Members access to over 40 accessory manuals, as well as hundreds of other scanned documents.
These are identified by the word "Online" appearing in the Remarks Column.
Enter the AEHS Members Secton and navigate to the AEHS Document Collection Catalog in the Reference subdivision.
Click on the Title in the Results display, then Click on the Title again in the Citation display.


You can reduce the number of results by using the "_" wild card character in any of the fields.
_ matches one character, i.e., "16_1" matches "1601", "1611", "1621" ... "1691", etc.

Conventions used for Publication Dates take several forms, which are detailed below:

  1. yyyy -- year only.
            (1950. Stored internally as 19500000.)
  2. yymm -- year and month
            (194803 = March of 1948. Stored internally as 19480300.)
  3. yyyymmdd -- year, month and day
            (19480618 = June 18, 1948. Stored internally as 19480618.)



AEHS Document Collection Logo The AEHS has a large and growing collection of rare books, manuals, reports, photographs, papers, films and recordings, all related to aircraft propulsion.
The AEHS Document Collection includes subjects on aviation training, aircraft research and design publications, aircraft component service manuals, aircraft operating manuals, aircraft engines, reference books, standards, and publications.

The catalog is accessible via the search form above.

    Four categories currently comprise the AEHS Document Collection:
    1. That part with Facility = UAH is housed and available to the public at the Archives and Special Collections Department in the University of Alabama, Huntsville (UAH) Salmon Library. To gain access to these documents, please make a note of the citations, including the "Location" field. Documents can be accessed in the Archives department during regular operating hours.
    2. That part with the Facility = AEHS will remain at the AEHS offices for the foreseeable future.
    3. That part with the Facility = Not Specified has been cataloged and will be moved to UAH as they are accessioned into the UAH system.
    4. Documents the Facility = Need are needed by the AEHS to complete our collection. If you have copies of these, please contact us.
    5. Some Documents are still being cataloged and do not yet appear.

If you have questions about the AEHS Document Collection, please e-mail