UK National Archives at Kew

Directorate of Scientific Research (DSIR) Engine Records, 1914 - 1939

Compiled by David Birch - 19 Oct 2011

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Reference Title or Scope Covering Dates Former Ref
DSIR 23/341Gnome engine: fractured connecting rods1914T 341
DSIR 23/374Royal Aircraft Factory: testing plant for aeronautical engines1914T 374
DSIR 23/394Gnome engine inlet valves: examination of two broken balance weights1914T 394
DSIR 23/398Gnome engine No. 2981: results of examination1914T 398
DSIR 23/408Austrian Daimler 120 H.P. engine: report on fractured crank-shaft1914T 408
DSIR 23/444Gnome engine: fractured nose plate1914T 444, 444a-c
DSIR 23/489Renault engine No. 42795: fractured cylinder head sent by Army Council described as new engine which broke in half in the air1915T 489
DSIR 23/561Multiple-engined aeroplanes1915T 561
DSIR 23/631Air compressor for R.A.F. 1 engine1916T 631
DSIR 23/652Propellers for twin-engine machines: requests for opinion on failure of propeller on a Curtiss aeroplane1916T 652, 652a-b
DSIR 23/661Sunbeam aero-engine: investigation of fracture of exhaust springs1916T 661
DSIR 23/773Cooling of aeroplane engine cylinders1916T 759
DSIR 23/808Cooling of aeroplane engine cylinders1916T 794, 794a-b
DSIR 23/873Radiators for water-cooled engines1916T 859
DSIR 23/896Maybach engine from German airship S.L.II: analysis and strength tests of metal parts1916T 882
DSIR 23/897R.A.F. aluminium petrol engine cylinder: heat emission of vibrating iron strips attached to fins1916T 883
DSIR 23/943Air-cooled engine cylinder: effect of surface roughness on cooling1917T 929, 929a
DSIR 23/968Object of tabulating engine data1917T 954
DSIR 23/986Water-cooled engines: difficulties experienced in winter in connection with water circulation1917T 972
DSIR 23/1024Dissipation of heat from surface of an air-cooled engine when running and at rest1917T 1010
DSIR 23/1051Fractured Italian Gnome engine crankshaft: examination1917T 1037
DSIR 23/1085Cooling of engines1918T 1071
DSIR 23/1142Variation of engine power with height1918T 1128
DSIR 23/1166Windage experiments with model of rotary engine B.R.11918T 1152
DSIR 23/1167Apparatus for measurement in wind tunnel of performance of airscrew or windage torque of rotary engine1918T 1153
DSIR 23/1241Best gliding angle in space for aeroplane in a wind with engine shut off1918T 1227, 1227a
DSIR 23/1260Airscrews designed for S.E.5 aeroplane with 150 H.P. ungeared Hispano-Suiza engine: tests1918T 1246
DSIR 23/1305Airscrew, rotary B.R.2 engine, two different types of engine cowling and body of Snipe aeroplane: model experiments1919T 1291
DSIR 23/1331Experiments with model of S.E.5 aeroplane and models of several airscrews designed for 150 H.P. ungeared Hispano Suiza engine1919T 1317, 1317a
DSIR 23/1433Full-scale determination of lift and drag coefficient of biplanes, by means of engine and airscrew performance1919T 1419
DSIR 23/1481Comparison of flying qualities of single and twin-engined aeroplanes1920T 1467
DSIR 23/1500Installation of Wasp engine in Avro aeroplane1920T 1486, 1486a
DSIR 23/1532Comparative performance of various airscrews for SE5A aeroplane with Wolseley Viper engine1920T 1518
DSIR 23/1556Possible developments of aircraft engines for civil aviation in the next ten years1920T 1542
DSIR 23/1562Ricardo experimental engine: notes on research work that could be done at Universities1921T 1548, 1548a
DSIR 23/1600DH 9 aeroplane No. H 9140 with Handley Page wing and Siddeley Puma 230 H.P. engine: trials1921T 1586, 1586a
DSIR 23/1631Aerodynamic merits of radial and rotary engines1921T 1617, 1617a
DSIR 23/1634Full-scale experiments on Handley Page single slotted aerofoil: determination of lift and drag by glides with engine throttled1921T 1620
DSIR 23/1662Programme of research on aircraft engines1921T 1648
DSIR 23/1685Prevention of fire in single-engined aeroplanes1921T 1671
DSIR 23/1700Investigation of engine failures in relation to accidents to aeroplanes1922T 1686
DSIR 23/1719Investigation into resistance of twin-engined aeroplanes1922T 1705
DSIR 23/1845Power plant reliability and reliability test on German engines1923T 1831
DSIR 23/1847Some experiments on airscrews at zero torque, with applications to a helicopter descending with engine off1923T 1833
DSIR 23/1853New disposition of engines for twin-engined commercial aeroplane1923T 1839
DSIR 23/1861Lift and drag of standard Bristol fighter aeroplane with R.A.F.4d engine1923T 1847
DSIR 23/1893Experiments with rudders on two twin-engine aeroplanes1923T 1879
DSIR 23/1965Aerodynamical features of proposed multi-engined aeroplane1924T 1951, 1951a-c
DSIR 23/1966Variation of engine power with height1924T 1952
DSIR 23/1978Variation of engine power with height1924T 1964
DSIR 23/2020Comparison between air-cooled and water-cooled engines1924T 2006
DSIR 23/2093Accidents, forced landings and engine failures1925T 2079, 2079a
DSIR 23/2113Variable pitch airscrews suitable for service engines: report1925T 2099, T 2099a
DSIR 23/2147Necessary size of aerodromes for a landing if engine fails at take-off1926T 2133
DSIR 23/2165Investigation into action of dopes and detonation in engines1925T 2151
DSIR 23/2241Torsional vibration in engines1926T 2227, 2227a-c
DSIR 23/2451Discussion of law of variation of engine power with height1927T 2437
DSIR 23/2474Fire prevention in single-engined aeroplanes1927T 2460, 2460a
DSIR 23/2508Performance of several combustion chambers designed for aircraft oil engines1927T 2494
DSIR 23/2509Effects of fuel and cylinder gas densities on characteristics of fuel sprays for oil engines1927T 2495
DSIR 23/2510Factors in design of centrifugal type injection valves for oil engines1927T 2496
DSIR 23/2534Determination of horsepower height factor of engines from results of type trials of aeroplanes1927T 2520
DSIR 23/2542Bristol `Jupiter' engine: cowling and cooling research1927-1928T 2528, 2528a-b
DSIR 23/2581Engine researches1928T 2567
DSIR 23/2596Proposed forced draught system of cooling aero engines1928T 2582
DSIR 23/2614Conference on cooling of air-cooled engines: report1928T 2600
DSIR 23/2619Engine Sub-Committees: work on airship engines1928T 2605
DSIR 23/2623Cowling for radial air-cooled engine: wind tunnel experiments1928T 2609
DSIR 23/2686Method of reducing drag of radial engines by addition of rings of aerofoil section1928T 2672
DSIR 23/2724Six-monthly programme of research: suggestions by Society of British Aircraft Constructors for inclusion of items of research into engines1928-1929T 2710, 2710a-c
DSIR 23/2732Effect of increasing engine power on aircraft performance1928T 2718
DSIR 23/2749Magnesium alloys for engine parts1929T 2735
DSIR 23/2810Additional external engine cowlings: drag tests1929T 2796, 2796a-b
DSIR 23/2833Reduction of drag of radial engines by attachment of rings of aerofoil section1929T 2819
DSIR 23/2847Effect on performance of restricting an engine to normal r.p.m. at operational height1929T 2833
DSIR 23/2926Effect of engine gearing on turning tendency of aircraft1929T 2912
DSIR 23/2956Sleeve Valve Panel of Engine Sub-Committee: report1930T 2942
DSIR 23/2964H.E.I. Panel of Engine Sub-Committee: report1930T 2950
DSIR 23/2965Transmission of vibrations from engine to fuselage of aeroplane1930T 2951
DSIR 23/2968Engine and aircraft vibration: conference at Royal Aircraft Establishment, Farnborough1930T 2954
DSIR 23/3000Cowling of air-cooled engines: wind tunnel experiments1930T 2986
DSIR 23/3013International Research Committee: engine-less flight1930T 2999
DSIR 23/3047Use of engine-less gliders or light aeroplanes for obtaining meteorological data1930T 3033
DSIR 23/3107Correction to standard atmospheric conditions of performance tests on aircraft fitted with supercharged engines for heights below full throttle height1931T 3093
DSIR 23/3115Measurement of performance of Supermarine `S.5' seaplane fitted with ungeared Lion VIIA engine1931T 3101
DSIR 23/3158Effect of cowlings and rings on engine cooling1931T 3144, 3144a-b
DSIR 23/3215Effect of sideslip on performance of multi-engined aircraft1932T 3201
DSIR 23/3252Effect of increased carburettor pressure on engine performance at several compression ratios19321
DSIR 23/3271Lynx engine: tests at high oil temperatures193220
DSIR 23/3282Thermoelement for exploring temperature distribution over barrel of aero-engine cylinders193231
DSIR 23/3300Engine Sub-Committee: 64th report193249
DSIR 23/3319Use of large valve overlap in scavenging a supercharged spark-ignition engine using fuel injection193268
DSIR 23/3389Air-cooled aircraft engine: tests with petrol and butane1932138
DSIR 23/3398Engine Sub-Committee: 65th report1932147
DSIR 23/3411Torsiograph investigations on radial engine with and without spring-hub, with some reference to damping1932160
DSIR 23/3431Effect on aeroplane performance of factors that must be considered in applying low-drag cowling to radial engines1932180
DSIR 23/3439Compression-ignition engines: tests of several fuels1932188
DSIR 23/3447Compound engine: report1932196
DSIR 23/3454Hart P.V. aircraft fitted with Panther engine: spinning tests1931203
DSIR 23/3459Lubrication of aircraft engines1932208
DSIR 23/3466List of papers circulated to Engine Sub-Committee1932215
DSIR 23/3487Best basis of reduction of supercharged engines from flight tests1932236, 236a
DSIR 23/3488High speed compression ignition engine: investigation of processes of combustion. in cylinder1932237
DSIR 23/3498Possible tests of certain engines to destruction1932247
DSIR 23/3520Effect of humidity on engine performance1932269
DSIR 23/3528Engine Sub-Committee: 66th report1932277
DSIR 23/3560Alcohol-petrol blended fuel: engine tests1932309
DSIR 23/3564Effect of humidity on engine power at altitude1932313
DSIR 23/3575High speed compression ignition engine: fuel vapourisation and effect on combustion1932324
DSIR 23/3590Engine Sub-Committee: 67th report1932339
DSIR 23/3602Research engines1932351
DSIR 23/3606Wholly-reconditioned mineral lubricating oil: engine, chemical and physical tests of samples1932355
DSIR 23/3614`R' engines: proposed tests to destruction1932363
DSIR 23/3638Internal combustion engine: work in progress at Manchester University1932387
DSIR 23/3639E.35 engines: progress report on work carried out at Loughborough College1932388
DSIR 23/3660Rolls Royce F.XI engines: torsional vibration characteristics1931409
DSIR 23/3665Leopard `J' engines: torsional vibration1931414
DSIR 23/3666Panther engine: torsional vibration characteristics1930415
DSIR 23/3667Ricardo S.55 engine: investigation of crankshaft strength and resonance characteristics1930416
DSIR 23/3680Short R.6/28 six-engined flying boat: noise measurement1932429
DSIR 23/3685Engines: fading in flight1933434
DSIR 23/3701Nacelle-propeller combinations in various positions with reference to wings: pt II, thick wing, various radial-engine cowlings and tractor propeller1933450
DSIR 23/3708Twelve cylinder Vee aero engine: torsional resonance characteristics1933457
DSIR 23/37104/9 - scale model engine nacelles with various cowlings: drag tests1933459
DSIR 23/3733Internal combustion engines: rates of fuel discharge as affected by design of fuel-injection systems1933482
DSIR 23/3738Engine Sub-Committee: 68th report1933487
DSIR 23/3758Oil engine injection problems: investigations at King's College, London1933507
DSIR 23/3774Compression-ignition engine: influence of several factors on ignition lag1933523
DSIR 23/3775Compression-ignition engine with pre-combustion chamber: effect of clearance distribution on performance1933524
DSIR 23/3776Compression-ignition engine with pre-combustion chamber: effect of connecting passage diameter on performance1933525
DSIR 23/3789Two-stroke cycle compression ignition aircraft engine: design and performance estimates1933538
DSIR 23/3798Imperial Airways engines: fuel consumption in summer and winter1933547
DSIR 23/3803Wind tunnel investigation of forced air-cooling for aero-engines1933552
DSIR 23/3823`R' engine components: strengths1933572
DSIR 23/3824Reduction of performance to standard atmosphere for aircraft with supercharged engines1932573
DSIR 23/3843Engine Sub-Committee: 69th report1933592
DSIR 23/3844Economic cooling of engines1933593, 593a
DSIR 23/3860Boulton and Paul 3-engined night bomber: suggested programme of tests in connection with prevention of servo rudder flutter1933609
DSIR 23/3892Engine Sub-Committee: air measurements1933641
DSIR 23/3907List of papers circulated to Engine Sub-Committee1933656
DSIR 23/3946Junkers Jumo 5C1 engine1933695
DSIR 23/3950Effect of air intake temperatures on petrol engine performance1933699
DSIR 23/3955Analysis of cylinder gases in petrol engine at end of compression stroke and beginning of expansion stroke1933704
DSIR 23/3959Root's type aircraft engine supercharger: bench and flight tests1933708
DSIR 23/3997`R' engine components: strength1933746
DSIR 23/3998Engine Sub-Committee: 70th report1933747
DSIR 23/4010Water-cooled aircraft engine: tests with petrol and butane under altitude conditions1933759
DSIR 23/4039Mufflers for aeroplane engines1933788
DSIR 23/4078Kestrel II S engine: bench tests under altitude conditions1933827
DSIR 23/4081Internal combustion engine ignition1933830
DSIR 23/4098Jupiter VII engine: bench tests under artificial altitude conditions1931847
DSIR 23/4108Alcohol, acetone etc. in air-cooled engine1933857
DSIR 23/4116Engine Sub-Committee: 71st report1933865
DSIR 23/4119Mercury and Pegasus engines: beating vibration experienced1933868
DSIR 23/4146Armstrong Whitworth four-engined monoplane: tests1933895, 895a-c
DSIR 23/4165Engine Sub-Committee: 72nd report1933914
DSIR 23/4175Fuel-injection spark-ignition engine using a hydrogenated safety fuel1933924
DSIR 23/4185Compression-ignition engine: increasing air charge and scavenging clearance volume1933934
DSIR 23/4244Coil ignition for aero engines: discussion at Royal Aircraft Factory, 5th October1933993
DSIR 23/4258Two cycle compression-ignition engine E.40: report on fifty hour endurance test19331007
DSIR 23/4263Light products from lubricating oil and engine operation19341012
DSIR 23/4277Estimation of combustion products from cylinder of petrol engine19341026
DSIR 23/4338Engine Sub-Committee: 74th report19341087
DSIR 23/4349Aero-engine lubricating oil19341098
DSIR 23/4367Three-engined night bomber: full-scale investigation of rudder oscillation19341116
DSIR 23/4372Matters raised at meeting with engine designers on 6th March19341121
DSIR 23/4379Operation of air-cooled engines on weak mixtures19341128
DSIR 23/4419Multi-cylinder water-cooled aero-engine: direct petrol injection experiments19341168
DSIR 23/4428Direct petrol injection: discussion with engine designers, 6th March19341177
DSIR 23/4429Lubrication: discussion with engine designers, 6th March19341178
DSIR 23/4432Engine Sub-Committee: terms of reference and membership of Panels19341181
DSIR 23/4433Relation of hydrogen and methane to carbon monoxide in exhaust gases from internal-combustion engines19341182
DSIR 23/4434Comparison of several methods of measuring ignition lag in compression-ignition engine19341183
DSIR 23/4446Abstract of correspondence on engine matters raised at meeting with Society of British Aircraft Constructors, 9th January19341195
DSIR 23/4462Corrosion of roller bearings in aircraft engines19341211
DSIR 23/4520Plant for testing aero-engines under high-altitude conditions at Isotta-Fraschini motor car factory: extract from Italian press19341269
DSIR 23/4523E.35 engine with pump injection into induction pipe: petrol injection tests19341272
DSIR 23/4529Engine Sub-Committee: 75th report19341278
DSIR 23/4579Range of Fury aeroplane and fuel consumption of fully supercharged Kestrel engine with flame traps, under varying conditions of mixture strength and ignition advance19341328
DSIR 23/4604Cooling of air-jacketed engine: wind tunnel investigation19341353
DSIR 23/4605Comparison of variable and fixed pitch air-screws on long range aeroplane with compression ignition engine19341354
DSIR 23/4609List of papers circulated to Engine Sub-Committee19341358
DSIR 23/4624Rapier engine: wind tunnel tests of cowlings19341373
DSIR 23/4644Drag of engine nacelle19341393
DSIR 23/4653Engine performance at weak mixtures19341402
DSIR 23/4654Horsley aeroplanes: investigation of fading of Condor III engines19341403
DSIR 23/4704Saro Cloud aeroplane with radial engines: wind tunnel tests19341453
DSIR 23/4714Engine Sub-Committee: 76th report19351463, 1463a
DSIR 23/4715Hart aeroplane with Kestrel I.B. engine: evaporative cooling tests19341464
DSIR 23/4724Infra-red radiation from explosions in sparkignition engine19341473
DSIR 23/4763Use of mixtures of gasoline with ethyl and isopropyl alcohols in internal combustion engines: experiments19341512
DSIR 23/4769Kestrel II S. engine: effect of induction flame dampers under artificial altitude conditions19341518, 1518a
DSIR 23/4836Engine units in large flying-boats19341585
DSIR 23/4838Air-cooled engine research in 24' tunnel and preliminary model tests: note on proposed programme19341587
DSIR 23/4848Specification for lubricating oils for aircraft engines19351597
DSIR 23/4860Damping arising during torsional vibration of engines19351609
DSIR 23/4865Research engines19351614
DSIR 23/4866E.40 two-cycle compression ignition engine embodying junkless head and expanding sleeve: 50-hour endurance test19351615
DSIR 23/4903Long range monoplane with special Lion XI.A. engine: comparison of fixed pitch, two-pitch, three pitch and variable pitch airscrews19341652
DSIR 23/4931Blackburn civil monoplane: noise in cabin arising from engine out-of-balance forces19351680
DSIR 23/4939Items suggested by Society of British Aircraft Constructors Technical Committee for discussion with Engine Sub-committee, 2nd April19351688
DSIR 23/4951Engine Sub-Committee: 77th report19351700
DSIR 23/4957Kestrel V engine in `Audox aeroplane: coil ignition interference experiments19351706
DSIR 23/4968Kestrel II.S. engine: measurement of power under artificial altitude conditions over comprehensive range of induction pipe pressures19351717
DSIR 23/4984Aircraft engine performance with 100 octane fuel19351733
DSIR 23/5033Engine Sub-Committee: notes on minutes of 92nd meeting19351782
DSIR 23/5038Spark-ignition and compression-ignition 2-stroke-cycle engine: description and test results19351787
DSIR 23/5039Prechamber compression-ignition engine: effect of combustion-chamber shape on performance19351788
DSIR 23/5040Single-cylinder compression-ignition engine with a displacer piston: performance tests19351789
DSIR 23/5052Condor compression ignition engine: flight tests19351801
DSIR 23/5077Comments on preliminary draft of new specification for lubricating oils for aircraft engines19351826, 1826a-c
DSIR 23/5078E.44 sleeve valve two-cycle engine: scavenging efficiency experiments19351827
DSIR 23/5092Engine Sub-Committee: 78th report19351841
DSIR 23/5094Completion of petrol-injection research on B.60 engine19351843
DSIR 23/5115Method of inducing cooling air to flow over rear of engine cylinder19351864, 1864a
DSIR 23/5117Lubricating oils for aircraft engines: 2nd draft specification19351866
DSIR 23/5123Fully-supercharged Kestrel engine in Hart aeroplane: evaporative cooling tests19351872
DSIR 23/5129Kestrel V engine: coil ignition experiments19351878
DSIR 23/5177Cooling of aircraft engines with special reference to ethylene glycol radiators enclosed in ducts19351926
DSIR 23/5179Examination of torsional vibration characteristics of direct drive, two-throw radial engine19351928
DSIR 23/5188Transverse vibration of Pegasus II M.3 engine on aerodrome test bed19351937
DSIR 23/5194Ethylene glycol coolant in Kestrel engines: flight tests19351943
DSIR 23/5212Handley Page aeroplane G.4/31 with Pegasus III M.S. engine: handling trials19351961
DSIR 23/5223Mercury VI.S. engine: week mixture tests19351972
DSIR 23/5225Engine research and development: resumé of principal points raised at Aircraft Conference19351974
DSIR 23/5258Engine Sub-Committee: 79th report19352007
DSIR 23/5279Aircraft engine lubricating oils: proposed new specification19352028
DSIR 23/5282Mercury VIS engine: fuel correlation experiments19352031
DSIR 23/5283Whirling of radial engines on their mountings: mathematical analysis19352032
DSIR 23/5286Current position and prospects of two-stroke compression ignition engine19352035
DSIR 23/5288Cooling drag of cowled radial engine19352037
DSIR 23/5300Subjects to be discussed at meeting with Society of British Aircraft Constructors Engine Technical Committee, 29th October19352049
DSIR 23/5302Combined fatigue stresses: suggested programme of research, with special reference to design requirements of aero-engine crankshafts19352051, 2051a
DSIR 23/5306Draco petrol injection engine19352055
DSIR 23/5322Saro Cloud seaplane with Rapier engines: wind tunnel tests19342071
DSIR 23/5329Saro Cloud seaplane with Rapier engines: improvement due to fitting continuous slat across centre portion of wing under engine nacelles19352078
DSIR 23/5374Engine Sub-Committee: 80th report19352123
DSIR 23/5381Torsional vibration of `R' (Schneider Trophy) 1931 series engine19352130
DSIR 23/5393Effect on drag of air leaks in air-cooled engine installations19352142
DSIR 23/5414Revised harmonic analysis of torque curves of single cylinder electric ignition engine19352163
DSIR 23/5441High-power two-cycle engine for special purpose machines19362190
DSIR 23/5500Attenuation characteristics of some aero-engine exhaust silencers19362249
DSIR 23/5502Relative performance of two-stroke and four-stroke petrol engines19362251
DSIR 23/5511Engines of specially high power19362260
DSIR 23/5557Light-alloys: programme of research suggested by Engine Technical Committee19362306
DSIR 23/5564E.25 single-cylinder high pressure engine: super-charging experiments19362313
DSIR 23/5570Engine Sub-Committee: 81st report19362319
DSIR 23/5602Pitching moments of 4-engined monoplane with airscrews running19362351
DSIR 23/5614Proportion of heat of fuel rejected to pistons in various Napier engines19362363
DSIR 23/5620Types of engine failure causing forced landings19362369
DSIR 23/5621Limiting outputs of existing engines at low altitudes19362370
DSIR 23/5690Hydrogen as an auxiliary fuel in compression ignition engines19362439
DSIR 23/5716Highly boosted C.I. engine19362465
DSIR 23/5731Combustion engine temperatures by the sodium line-reversal method19362480
DSIR 23/5734Experiments on E.25 C.I. supercharged engine19362483
DSIR 23/5737Examination of torsional vibration characteristics of a geared single-throw radial engine19362486
DSIR 23/5752Engine Sub-Committee: cooling characteristics of a 2-row radial engine19362501
DSIR 23/5764Engine Sub-Committee: 82nd report19362513
DSIR 23/5777Radial engine in the 24' tunnel: cowling tests19362526
DSIR 23/5781Radial air cooled engine in 24' tunnel: cowling tests19362530
DSIR 23/5789British Aircraft and Engine Constructors19362538
DSIR 23/5793List of papers circulated to Engine Sub-Sub-Committee19362542
DSIR 23/5805Analysis of the drag of a nacelle for a radial engine19362554
DSIR 23/5812Torsional vibration calculations for Goshawk engine19362561, 2561a
DSIR 23/5824Combustion process in the C.I. engine19362573
DSIR 23/5825C.I. engine with various fuels and dopes: experiments19362574
DSIR 23/5829Compression ignition engine research19362578
DSIR 23/5831Perseus IA engine: tests with vaporised fuel19362580, 2580a
DSIR 23/58331/5-scale cowled nacelle suitable for baffled radial engines: tests19362582
DSIR 23/5841Radial engine in the 24' wind tunnel: cowling tests19362590
DSIR 23/5854Comparative performance of supercharged single cylinder air-cooled engine using normal carburation and fuel injection, and effect of valve overlap19362603
DSIR 23/5871E.25 C.I. supercharged engine: experiments19362620
DSIR 23/5889Engine Sub-Committee: 83rd report19362638
DSIR 23/5893Methane as an engine fuel19362642
DSIR 23/5894Jupiter VIIIF engine: tests with petrol and butane19362643
DSIR 23/5919Effect of extreme slipstream on twin-engined monoplane with split or slotted flaps19362668
DSIR 23/5920Engine Sub-Committee: 84th report19362669
DSIR 23/5922Methane as an engine fuel19362671
DSIR 23/5923Use of methane in I.C. engine19362672
DSIR 23/5983Kestrel engine with pressure-fed carburettor: flight tests19362732
DSIR 23/5984Engine Sub-Committee: 85th report19362733
DSIR 23/6102Design and performance possibilities of Royal Aircraft Establishment variable compression engine19362851
DSIR 23/6106Flat turning of twin-engined machines with one engine cut out19372855
DSIR 23/6129Installation of a Dagger engine nacelle on a wing19362878
DSIR 23/6130Review of some cathode ray oscillograph engine indicators19372879
DSIR 23/6140Extracts of engine matters from reciprocal questionnaire and answers on aeronautical development in U.S.A.19372889
DSIR 23/6143Indicators for high-speed internal combustion engines19372892
DSIR 23/6144Engine Sub-Committee: 86th report19372893
DSIR 23/6159Lateral stability of a single engined high wing monoplane with airscrew running: yawing moments due to sideslip and rudder power19372908
DSIR 23/6166Heinkel H,e 70 aeroplane with Rolls Royce Kestrel XVI engine: performance tests19372915
DSIR 23/6190Pressure over a long chord cowl for a radial engine19372939
DSIR 23/62031/5 scale D.H.91 engine nacelle: wind tunnel tests19372952
DSIR 23/6212Effect of extreme slipstream on a single-engine monoplane with split or slotted flaps: wind tunnel tests19372961
DSIR 23/6220Bristol twin-engined, single-seater fighter aeroplane: model wind tunnel tests19372969
DSIR 23/6230Effect of several factors on cooling of a radial engine in flight19372979
DSIR 23/6244Landing with engine on19372993
DSIR 23/6255Engine Sub-Committee: 87th report19373004
DSIR 23/6267Types of electrical pick-up units suitable for engine indicators and detonation meters19373016
DSIR 23/6268High-speed engine indicators19373017
DSIR 23/6273Vibration in engine structures19373022
DSIR 23/6302Prechamber compression-ignition engine performance19373051
DSIR 23/6308Boosted performance of compression-ignition engine with displacer piston19373057
DSIR 23/6309Influence of fuel-oil temperature on combustion in a prechamber compression engine19373058
DSIR 23/6310Friction of compression-ignition engines19373059
DSIR 23/6311Measurements of fuel distribution within sprays for fuel-injection engines19373060
DSIR 23/6314Performance of air-cooled engine cylinders using blower cooling19373063
DSIR 23/6320Engine indicators: development at Proefstation `Delft'19373069
DSIR 23/6350Engine Sub-Committee: 88th report19373099
DSIR 23/6367Prevention of snow and ice in intakes and induction systems of engines19373116
DSIR 23/6386Combustion process in explosion engines19363135
DSIR 23/6395Fuel spray and flame formation in compression-ignition engine employing air flow19373144
DSIR 23/6400Engines: comparison tests19373149
DSIR 23/6412Straight flight of twin-engined aircraft with one engine stopped19373161, 3161a
DSIR 23/6422Proposed installation of aircooled engine inside a wing: model tests19373171
DSIR 23/6433Tests made with Royal Aircraft Establishment detonation unit and meter at works of engine manufacturers19373182
DSIR 23/6464Preliminary study of flame propagation in a spark-ignition engine19373213
DSIR 23/6478Cooling of airplane engines at low air speeds19373227
DSIR 23/6480Single-row radial engine with several National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics cowling: cooling tests19373229
DSIR 23/6487Nitrogen oxides in internal combustion engine gases19373236
DSIR 23/6504Injection systems phenomena of high speed diesel engines19373253
DSIR 23/6506Engine Sub-Committee: 89th report19373255
DSIR 23/6533Design of aero-engine super-chargers19373282, 3282a
DSIR 23/6542Propellers for aircraft engines of high power output19373291
DSIR 23/6556Stability of aviation oils: engine and laboratory tests19373305
DSIR 23/6570Gloster Hele-Shaw variable pitch airscrew for Kestrel II.S. engine: performance and endurance flight tests19373319
DSIR 23/6571Standardisation of pitot-static head position on single engined monoplanes19373320, 3320a
DSIR 23/6573Selections of oils for high-output aircraft engines19373322
DSIR 23/6591Actual values of static mean stress to be employed in research into combined fatigue stresses with special reference to design requirements of aero-engine crankshafts19383340
DSIR 23/6592Possibilities of utilising increased engine torque at take-off: summary of discussion by Engine Sub-Committee19383341
DSIR 23/6607Light alloys for use in aero engines: recent discussion with Bristol Aeroplane Company and Rolls Royce Limited19383356
DSIR 23/6631Effect of air-entry angle on performance of a two-stroke-cycle compression-ignition engine19383380, 3380a
DSIR 23/6655Engine torque indicator: flight tests19383404
DSIR 23/6656Compression-ignition engine performance at altitudes and at various air pressures and temperatures19383405
DSIR 23/6669Engine Sub-Committee: 90th report19383418
DSIR 23/6689Installation of engine nacelle on a wing19383438
DSIR 23/6706Tiger VI engine: cooling and cowling tests in 24' tunnel19373455
DSIR 23/6732Engine Sub-Committee: 91st report19383481
DSIR 23/6737Suppression of detonation in an engine by means of stream19383486
DSIR 23/6749Air-cooled engine cylinders: heat transfer processes19383498
DSIR 23/6753Lubricating oils before and after subjection to single-cylinder engine tests: laboratory tests19383502
DSIR 23/6766Diesel as a high output engine for aircraft19383515
DSIR 23/6779Society for British Aircraft Constructors: subjects for discussion with Engine Sub-Committee, 26th May19383528
DSIR 23/6804Engine Sub-Committee: 92nd report19383553
DSIR 23/6805Engine Sub-Committee: subjects for discussion with Society for British Aircraft Constructors, 26th May19383554
DSIR 23/6815Problem of ring-sticking in aviation engines19383564
DSIR 23/6825Review of wind tunnel tests on typical engine nacelle installations19383574, 3574a
DSIR 23/6843Twin-engined high wing monoplanes: wind tunnel tests on position error19383592
DSIR 23/6854Twin-engined monoplane with airscrews running: longitudinal stability19383603, 3603a
DSIR 23/6869Engine Sub-Committee: 93rd report19383618
DSIR 23/6879Internal combustion engines: gumming of piston rings19383628
DSIR 23/6891Heinkel HE 70 aeroplane with Rolls Royce Kestrel XVI engine: performance tests19383640
DSIR 23/6892Photographic study of combustion and knock in a spark-ignition engine19383641
DSIR 23/6907Oxides of nitrogen in internal combustion engines19383656
DSIR 23/6912Stresses in airscrews during engine acceleration19383661
DSIR 23/6928Tiger VI engine: cooling and cowling tests in 24' wind tunnel19383677
DSIR 23/6933Engine performance and knock rating of fuels for high-output aircraft engines19383682
DSIR 23/6937Generator-operated coil ignition systems, with special reference to 24 cylinder engines19383686
DSIR 23/6949Engine experiments with methane19383698
DSIR 23/6950Oxygen injection as means of increasing power of compression ignition engines: preliminary tests on E.18 highly-boosted, low compression engine19383699
DSIR 23/6962Baffling of radial aircooled engines: model tests19383711
DSIR 23/6963List of papers circulated to Engine Sub-Committee19383712
DSIR 23/6969Effect of spark-timing regularity on knock limitations of engine performance19383718
DSIR 23/6970Fuel consumption of a carburettor engine at various speeds and torques19383719
DSIR 23/6973Water and water-alcohol injection in a supercharged Jaguar engine19383722
DSIR 23/6978Engine Sub-Committee: 94th report19383727
DSIR 23/6992Nature and effects on air consumption of fluctuations of pressure in exhaust pipe of a single cylinder, four-stroke, internal-combustion engine19383741
DSIR 23/6995Stability and Control Sub-Committee: further analysis of experiments on longitudinal stability of a twin-engined monoplane with airscrews running19383744
DSIR 23/6999Installation of engine nacelle on wing part II: underslung nacelles on cambered wings19383748
DSIR 23/7014Ricardo two-stroke petrol engine19383763
DSIR 23/7018Provision of further material for continuation of research into combined fatigue stresses, with special reference to design requirements of aero-engine crankshafts19383767
DSIR 23/7060Comparison of pusher and tractor airscrews in multi-engine design and possibility of increasing laminar flow area19383809
DSIR 23/7087Rating aviation fuels in full-scale aircraft engines19383836
DSIR 23/7088Cylinder cooling and drag of radial engine installations19383837
DSIR 23/7098Engine Sub-Committee: draft of 95th report19393847
DSIR 23/71154-Stroke C.I. engine: note on research19393864
DSIR 23/7119Culverin engine: bench tests under artificial altitude conditions19383868
DSIR 23/7127Sleeve materials: discussion with engine constructors regarding research19393876
DSIR 23/7130Engine drag19393879
DSIR 23/7140Kestrel V engine: high power tests using bi-fuel system19383889
DSIR 23/7143E.40 engine with sleeve-valve and poppet-valve exhaust19393892
DSIR 23/7150Engine Sub-Committee: draft of 96th report19393899
DSIR 23/7164Comparison of pusher and tractor airscrews in multi-engine design and possibility of increasing laminar flow area19393913
DSIR 23/7187Merlin engines: water injection experiments19393938
DSIR 23/7192Methods of calculation of performance of engines at high altitudes19393943
DSIR 23/7195Twin-engined aeroplanes: take-off allowing for failure of one engine19383946
DSIR 23/7198Motor fuels: comparative testing by engine and laboratory test methods19393949
DSIR 23/7207Engine Sub-Committee: draft of 97th report19393958
DSIR 23/7219Twin-engined aeroplane: effect of direction of rotatation of airscrews on longitudinal stability19393970
DSIR 23/7228Full-scale propellers in presence of a radial and liquid-coded engine nacelle: wind tunnel tests19393979
DSIR 23/7229Air-cooled aeroplane engines: pressure available for ground-cooling in front of cowling19393980
DSIR 23/7233Increase in engine power19393984
DSIR 23/7235Twin-engined aircraft: effect of direction of rotation of airscrews on longitudinal stability19393986
DSIR 23/7236Twin-engined monoplane: effect on longitudinal stability of direction of rotation of airscrews19393987
DSIR 23/7283Correction of temperatures of air-cooled engine cylinders for variation in engine and cooling conditions19394034
DSIR 23/7314Present position of E.65 engine research19394065
DSIR 23/7320Fuel knock rating by U.S. Army Air Corps method with modified C.F.R. engine19394071
DSIR 23/7321Charging process in high-speed single-cylinder four-stroke engine19394072
DSIR 23/7322Comparative performance of engines using carburettor, manifold injection and cylinder injection19394073
DSIR 23/7327Engine Sub-Committee: 98th report19394078
DSIR 23/7378Altitude behaviour of a precombustion chamber diesel engine: investigation19394129
DSIR 23/7414Effect of wing engines on natural frequencies and modes of vibration of wings: model experiments19394165, 4165a
DSIR 23/7436Study of air flow in an engine cylinder19394187
DSIR 23/7483List of papers circulated to Engine Sub-committee19394234
DSIR 23/7499Influence of directed air flow on combustion in a spark-ignition engine19394250
DSIR 23/7500Knocking characteristics of fuels in relation to maximum permissible performance of aircraft engines19394251
DSIR 23/7517Lysander aeroplane: slow speed flying with engine on19394268
DSIR 23/7518Methane on E.6 variable compression engine: tests19394269
DSIR 23/7571Engine throttle torque experiments19394322
DSIR 23/7634Kestrel VI engine using a bi-fuel system: flight tests19394385
DSIR 23/7740Hercules engine: model tests on cooling under ground running conditions19394491
DSIR 23/7783Installation of engine nacelle on a wing: effects of fuselage and tractor airscrew19394534
DSIR 23/7890Use of alcohol in high compression engines1916I.C.E. 1
DSIR 23/7893150-H.P. Le Rhone and 150-H.P. Monosoupape Gnome rotary radial engines: tests1916I.C.E. 4
DSIR 23/7894Engine testing1916I.C.E. 5
DSIR 23/7898Daimler experimental engine: memorandum1916I.C.E. 9
DSIR 23/7902Selection of engines for reproduction1917I.C.E. 13
DSIR 23/7903B.H.P. 200-H.P. engine: description prepared from drawings1917I.C.E. 14
DSIR 23/7904Hispano-Suiza 200-H.P. engine: description from drawings1917I.C.E. 15
DSIR 23/7905B.H.P. 200-H.P. engine: development1917I.C.E. 16
DSIR 23/7906Rotary engines: comparison tests1917I.C.E. 17
DSIR 23/7907Supercharger B.H.P. engine: development1917I.C.E. 18
DSIR 23/7908Hispano-Suiza 200-H.P. engine: tests1917I.C.E. 19
DSIR 23/7909Sunbeam aircraft engines: developments1917I.C.E. 20
DSIR 23/7910B.H.P. 230-H.P. supercharger engine: development1917I.C.E. 21
DSIR 23/7911Sunbeam 200-H.P. and Hispano 200-H.P. engines: comparison tests1917I.C.E. 22
DSIR 23/7912Request for considering adopting engines to the use of a supercharger1917I.C.E. 23
DSIR 23/7913R.A.F. radial 14-cyl. engine: tests1917I.C.E. 24
DSIR 23/7914B.H.P. 200-H.P. engine: tests1917I.C.E. 25
DSIR 23/7915Blowers for aeronautical engines: record of progress at the R.A.F.1917I.C.E. 26
DSIR 23/7916B.H.P. 200-H.P. engine: 70 hour bench test1917I.C.E. 27
DSIR 23/7917B.H.P. 200-H.P. engines: investigation into methods of testing1917I.C.E. 28
DSIR 23/7918Hispano-Suiza engine: bench tests carried out in France1917I.C.E. 29
DSIR 23/7920Hispano-Suiza, B.H.P. Sunbeam 8-cylinder, and 6-cylinder engines: comparison tests1917I.C.E. 31
DSIR 23/79218-cylinder and 6-cylinder engines: tests1917I.C.E. 32
DSIR 23/7922Hispano-Suiza, B.H.P. Sunbeam 8-cylinder, and 6-cylinder engines: tests1917I.C.E. 33
DSIR 23/7923Desirable aeroplane engine1917I.C.E. 34
DSIR 23/7924Request for investigation into what type of cylinder and valve gear could be developed into a 200-H.P. engine1917I.C.E. 35
DSIR 23/7925Aluminium cylinders for R.A.F. 4 engines1917I.C.E. 36
DSIR 23/7926B-12-2a and B-12-2b engines: manufacturing facilities1917I.C.E. 37
DSIR 23/7927Outline specifications of new types of engines required by Air Board1917I.C.E. 38
DSIR 23/7929Sunbeam engine: conference at Daimler works to discuss aluminium combustion chamber1917I.C.E. 40
DSIR 23/7930Test stands for Aero engines1917I.C.E. 41
DSIR 23/7931List of suggested matters in connection with aeronautical engines in which research would be of utility1917I.C.E. 42
DSIR 23/7932Aero engine: request for discussion on development by Messrs. D. Napier & Son, Ltd.1917I.C.E. 43
DSIR 23/7933R.A.F. 4a engine: cylinder tests1917I.C.E. 44
DSIR 23/7934R.A.F. 4a engine: suggestions for obviating ill effects from increase of power, and improve reliability generally1917I.C.E. 45
DSIR 23/7935Magnetos for super-compression engines1917I.C.E. 46
DSIR 23/7936R.A.F. 4a engine: cylinder tests1917I.C.E. 47
DSIR 23/7937Case for development of an aero engine designed to work at high altitude and restricted in output near the ground1917I.C.E. 48
DSIR 23/7938Engine testing under high altitude conditions1917I.C.E. 49
DSIR 23/7939Aero engines: experiments carried out at Lautaret in 19161917I.C.E. 50
DSIR 23/7940R.A.F. 4d engine: experiments1917I.C.E. 51, 51a-b
DSIR 23/7941R.A.F. 4d engine: tests at Daimler works1917I.C.E. 52
DSIR 23/79421st R.A.F. 4d engine: comparative tests of 4a and 4d camshafts1917I.C.E. 53
DSIR 23/7943Magnetos for super compression engines at high altitudes1917I.C.E. 54
DSIR 23/7944Test stands for aeroplane engines1917I.C.E. 55
DSIR 23/7945Suggestions of types of engines required by Air Board1917I.C.E. 56
DSIR 23/7946Hispano-Suiza engine: bench tests1917I.C.E. 57
DSIR 23/7947Outline specification of new types of engines1917I.C.E. 58
DSIR 23/7948Use of chromium steel for valves in Aero engines1917I.C.E. 59
DSIR 23/7950Specification laid down for new types of engines required by Air Board1917I.C.E. 61
DSIR 23/7951Size of engine suitable for single seater fighter1917I.C.E. 62
DSIR 23/7952Design of future engines1917I.C.E. 63
DSIR 23/7953Performance of aeroplanes of similar type, with similar engines1917I.C.E. 64
DSIR 23/7954Admiralty engine data1917I.C.E. 65
DSIR 23/7956Aeroplane engines: test stands1917I.C.E. 67
DSIR 23/7957Specified weight of engines in connection with Air Board specification for future engines1917I.C.E. 68
DSIR 23/7958B.H.P. 200-H.P. engine cylinder blocks: development1917I.C.E. 69
DSIR 23/7959Sunbeam 200-H.P. 8-cylinder engine: progress1917I.C.E. 70
DSIR 23/7960Hispano-Suiza 200-H.P. engine: dynamometer tests1917I.C.E. 71
DSIR 23/7961Hispano-Suiza 200-H.P. and 150-H.P. engines: tests1917I.C.E. 72
DSIR 23/7962Starting of engines in aircraft1917I.C.E. 73
DSIR 23/7963Test stands for aeroplane engines1917I.C.E. 74
DSIR 23/7964Sunbeam 200-H.P. 8-cylinder engine: tests1917I.C.E. 75
DSIR 23/7965Hispano-Suiza 150-H.P. engine: tests1917I.C.E. 76
DSIR 23/7966B.H.P. supercharger engine: development1917I.C.E. 77
DSIR 23/7967Sunbeam 200-H.P. 8-cylinder engine: development1917I.C.E. 78
DSIR 23/7968Cooling fins for aluminium air cooled engines1917I.C.E. 79
DSIR 23/7969Cooling of gilled engine cylinders1917I.C.E. 80
DSIR 23/7970R.A.F. 4d engine: report after 138 hours running1917I.C.E. 81
DSIR 23/7971Carburation of stationary engine at great heights1917I.C.E. 82
DSIR 23/7972Spacing of fins for air cooled engines1917I.C.E. 83
DSIR 23/7973Sunbeam 200-H.P. 8-cylinder engine No. 3: tests1917I.C.E. 84
DSIR 23/7975Air Board requirements for future engines: parts of an engine to be included in its weight1917I.C.E. 86
DSIR 23/7978Acetelyne starting of engines: tests1917I.C.E. 89
DSIR 23/7979Reduction gears for aeroplane engines1917I.C.E. 90
DSIR 23/7980Air cooled engines for military aeroplanes1917I.C.E. 91
DSIR 23/7981R.A.F. 4.T.D. engine: cylinder tests to determine best compression ratio1917I.C.E. 92
DSIR 23/7982Hispano-Suiza 150-H.P. high compression engine: tests1917I.C.E. 93
DSIR 23/7984Effect of method of testing on stresses in crank cases of aero engines, and suggestions for standardisation of test beds1917I.C.E. 95
DSIR 23/7985Automatic engine power output regulators for varying altitudes: for use on light engines and blowers1917I.C.E. 96
DSIR 23/7987Flexible couplings for engine test beds1917I.C.E. 98
DSIR 23/7988Object of tabulating engine data1917I.C.E. 99
DSIR 23/7989Power curves of aero engines1917I.C.E. 100
DSIR 23/7990Petrol pumps and petrol pump systems for aeroplane engines1917I.C.E. 101
DSIR 23/7991Sunbeam Arab 200-H.P. engine No. 9004: running tests1917I.C.E. 102
DSIR 23/7992R.A.F. 8.T.2 single cylinder air-cooled engine: temperature distribution tests on aluminium cylinder1917I.C.E. 103
DSIR 23/7995Investigation into weight of propellers suitable for any given engine1917I.C.E. 106
DSIR 23/7998Steel liners in aluminium air cooled engines1917I.C.E. 109
DSIR 23/7999Engine testing1917I.C.E. 110
DSIR 23/8000Sunbeam Arab 200-H.P. 8-cylinder engine: final test1917I.C.E. 111
DSIR 23/8001Arrangement and details of double hook's joint for test-bed for aeroplane engines1917I.C.E. 112
DSIR 23/8002Translation of French method of examination and tests of new aero engines1917I.C.E. 113
DSIR 23/8004R.A.F 1a engine: carburation and altitude tests1917I.C.E. 115
DSIR 23/8005Fluids for use in the radiators of aero engines1917I.C.E. 116
DSIR 23/8009Object of tabulating engine data1917I.C.E. 120
DSIR 23/8010Air cooled and water cooled engines for high altitude supercharger work1917I.C.E. 121
DSIR 23/8011R.A.F. 4d engine in R.E.8 aeroplane No. A3406: flight tests1917I.C.E. 122, 122a
DSIR 23/8012French Hispano-Suiza engines: comparison of types1917I.C.E. 123
DSIR 23/8015Comparison of effect of engine weight and power on aeroplane performance1917I.C.E. 126
DSIR 23/8017Data on German engines1917I.C.E. 128
DSIR 23/801812-cylinder triple four aero engines: bench tests1917I.C.E. 129
DSIR 23/8020Suggested investigation of sparking problems in petrol engine cylinders1917I.C.E. 131
DSIR 23/8028Napier triple-four aero engine: Consumption test1917I.C.E. 139
DSIR 23/8029Investigation of sparking problems in petrol engine1917I.C.E. 140
DSIR 23/8030Relative heat loss from jacket surfaces of multicylinder, water cooled aero engines, when at rest and when in operation1917I.C.E. 141
DSIR 23/8032Napier 300-H.P. triple four engine: condition after test1917I.C.E. 143
DSIR 23/8033Air cooled and water cooled engines for high altitude supercharger work: tests1917I.C.E. 144
DSIR 23/8035R.A.F. 1a engine: carburation and altitude tests1917I.C.E. 146
DSIR 23/8038B.R.2. engine: proposed tests1917I.C.E. 149
DSIR 23/8039Napier 300-H.P. triple four engine: conclusions arrived at after test1917I.C.E. 150
DSIR 23/8040R.A.F. 4.T.D. engine: tests of aluminium air cooled cylinders cast of aluminium alloys B.4, B.18, B191917I.C.E. 151
DSIR 23/8041Magnetos for 12-cylinder engines1917I.C.E. 152
DSIR 23/8043B.R.2. engine No. 1: preliminary tests1917I.C.E. 154
DSIR 23/8046Relationship between air temperature and power of petrol engine1917I.C.E. 157
DSIR 23/8047B.R.2. engine: tests1917I.C.E. 158
DSIR 23/8048Safety spark gap in magnetos for super-compression engines at high altitudes1917I.C.E. 159
DSIR 23/8053Siddeley type B.H.P. engine: burning of exhaust valves1917I.C.E. 164
DSIR 23/8055Siddeley type B.H.P. engine: burning of exhaust valves1917I.C.E. 166
DSIR 23/8056Investigation of effect of change of air density on aero engine power1917I.C.E. 167
DSIR 23/8057Variation of engine power with density1917I.C.E. 168
DSIR 23/8058Heating of propeller bosses in certain types of engines1917I.C.E. 169
DSIR 23/8059Heating of propeller bosses in certain types of engines1917I.C.E. 170
DSIR 23/8062Heating of propeller bosses in certain types of engines1917I.C.E. 173
DSIR 23/8063Hispano-Suiza 200-H.P. engines: propeller and propeller hub heating1917I.C.E. 174
DSIR 23/8064Radiators for water cooled aero engines1918I.C.E. 175
DSIR 23/8065B.H.P. and Beardmore engines: bench tests1918I.C.E. 176
DSIR 23/8068Colloidal grapjite as an aero engine lubricant1918I.C.E. 179
DSIR 23/8070British experimental engines: proposals regarding types to be proceeded with1918I.C.E. 181
DSIR 23/8071British experimental engines: present position1918I.C.E. 182
DSIR 23/8073Air-cooled engine programme1918I.C.E. 184
DSIR 23/8074Torsional vibrations in airscrew and engine shafts of geared engines1918I.C.E. 185
DSIR 23/8076British experimental engines: types to be considered1918I.C.E. 187
DSIR 23/8077Use of light alloys for aero-engine construction1918I.C.E. 188
DSIR 23/8081Steel liners in aluminium air-cooled engines1918I.C.E. 192
DSIR 23/8085R.A.F. 3a 230-H.P. water cooled engine: tests to determine effect of change in inlet air temperature, and back pressure, positive and negative1918I.C.E. 196
DSIR 23/8086British experimental engines: types to be considered1918I.C.E. 197
DSIR 23/8092Case against reduction gears for propeller drive on high powered engines1918I.C.E. 203
DSIR 23/8093Daimler 30 - cylinder engine: tests1918I.C.E. 204
DSIR 23/8094Expenditure of current and energy required for ignition in an explosion engine1918I.C.E. 205
DSIR 23/8096Best rotational speed for airscrew shafts of engines of high power1918I.C.E. 207
DSIR 23/8097Air-cooled aircraft engine under construction by Aircraft Manufacturing Co. Ltd.1918I.C.E. 208
DSIR 23/8099Piston temperatures in aero-engines1918I.C.E. 210
DSIR 23/8102Inverted Vee engine1918I.C.E. 213
DSIR 23/8106Natural trend of aero-engine design1918I.C.E. 217
DSIR 23/8107Sunbeam Arab engine: official trials1918I.C.E. 218
DSIR 23/8109Consideration of the forces acting in radial, rotary and differential engines1918I.C.E. 220
DSIR 23/8110Differential type of engine: comparison tests1918I.C.E. 221
DSIR 23/8112Similar differential and radial engines: comparison tests1918I.C.E. 223
DSIR 23/8114Differential engine: comparison with radial engine1918I.C.E. 225
DSIR 23/8115Comparison between radial and differential engines as regards each individual part1918I.C.E. 226
DSIR 23/8117Inertia forces in radial and differential engines: Lieut. Col. Barrington's methods applied to C.A.M. engine1918I.C.E. 228
DSIR 23/8118R.E.8. aeroplane: installation of Rateau turbo compressor, working in conjunction with R.A.F. 4d engine1918I.C.E. 229
DSIR 23/8119Royal Aircraft Establishment: investigation into use of blowers for super-charging aero-engines1918I.C.E. 230
DSIR 23/8120Proposed turbo-compressor for a Liberty engine1918I.C.E. 231
DSIR 23/8121R.A.F. 4d 12-cylinder Vee engine with aluminium air-cooled cylinders: tests to determine variation in temperature and atmospheric pressure1918I.C.E. 232
DSIR 23/8122Dragonfly engine: tests1918I.C.E. 233
DSIR 23/8123Investigation into percentage increase of speed obtained with C.A.M. engine as compared with radial engine1918I.C.E. 234
DSIR 23/8131Aero-engine lubricants: tests1918I.C.E. 242
DSIR 23/8132Aero-engine lubricants: tests1918I.C.E. 243
DSIR 23/8133Aero-engine lubricants: tests1918I.C.E. 244
DSIR 23/8137Differential engine1918I.C.E. 248
DSIR 23/8148Detonation in aero-engine cylinders1919I.C.E. 259
DSIR 23/8160Inflamability of engine fuels1919I.C.E. 271
DSIR 23/8161Experiments on engines using high flash point fuels1919I.C.E. 272
DSIR 23/8170Effect of compression ratio on behaviour of aero-engine at altitude1919I.C.E. 281
DSIR 23/8180Engine failures due to defective welding of water-jackets1920I.C.E. 291
DSIR 23/8184Fuel tables for aircraft engines1920I.C.E. 295
DSIR 23/8186Comparison of torque reactions in various types of engines1920I.C.E. 297, 297a
DSIR 23/8193Detonation in internal combustion engines1920I.C.E. 304
DSIR 23/8197Researches which might be carried out on internal combustion engines at Institutions other than Royal Aircraft Establishment and National Physical Laboratory1920I.C.E. 308
DSIR 23/8198Air Ministry Laboratory, engine section: research programme, 1920-19211920I.C.E. 309
DSIR 23/8199High speed internal combustion engine for research1920I.C.E. 310
DSIR 23/8201High compression Benz engine 200-H.P.: variable valve timing tests1920I.C.E. 312
DSIR 23/8207Royal Aircraft Establishment: enemy engines tested1921I.C.E. 318, 318a-b
DSIR 23/8211Provision of internal combustion engine sets to facilitate scientific investigation of aircraft engine problems1921I.C.E. 322
DSIR 23/8212Faults experienced in magnetos used in engine experimental departments during 19201921I.C.E. 323
DSIR 23/8214Air vibrations in engine intake pipes1921I.C.E. 325
DSIR 23/8219Testing altitude effiency of internal combustion engines in low pressure chamber at Luftschiffbau Zeppelin G.M.B.H. Friedrichshaven, Germany1921I.C.E. 330
DSIR 23/8220High speed engine: development1921I.C.E. 331
DSIR 23/8221Adaptation of complete engines to Mr. Ricardo's late-closing inlet valve control1921I.C.E. 332
DSIR 23/8223Two curious problems in connection with internal combustion engines1921I.C.E. 334, 334a
DSIR 23/8224Chart showing effects of fuel on engine performance1921I.C.E. 335
DSIR 23/8226Sparking plugs for aircraft engines1921I.C.E. 337
DSIR 23/8230New disposition of engines for a twin engine commercial aeroplane1921I.C.E. 341
DSIR 23/8240Single cylinder engine 20.T: experimental work at Royal Aircraft Establishment1921I.C.E. 351, 351a
DSIR 23/8244Hydrogen as fuel for high-speed engines1921I.C.E. 355
DSIR 23/8245Engine research at Universities1921I.C.E. 356
DSIR 23/8247Design and test of an exhaust collector and silencer for radial engines1922I.C.E. 358
DSIR 23/8253Air consumption and B.H.P. of aero-engines1922I.C.E. 364
DSIR 23/8254Electrical indicator for high-speed internal combustion engines, and pressure gauge for maximum pressures at Royal Aircraft Establishment1922I.C.E. 365
DSIR 23/8255New means of ascertaining mean pressure in a heat engine1922I.C.E. 366
DSIR 23/8259Bayern 185-H.P. 6-cylinder engine type B.M.W. IIIA: type tests1922I.C.E. 370
DSIR 23/8262Royal Aircraft Establishment single cylinder diesel engine: investigation1922I.C.E. 373
DSIR 23/8267Austro Daimler 6-cylinder engine No. 9024: type test1922I.C.E. 378
DSIR 23/8270Reliability Panel: type tests of German engines1923I.C.E. 381
DSIR 23/8274Distribution and variation of temperature in the cylinder and piston of aircraft engine1923I.C.E. 385
DSIR 23/8279Vaporisation of fuels, formation of oil gas and behaviour of oil vapours and gases in diesel engine during combustion1923I.C.E. 390
DSIR 23/8280Combustion in diesel engine1923I.C.E. 391
DSIR 23/8281Variation in temperature and heat absorption of pistons of internal combustion engines1923I.C.E. 392
DSIR 23/82824-cylinder car engine: tests using various fuels in conjunction with acetylene gas1923I.C.E. 393
DSIR 23/8288Improvement in construction of automobile engines by means of light metal pistons1923I.C.E. 399, 399a
DSIR 23/8290Phase setting of engine indicators1923I.C.E. 401
DSIR 23/8292Power consumption curves for Napier Lion engine with different throttle settings1923I.C.E. 403, 403a
DSIR 23/8295Power plant reliability and reliability test on German engines1923I.C.E. 406
DSIR 23/8302Heat transfer in internal combustion engines1923I.C.E. 413, 413a
DSIR 23/8303Diesel engine: tests1923I.C.E. 414
DSIR 23/8304Variable compression engines for experimental purposes1923I.C.E. 415
DSIR 23/8305Possible use of high compression engines at high altitude1923I.C.E. 416
DSIR 23/8306Engine development tests1923I.C.E. 417
DSIR 23/8308Research work on use of heavy oils for aircraft engines1923I.C.E. 419
DSIR 23/8310Engine friction losses: collection of available data1923I.C.E. 421
DSIR 23/8311Effect of altitude on engine performance1923I.C.E. 422, 422a
DSIR 23/8312Possible use of high compression engines at high altitudes1923I.C.E. 423
DSIR 23/8313Boosting of a single cylinder Liberty engine working at ground level1923I.C.E. 424
DSIR 23/8314Radiation emitted by exploding charge in petrol engine1923I.C.E. 425
DSIR 23/8315Benz Rohol two-stage ignition engine1923I.C.E. 426
DSIR 23/8316Effect of altitude on engine performance1924I.C.E. 427
DSIR 23/8318Calibration of 650-H.P. Rolls Royce Condor series 1a engine1923I.C.E. 429, 429a
DSIR 23/8320Cams for internal combustion engines1923I.C.E. 431
DSIR 23/8323Royal Aircraft Establishment electrical indicator: indicating an aero-engine in flight at various altitudes1924I.C.E. 434
DSIR 23/8324Present position of engine research in the programme for 1924-1925 and list of recommendations on which no action has been taken1924I.C.E. 435
DSIR 23/8327Improvements in the 4 stroke diesel engine1923I.C.E. 438
DSIR 23/8332Investigation into torsional vibration of Lion engine crankshaft1924I.C.E. 443
DSIR 23/8334Rolls Royce Falcon III engine: heat distribution experiments1924I.C.E. 445
DSIR 23/8339Schedule of standard type and production tests for aircraft engines1924I.C.E. 450, 450a
DSIR 23/8340Chamber for testing engines under altitude conditions: design1924I.C.E. 451, 451a
DSIR 23/8343Effect of increasing normal output of aircraft engine1924I.C.E. 454, 454a
DSIR 23/8344Variation of engine power with height1924I.C.E. 455
DSIR 23/8349Internal combustion engines: valve gear rockers1924I.C.E. 460
DSIR 23/8350Variation of engine power with height1924I.C.E. 461
DSIR 23/8353Bristol Jupiter high compression series IV engine: bi-fuel bench and flight tests1924I.C.E. 464
DSIR 23/8354Supercharging of aviation engines1924I.C.E. 465
DSIR 23/8356Cylinder head temperature accompanying boiling of water in jackets of a water cooled petrol engine1924I.C.E. 467
DSIR 23/8358Effect of reduced intake air pressure on performance of a slow speed solid injection engine1924I.C.E. 469
DSIR 23/8361Engine valve springs: compilation and examination of data1924I.C.E. 472
DSIR 23/8362Lead: amount present in exhaust gases from engine burning petrol-lead tetra-ethide mixture and in neighbourhood of Laboratory apparatus used for preparing lead tetra-ethide1924I.C.E. 473
DSIR 23/8365Engine cooling: evaporative system1925I.C.E. 476
DSIR 23/8366Evaporative cooling of aero engines1925I.C.E. 477
DSIR 23/8367Supercharging of aircraft engines: conference on 2nd March to discuss questions on scientific aspects1925I.C.E. 478
DSIR 23/8370Engine Sub-Committee Panels and the existing membership thereof1925I.C.E. 481
DSIR 23/8374Diesel engines: investigation of injection process1924I.C.E. 485
DSIR 23/8375Compressor-less diesel engines: processes of injection and combustion1924I.C.E. 486
DSIR 23/8378Royal Aircraft Establishment 20.T. single cylinder compression ignition engine Mk. I, bore 8', stroke 11'1925I.C.E. 489
DSIR 23/8383Compression ignition engines: starting by means of a gas starter1924I.C.E. 494
DSIR 23/8384Variable pitch airscrews suitable for Service engines1925I.C.E. 495,495a
DSIR 23/8385Investigation into increase in permissible engine speed consequent upon a reduction in weight of reciprocating and rotating masses1925I.C.E. 496
DSIR 23/8387Napier Lion engine: tests using lead tetra-ethide as an anti-detonator in aviation spirit1925I.C.E. 498
DSIR 23/8392Single sleeve engine: result of tests1925I.C.E. 503, 503a
DSIR 23/8394Compression ignition engines: statement of research work carried out at various establishments1925I.C.E. 505
DSIR 23/8396Blowers for boosting of engines1925I.C.E. 507
DSIR 23/8398Compound internal combustion engine1925I.C.E. 509
DSIR 23/8410Piston and connecting rod weights and other relative data in modern aircraft engines1925I.C.E. 521
DSIR 23/8411Jupiter Mk. IV engine: cylinder temperatures in flight1925I.C.E. 522
DSIR 23/8412Torsional vibration in engines: effects of fitting a viscous-friction damper, a flywheel, or a crankshaft-driven supercharger1926I.C.E. 523, 523a-b
DSIR 23/8418Hydrogen as an auxiliary fuel for a solid injection oil engine1926I.C.E. 529
DSIR 23/8419Jupiter series IV engine: comparative possibilities of supercharging and bi-fuel operation1926I.C.E. 530
DSIR 23/8429Comparison of possible increment in engine speed for reciprocating and rotating weight reductions1926I.C.E. 540
DSIR 23/8430List of papers presented to Engine Sub-committee1926I.C.E. 541
DSIR 23/8441Jupiter IV engine: tests using lead tetra ethide as an anti-detonator in aviation spirit1926I.C.E. 552,552a
DSIR 23/8442Compression ignition engine: improvement of performance by directing flow of the inlet air1926I.C.E. 553
DSIR 23/8448Jaguar Mk. IV engine: cylinder temperatures in flight1926I.C.E. 559
DSIR 23/8449Lion engine: preliminary development of an oil cooler and automatic oil temperature regulator1926I.C.E. 560
DSIR 23/8452Compression ignition engine research1926I.C.E. 563
DSIR 23/8454Airship engine development1926I.C.E. 565,565a
DSIR 23/8460Value of reduced weight of reciprocating and rotating masses on engine performance1926I.C.E. 571
DSIR 23/8462Power output and air requirements of a two-stroke cycle engine for aeronautical use1927I.C.E. 573
DSIR 23/8463Description of Napier `Lion' racing engine as originally built1927I.C.E. 574
DSIR 23/8464Description of Bristol `Mercury' I air-cooled radial engine1927I.C.E. 575
DSIR 23/8466Internal combusion engines: investigation into properties of ethylene as a fuel1927I.C.E. 577
DSIR 23/8475Airship engine development1927I.C.E. 586
DSIR 23/8477Law of variation of engine power with height1927I.C.E. 588
DSIR 23/8478Engine Sub-Committee: proposed dates for meetings 1927-19281927I.C.E. 589
DSIR 23/8481Suggested spring hubbs and dynamometers for aircraft engines1927I.C.E. 592
DSIR 23/8482National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics universal test engine: test results1927I.C.E. 593
DSIR 23/8483Double acting 2-stroke engines for aircraft1927I.C.E. 594, 594a-b
DSIR 23/8485Digit engine: trials1927I.C.E. 596
DSIR 23/8489Direct measurement of engine power on an aeroplane in flight with hub type dynamometer1927I.C.E. 600
DSIR 23/8492Combustion chambers designed for aircraft oil engines: performance1927I.C.E. 603
DSIR 23/8493Effects of fuel and cylinder gas densities on characteristics of fuel sprays for oil engines1927I.C.E. 604
DSIR 23/8494Factors in design of centrifugal type injection valves for oil engines1927I.C.E. 605
DSIR 23/8499Airship engine development1927I.C.E. 610
DSIR 23/8500Royal Aircraft Establishment: survey of engine experimental work1927I.C.E. 611
DSIR 23/8505Internal combustion engines: motoring losses1927I.C.E. 616
DSIR 23/8506Determination of horsepower height factor of engines from results of type trials of aircraft1927I.C.E. 617
DSIR 23/8507Internal combustion engines: heat transfer1927I.C.E. 618
DSIR 23/8508Friction of aviation engines1927I.C.E. 619
DSIR 23/8511Bristol Jupiter engine: cowling and cooling, research1927I.C.E. 622, 622a
DSIR 23/8514Internal combustion engines: oil gas as a fuel1927I.C.E. 625
DSIR 23/8515Gaseous fuels obtained from oil: characteristics and engine performance1927I.C.E. 626
DSIR 23/8516Two-cycle compression ignition engine1927I.C.E. 627
DSIR 23/8517Combined cycle engine1928I.C.E. 628, 628a-d
DSIR 23/8519Engine Sub-Committee: proposed dates for meetings 1928-19291928I.C.E. 630
DSIR 23/8521Engine experimental work at Royal Aircraft Establishment1928I.C.E. 632
DSIR 23/8524Comparative performance of an aviation engine at normal and high inlet air temperatures1928I.C.E. 635
DSIR 23/8527Fall off in brake horsepower with altitude of naturally aspirated engine considered from the engine point of view1927I.C.E. 638
DSIR 23/8530Overcompressed engine using gasoline: relative performance obtained with several methods of control1928I.C.E. 641
DSIR 23/8531Engine Sub-Committee and airship engines1928I.C.E. 642
DSIR 23/8534Falcon III engine: evaporative cooling1928I.C.E. 645
DSIR 23/8536Mercury II, Jupiter VII and Jupiter X engines: performance tests of supercharger1928I.C.E. 647, 647a
DSIR 23/8537Rusting of engines when using ethyl fluid1928I.C.E. 648
DSIR 23/8538Preliminary investigation of super-charging an air-cooled engine in flight1928I.C.E. 649
DSIR 23/8540Diesel engine research 1927-19281928I.C.E. 651
DSIR 23/8541Comparative performance of Roots type aircraft engine superchargers as affected by change in impeller speed and displacement1928I.C.E. 652
DSIR 23/8550Investigation of the failure of K.L.G sparking plugs type 476 removed from Napier high speed engine1927I.C.E. 661
DSIR 23/8551Failure of Champion sparking plugs type R.11.V removed from Rolls-Royce Falcon XI engine using doped fuel1928I.C.E. 662
DSIR 23/8558Rolls Royce Condor V.S. supercharged engine: bench tests1928I.C.E. 669, 669a-b
DSIR 23/8560Sleeve valve type as a possible line of development for aircraft engines1928I.C.E. 671
DSIR 23/8563Airship engines1928I.C.E. 674
DSIR 23/8564Exhaust driven supercharged Lion engine: development in flight in a D.H.9a aircraft1928I.C.E. 675, 675a
DSIR 23/8568Junkers compression ignition engine1928I.C.E. 679, 679a
DSIR 23/8571Knock rating of fuels for aero engines1928I.C.E. 682
DSIR 23/8572Comparison of bouncing pin and variable compression engine methods of comparing detonating values of fuels1928I.C.E. 683
DSIR 23/8573Suggestions received from a member of Society of British Aircraft Constructors Ltd. as to items of research work bearing upon aircraft engines which might be included in the research programme for the ensuing six months1928I.C.E. 684, 684a-c
DSIR 23/8574Effect on aircraft performance of increasing engine power1928I.C.E. 685
DSIR 23/8576Engine Sub-Committee: proposed dates for meetings during the year1929I.C.E. 687
DSIR 23/8577Performance of a standard aero engine on gaseous fuel1928I.C.E. 688
DSIR 23/8578Engine performance obtained from Kerosene/Oil gas mixtures1928I.C.E. 689
DSIR 23/8580Lion engine with exhaust driven supercharger of increased dimensions in a D.H.9a aircraft: flight tests1928I.C.E. 691
DSIR 23/8583Magnesium alloys for engine parts1929I.C.E. 694
DSIR 23/8587Engine knock: some physical aspects1929I.C.E. 698
DSIR 23/8588Internal combustion engine: chemical change in fuel/air mixtures during compression, 1st report1929I.C.E. 699
DSIR 23/8590Guan aircraft: performance of supercharged Lion V.S. engine1928I.C.E. 701
DSIR 23/8597Whirlwind radial air-cooled engine II: drag and cooling with various forms of cowling1929I.C.E. 708
DSIR 23/8599High-speed oil engine injection system with an oscilloscope: determination of several spray characteristics1928I.C.E. 710
DSIR 23/8600Variation in engine power with altitude determined from measurements in flight with a hub dynamometer1929I.C.E. 711
DSIR 23/8601Fawn aircraft: performance of exhaust driven supercharged Lion V.S. engine1929I.C.E. 712
DSIR 23/8602Present position of supercharger and supercharged engine research at Royal Aircraft Establishment1929I.C.E. 713
DSIR 23/8606E.7 high speed engine1929I.C.E.717
DSIR 23/8612Torsional vibration: tornado engine investigations1929I.C.E. 723
DSIR 23/8614Proposal for double piston, two cycle compression ignition aero-engine1929I.C.E. 725
DSIR 23/8621Supercharged engine fitted with various types of supercharger: comparative performance1929I.C.E. 732
DSIR 23/8623Fuel vapour pressures and relation of vapour pressure to preparation of fuel for combustion in fuel injection engine1929I.C.E. 734
DSIR 23/8626Investigation of fire risk with various coolants for aircraft engines1929I.C.E. 737
DSIR 23/8627Variation of engine power with height1929I.C.E. 738
DSIR 23/8628Compression ignition engines: fuel accelerators1929I.C.E. 739
DSIR 23/8630Liberty single cylinder engine: ground boosting at specified temperatures1929I.C.E. 741, 741a
DSIR 23/8634Wright J-5 engine: effect of fuel consumption of cylinder temperatures and performance1929I.C.E. 745
DSIR 23/8638Wright J-5 engine: effect of cowling on cylinder temperatures and performance1930I.C.E. 749
DSIR 23/8639Engine Sub-Committee: Sleeve Valve Panel1930I.C.E. 750
DSIR 23/8641Roots type engine supercharge: tests1930I.C.E. 752, 752a
DSIR 23/8646Supercharger units for Jaguar engines: characteristics and performance tests1927I.C.E. 757
DSIR 23/8647Effect of supercharger capacity on engine and aeroplane performance1930I.C.E. 758
DSIR 23/8652Royal Aircraft Establishment automatic boost control on supercharged engines1930I.C.E. 763
DSIR 23/8653Transmission of vibrations from the engine to fuselage of an aeroplane1930I.C.E. 764
DSIR 23/8655Royal Aircraft Establishment: report on a Conference upon engine and aircraft vibrations held on 30th April1930I.C.E. 766
DSIR 23/8659Internal combustion engine: chemical change in fuel/air mixtures during compression, 2nd report1929I.C.E. 770
DSIR 23/8660Internal combustion engine: chemical change in fuel/air mixtures during compression, final report1930I.C.E. 771
DSIR 23/8662High-speed compression ignition engines: mechanical efficiency1930I.C.E. 773, 773a
DSIR 23/8664List of papers submitted to Engine Sub-Committee1930I.C.E. 775
DSIR 23/8667Diesel engines: compression ratios1930I.C.E. 778
DSIR 23/8668Liberty engine: torsional resonance characteristics1930I.C.E. 779
DSIR 23/8669Research engines under construction for Air Ministry1930I.C.E. 780
DSIR 23/8670Packard air-cooled compression ignition engine1930I.C.E. 781
DSIR 23/8673High-speed compression ignition engine using multiple orifice fuel injection nozzles: performance1930I.C.E. 784
DSIR 23/8676Diesel engines: limits of compression ratio1930I.C.E. 787
DSIR 23/8677E.30 Sleeve valve unit petrol engine: air cooling research1930I.C.E. 788
DSIR 23/8678Oxidation characteristics of fuel vapours with regard to engine detonation1930I.C.E. 789
DSIR 23/8683Accuracy of comparisons of engine power based on airscrew rotation rate1930I.C.E. 794
DSIR 23/8687Compression ignition engine: potential advantages of pre-heating the induction air1930I.C.E. 798
DSIR 23/8690Airship compression ignition engines: hydrogen-cum-oil gas as an auxiliary fuel1930I.C.E. 801
DSIR 23/8694Relative weight of compression ignition and petrol engines operating at equal maximum pressures1931I.C.E. 805
DSIR 23/8696Range of aircraft at heights: flight tests of an aircraft with an air cooled radial engine1930I.C.E. 807
DSIR 23/8699Two-cycle compression ignition engines for aircraft1931I.C.E. 810
DSIR 23/8700Two-cycle C.I. engine for aircraft1931I.C.E. 811
DSIR 23/8702Poppet valve two-cycle compression ignition engine1931I.C.E. 813
DSIR 23/8703Petrol and compression ignition engines: comparative weights1931I.C.E. 814
DSIR 23/8704E.30 medium speed compression ignition engine: boosting experiments1931I.C.E. 815,815a
DSIR 23/8708Cooling of engines by liquids at high temperatures1930I.C.E. 819
DSIR 23/8711Detonation, spark plug position and engine speed1931I.C.E. 822
DSIR 23/8713High speed Poppet valve compression ignition engines1931I.C.E. 824
DSIR 23/8714Air-cooled radial engine on weak mixtures and with variable ignition1931I.C.E. 825
DSIR 23/8716Ethyl nitrate as a fuel accelerator for compression ignition engines1931I.C.E. 827
DSIR 23/8725List of papers submitted to Engine Sub-Committee1931I.C.E. 836
DSIR 23/8726Measurement in flight of temperature of air-cooled engine cylinders1931I.C.E. 837
DSIR 23/8727Jupiter VIII engine: tests at reduced mixture strengths1931I.C.E. 838,838a
DSIR 23/8728Air-cooled radial engine on a weak mixture: endurance test1931I.C.E. 839
DSIR 23/8733Compression ignition engines: spontaneous ignition temperatures of fuels1931I.C.E. 844
DSIR 23/8735Effect of heat interchanges in an internal combustion engine cylinder on volumetric efficiency1931I.C.E. 846
DSIR 23/8738Investigation of combustion processes in ignition engines by means of electrical measuring devices1931I.C.E. 849
DSIR 23/8740Engine cylinder: flame movement and pressure development1931I.C.E. 851
DSIR 23/8742Fuel consumption figures recorded on engine tests at Shoreham1931I.C.E. 853
DSIR 23/8743Conversion of Condor engine to compression ignition: preliminary bench tests of complete engine1931I.C.E. 854
DSIR 23/8744Compression ignition engine with a pre-combustion chamber having high-velocity air flow: performance1932I.C.E. 855
DSIR 23/8746Compression ignition engine: effectiveness of a double-stem injection valve in controlling combustion1932I.C.E. 857
DSIR 23/8748Internal combustion engine: electrical measurement of velocity of ignition1932I.C.E. 859
DSIR 23/8750Condor single cylinder engine: compression ignition1931I.C.E. 861
DSIR 23/8753Compression - ignition engines: hydraulics of fuel injection pumps1932I.C.E. 864
DSIR 23/8754Kestrel II engines in Fairey III F. aircraft: development and performance1931I.C.E. 865,865a
DSIR 23/8755Engine running conditions and the knock rating of fuels1932I.C.E. 866
DSIR 23/8756Roughness of engines when running weak1932I.C.E. 867
DSIR 23/8759Propeller efficiency as related to gearing of engines1918Ae Tech 1
DSIR 23/9007Siskin IIIa aircraft with supercharged jaguar engine: reduction of performance tests1926Ae Tech 264
DSIR 23/9067Performances of aircraft with same type engine corrected to standard power1927Ae Tech 332
DSIR 23/9074Engine data required for range calculations: work in hand by Engine Dept RAE1927Ae Tech 340
DSIR 23/9079Jaguar engine: petrol consumption tests1927Ae Tech 345
DSIR 23/9110Interference effects on a streamline body of struts and rings of streamline section, with applications to design of annular exhaust pipes for radial aircraft engines1928Ae Tech 384
DSIR 23/9121Drag of exposed cylinders of an air-cooled radial engine1928Ae Tech 399
DSIR 23/9129Drag and cooling with various forms of cowling for Whirlwind engine in cabin-fuselage1928Ae Tech 408
DSIR 23/9147Relation between National Advisory Committee Aeronautics cowling and ring for reducing the head resistance of air-cooled engines1929Ae Tech 431
DSIR 23/9166Effect of wings of single engine aircraft on propulsive efficiency: full scale wind tunnel tests1929Ae Tech 462
DSIR 23/9192XF7C-1 aircraft: comparative performance tests using several different engine cowlings1930Ae Tech 493
DSIR 23/9234Effect of built-in engine nacelles on air forces of a wing1931Ae Tech 536
DSIR 23/9262Engine ring cowlings1931Ae Tech 564
DSIR 23/9265Air-cooled engines1931Ae Tech 567
DSIR 23/9294Comparative performance of an air-cooled and water-cooled engined aircraft: comparative performance1931Ae Tech 596
DSIR 23/9309Resistance effects produced when bodies or engine nacelles are mounted on wings1932Ae Tech 611
DSIR 23/9312R.R. 'Kestrel' II engines in Fairey IIIF aircraft: development and performance1931-1932Ae Tech 614, 614a
DSIR 23/9323Factors that must be considered in applying low-drag cowling to radial engines: effect on aircraft performance1932Ae Tech 642
DSIR 23/9537Bristol fighter with Puma engine: lateral control1920ACC 11
DSIR 23/9605Record of engine failures1922G.17.1.
DSIR 23/9607Causes of engine stoppages: collected from service stations1922G.17.3.
DSIR 23/9608Classification of engine failures1922G.17.4.
DSIR 23/9611Engine stoppages in the air1922G.17.7.
DSIR 23/9612Engine failures: unsuccessful flights, R.A.E. reports 1 - 81922G.17.8.
DSIR 23/9614Engine failures: unsuccessful flights. R.A.E. reports 9-181922G.17.10.
DSIR 23/9617Petrol control for 100 H.P. mono engines1922G.17.13.
DSIR 23/9618Engine failures: unsuccessful flights, R.A.E. reports 18-321922G.17.14.
DSIR 23/9623Record of engine failures 14th Feb - 31st Dec 19221923G.17.19.
DSIR 23/9624Causes of engine failure on flights made by aircraft belonging to British subsidised firms 1st July - 30th Nov 19221923G.17.20.
DSIR 23/9625Engine failures1923G.17.21.
DSIR 23/9626Analysis of returns of engine failures received from service stations1923G.17.22. 22a
DSIR 23/9628Engine failures: unsuccessful flights, R.A.E. reports No. 33-441923G.17.24.
DSIR 23/9630Failure or defect in aircraft engine1923G.17.26. 26a
DSIR 23/9634Engine failures: unsuccessful flights, R.A.E. reports 45-601923G.17.30.
DSIR 23/9636Causes of engine failure on flights made by aircraft used by British subsidised firms 1st Dec 1922 - 30th June 19231923G.17.32.
DSIR 23/9638Defective Napier Lion engine parts returned from Iraq1923G.17.34.
DSIR 23/9639Seizure of Napier Lion II engines: reports from units in coastal area1923G.17.35.
DSIR 23/9640Accessibility of engines in relation to engine failures: letter from Air Ministry1923G.17.36.
DSIR 23/9847Methods for securing engine, carriage and wagon wheels to their axles1921M.C.37
DSIR 23/9989Design of engines for long routes on air mail to the east1923A.T. 1
DSIR 23/9990Single-engined civil aircraft for European transport1923A.T. 2
DSIR 23/9992Three-engined civil aircraft for imperial communications1923A.T. 4
DSIR 23/10007Engine throttling1923A.T.23
DSIR 23/10009Period between overhaul of engines in use by civil transport firms: letters received by Air Ministry1923A.T.26
DSIR 23/10012Multi-engined aircraft1924A.T.30
DSIR 23/10015Reliability factor of multi-engined aircraft1924A.T.33
DSIR 23/10017Three-engined civil aircraft for imperial communications1924A.T.38
DSIR 23/10018Requirements of an air transport engine: conference at Air Ministry 15th May1924A.T.39
DSIR 23/10024Jupiter and Lorraine engines: comparative tests1924A.T.45
DSIR 23/10028Comparison between air-cooled and water-cooled engines for air transport pt 11924A.T.51
DSIR 23/10031D.H. 18 Napier Lion engine: petrol consumption trials1925A.T.58
DSIR 23/10034Comparison between air-cooled and water-cooled engines for air transport pt 21925A.T.61
DSIR 23/10041Twin-engined seaplane with Condor engines1925A.T.71
DSIR 23/10049Specification of commercial seaplane with three Bristol Jupiter engines1926A.T.81
DSIR 23/10098Liability of engines to catch fire at the carburettor1919F.P.16
DSIR 23/10099Liability of engines to catch fire at the carburettor1919F.P.18
DSIR 23/10156Outbreaks of fire on multi-engined aircraft during past three years1921F.P.80
DSIR 23/10161Prevention of fire on single-engined aircraft1921F.P.85 85a-b
DSIR 23/10168Difference between single and twin-engined aircraft from fire prevention point of view1922F.P.100
DSIR 23/10170Prevention of fire in multi-engined aircraft: skeleton report1922F.P.102
DSIR 23/10183Petrol systems for twin engined aircraft1922F.P.115
DSIR 23/10189Effect of manoeuvres upon petrol supply to an aircraft engine1922F.P.124
DSIR 23/10193Boulton & Paul cast aluminium finned manifold on Napier Lion engine: temperature tests1922F.P.131
DSIR 23/10198Air intake pipes for Jupitor engines: letter from Director of Research1923F.P.139
DSIR 23/10210Engine tests under conditions of reduced density1917Sc E 7
DSIR 23/10216Effect of change in petrol-air mixture on power of rotary engines at different altitudes1917Sc E 13
DSIR 23/10235Engine and propeller noise on tractor and pusher type aircraft1928N. 2
DSIR 23/10249Insulation of engine and of wing bracing in aircraft1929N.16
DSIR 23/10255Rubber insulation for engine feet in aircraft1929N.22
DSIR 23/10266Spring loaded engine mountings1929N.33
DSIR 23/10287Aircraft noise: comparative figures for noises of airscrews, exhausts and engines1930N.55
DSIR 23/10288Propeller noise and engine noise and muffling1930N.56
DSIR 23/10297Sidestrand aircraft fitted with geared and ungeared engines: noise experiments1931N.65
DSIR 23/10298Engine silencing; experiments1931N.66
DSIR 23/10306Inspection of mock-up of Supermarine Vickers Rolls-Royce six-engined forty-seater passenger flying boat: visit by Dr A H Davis 22nd October 19311932N.74
DSIR 23/10308Engine exhaust silencing: experiments1932N.76