U.S. Navy Aeronautical Engine Laboratory Report Index
compiled by Paul Christiansen
Published 12 Dec 2015

The Aeronautical Engine Laboratory (AEL), maintained by the Bureau of Aeronautics at the Naval Aircraft Factory, Navy Yard, Philadelphia, was instrumental in determining specifications for, testing, and reporting on the engines used in Naval aviation. Information provided by the AEL helped Naval planners make informed decisions about the engines, accessories, support equipment, and related materiel purchased by the Navy. These reports also document the progress of engine design and testing in the United States. The AEL Reports are now part of Record Group 402 (formerly Record Group 72) at the National Archives II, College Park, Maryland.

Paul Christiansen has painstakingly assembled this list and kindly provided it to the AEHS for publication.

Although the index is arrange in Report Number order, searches for keywords in the Report Titles can be accomplished by using browser search functions (typically activated by typing Ctrl-F).


Bureau Of Naval Weapons
Naval Air Material/Engineering Center
Aeronautical Engine Laboratory
Technical Reports 1922-1965, Reports AEL-1 to AEL-1815
Report Title Archives
and Volume
AEL-119221201Development and Test of "Wobble Pump"11
AEL-219221208Test of "Nonstick" Valve (Test No. 370)11
AEL-319221212Test of Lawrance Aero-Engine Fuel Pump11
AEL-419221214Liberty Engine Water Pump11
AEL-519230108Wright Aeronautical Engine Fuel Pump11
AEL-619230109Duralumin Piston Rings11
AEL-719230112"Metro" Carburetor11
AEL-8192301154-Cylinder Van Blerk Marine Engine11
AEL-919230125Thibert Self Locking Nut11
AEL-1019230201Test of "Red Diamond Fuel Compound"11
AEL-11192302109-Cylinder "Model J" Lawrance Engine11
AEL-1219230212Flexible Coupling for Liberty Engine, Generator Drive Shaft11
AEL-1319230213"Mincas" Oil11
AEL-1419230302Philbrin and Delco Ignition Systems11
AEL-1519230227"Silica Gel" Gasoline11
AEL-1619230307Possibilities and Limitation of Alcohol Benzol, etc.11
AEL-1719230306Wright Model E-2 Engine Endurance Test (Preliminary Run)11
AEL-1819230329Navy Type V-6, 6-Cylinder Van Blerck Marine Engine11
AEL-1919230407Calibration Wright Water Pump and 1" Venturi Meter11
AEL-2019230410Torque Stand Calibration11
AEL-2119230421Starting Difficulties 6:1 Compression Ratio Liberty Engine11
AEL-2219230423Description of Siemens-Halske 60 H.P. engine11
AEL-2319230424Comparative Test of Army & Navy Gears11
AEL-2419230427Spirax Metal Hose11
AEL-2519230428Titeflex Metal Hose11
AEL-2619230505Comparative Test of Blended Fuels11
AEL-2719230504Wright Type Pump Altitude Tests11
AEL-2819230516Navy Type V-2, 2-Cylinder Ver Blerk Marine Engine11
AEL-2919230519Curtiss D-12 Fuel Pump11
AEL-3019230528Draining Oil from Liberty Cam Shaft11
AEL-3119230611Comparative report V-4, V-6 and V-2 (Van Blerck) Navy Type Marine Engines22
AEL-3219230621Design and Test of Mufflers for Class J Airships22
AEL-3319230621"ACCO" Sheet Cork22
AEL-3419230703Endurance Test Experimental Wright E-422
AEL-3519230712Dynamic Valve Timing of the Liberty Engine22
AEL-3619230716Comparison of Piston Porosity Test Methods and Piston Material22
AEL-3719230721Experimental Battery Coil Starting Systems22
AEL-3819230801Test of Stratelyn Pistons22
AEL-3919230802Water Flow Nozzle Calibration22
AEL-4019230806Six Lobe Liberty Starting Dogs22
AEL-4119230921Test of O'Neill & Thomas Spark Plugs22
AEL-4219230905Test of Maxwell Method of Valve Grinding22
AEL-4319231008Test of Curtiss D-12A Racing Engine22
AEL-4419231023Test of Duralumin Connecting Rods22
AEL-4519231025Test of Modified Liberty-Delco Distributor22
AEL-4619231027Test of Fuel Strainers22
AEL-4719231105Comparative Test of Lindsay Booster and 12 Volt Delco Starting Ignition Systems22
AEL-4819231121Test of Pioneer Electric Tachometer Drive22
AEL-4919231127Test of Siemens-Halske 5-Cyl. Radial Engine22
AEL-5019231201Test of Navy Standard V-6 Marine Engine22
AEL-5119231206Kinney-Noble RA-1000 Carburetor on Lawrance J-1 Engine, (Conducted by Bureau of Standards)22
AEL-5219231208Stromberg, NAS-4 Carburetor - Performance on Lawrance J-1 Engine, (Conducted by Bureau of Standards)22
AEL-5319231221Test of Oil Temperature Regulator22
AEL-5419231228Kelmet Metal Bearings22
AEL-5519231227Hydrostatic Test of Perfect Air Starter Tanks22
AEL-5619240103Service Inspection Test of Mosler Spark Plugs22
AEL-5719240109Performance of "Hamill" Petrol Flowmeter22
AEL-5819240118Special Instrument Board made by Pioneer Instrument Co., cont. #58485 of 24 August 192322
AEL-5919240119Flight Test to Determine the Temperature of Fuel in Tanks of an Airplane in Flight22
AEL-6019240123Supplementary Test on Modified Delco Jump Gap Distributor22
AEL-6119240126Test of Venturi Meters33
AEL-6219240130Aluminum Fuel Line Fittings and Aluminum Pipes for ZR-1 (USS SHENANDOAH)33
AEL-6319240124Test of Stellarene Fuel33
AEL-6419240204Test of Universal Magneto Couplings submitted by Splitdorf Electrical Company33
AEL-6519240214Test of Rotary Flowmeters33
AEL-6619240320Test of S.M.N Piston Type Engine Starter33
AEL-6719240325Silchrome & Cyclops Valves33
AEL-6819240328Silica Gel Process33
AEL-6919240408Condition Curtiss D12-A Engine after 103 Hours Flight Service33
AEL-7019240410Test of Geared Type Engine Driven Fuel Pump33
AEL-7119240520Overhaul and Inspection Wright T-2 Engine No. 614033
AEL-7219240529Test of Piston Research Corp. Slipper Type Magnesium Alloy Pistons33
AEL-7319240501Stellarene Test Conducted by Bureau of Standards (Issued by AEL)33
AEL-7419240626Test of Carbolene33
AEL-7519240626Full Throttle Test of Packard 1-A-1300, (withdrawn)33
AEL-7619240709Comparative Test of Rich, Radfields' and Silchrome Tulip Valves in a Liberty Engine33
AEL-7719240630Development of engine Driven Fuel Pump for Aircraft Uses33
AEL-7819240703Test of Mosler M-1, M-9, SFA and SFB Spark Plugs33
AEL-7919240711Test of Works Department Gasoline Strainer, Project No. 102333
AEL-8019240716Test of Control or Power Device33
AEL-8119240718Fuel and Endurance Test of Wright Model T-2 engine No. 9950, Mfg. No. 619933
AEL-8219240815Carburetor Fuel and Endurance Test of Wright Model T-2 Engine, Navy No. 9971, Mfg. No. 6220 Project 91533
AEL-8319240903Test of Cyclo Gas (Preliminary Report), Projects 927 and 99544
AEL-8419240915Test of Water Recovery Apparatus USS. SHENANDOAH, (Project 1019)44
AEL-8519240918Flight Tests of Water Recovery Apparatus on USS SHENANDOAH (Project 1019)44
AEL-8619241015Test of Ethyl Gas Fluid44
AEL-8719241018Test of Stellarene44
AEL-8819241024Test of Fuel Strainer - Alemite Cascolator Type44
AEL-8919241024Test of Curtiss D-12 Fuel Pump, (Part 1)44
AEL-9019241024General Performance of Model D-12 Engine Fuel Pump (Part 2)44
AEL-9119241115Test of B.G. Spark Plugs to Overcome Starting Difficulties44
AEL-9219241115Catapult Test UO-1 Seaplane44
AEL-9319241220Test of Magnesium Alloy Pistons submitted by American Magnesium Corporation44
AEL-9419241215Service Inspection Test of Wright Model T-2 Engines Removed from PN-7 Airplane44
AEL-9519241230Test of Eclipse Machine Company Bijur Starter44
AEL-9619241230Test of Pioneer Instrument Co., Hydrostatic Fuel Gage44
AEL-9719250115Test of Self-Lubricating Bearings44
AEL-9819250124Spotting a Liberty Engine By Releasing Compression of all cylinders but One.44
AEL-9919250205Test of Magnesium Copper Alloy Composition C-13-E44
AEL-10019250218Power, Economy and Heat Rejection Tests of Production Engines, (Test of Wright E-4 Engines)44
AEL-10119250315Test of Oil Purifying System for Airplanes44
AEL-10219250315Test of Various Fabrics for Exhaust Condensers44
AEL-10319250318Modlin Gas Producer44
AEL-10419250320Test of Production Hand Fuel Pumps (Wooble Type), Designed by Bureau of Aeronautics44
AEL-10519250330Test of Modified Bershire Magneto44
AEL-10619250425Test of Tetralin Fuel Dope55
AEL-10719250430Test of Prestone Anti-Freeze Liquid55
AEL-10819250525Test of Various Fuels in Packard 1A-1551 Engine55
AEL-10919250525Development and Test of Cartridge Type Starter55
AEL-11019250601Test of Rich-Lux (CO2) Fire Extinguisher55
AEL-11119250605Test of Maybach VL-1 Airplane Engine55
AEL-11219250615Test of Bijur Electric Starter Motor55
AEL-11319250625Endurance Test of Wright T-3 Engine55
AEL-11419250725Power, Economy and Heat Rejection Tests of Production Engines (Test of Wright T-2 Engines)55
AEL-11519250814Test of Stilz "Tornado" Carburator55
AEL-11619250727Test of Blackmer Rotary Fuel Pump55
AEL-11719250801Test of Noble Fuel Feeding System55
AEL-11819251001Test of Ripley Economy air Valve55
AEL-11919251020Composite Report Spark Plug Testing55
AEL-12019251030Test of "Sozol" Rust Preventive55
AEL-12119251125Power Ec. And Ht. Rej. Tests of Prod. Engines T-3s66
AEL-12219251126Test of Demarreur S.M.N. Mechanical Engine Starter66
AEL-12319251130Investigation of Stromberg NA-UA-E Carburetor Characteristics66
AEL-12419251210Test of Foamite-Childs Corp. Fire Extinguisher66
AEL-12519251210Test of Dalton Capillary Carburetor66
AEL-12619251115Test of Autopulse Gasoline Pumps66
AEL-12719251230Investigation of Cylinder Cooling Wright T-3 Engines66
AEL-12819260126Multi-Cylinder Test of Stellarene66
AEL-12919260115Test of Uniflow Water Pump Lubricator66
AEL-13019260108Investigation of Wright T-3 and T-3A Bearing Lubrication66
AEL-13119260202Test of Eclipse Two Seat Piston Rings66
AEL-13219260204Test of Ropes Type Blower Removed from Power Unit of North Seas Airship66
AEL-133192602082nd Test of Cyclogas66
AEL-13419260215Test of Allison Steal Backed Bearings66
AEL-13519260218Test of Napier "Lion" Engine66
AEL-13619260515Test of Pratt & Whitney Wasp R-1340 Engine66
AEL-13719260624Test of Fuel Regulating Valves for Model UO-3 Airplanes66
AEL-13819260625Inspection of Test of SKF Roller Bearings - Main Bearings for "J" Type Engines66
AEL-13919260724Test of Wright J-3, 9-Cylinder, Radial Air-Cooled Engine66
AEL-14019260730Test of Ochromite Valves66
AEL-14119260815Test of Model J-4A Engine77
AEL-14219260816Test Running, Disassembly and Critical Examination of Curtiss V-1400 Engines from R-3 Racing Planes77
AEL-14319261010Test of Imperial Engine Priming Equipment77
AEL-14419261112Test of Test Stands for LEXINGTON AND SARATOGA77
AEL-14519261115Bearing Difficulties of Maybach Engines77
AEL-14619261115Test of Quadruplex Pump77
AEL-14719261122Investigation of Failures of Liberty Engine Oil Pump Drive Shaft77
AEL-14819261129Test of "Knock Out" Fire Extinguisher77
AEL-14919261204Test of Rich-Lux Special CO2 Fire Extinguisher (Second Test)77
AEL-15019261206Test of Magnesium Alloy Pistons in a J-3 Engine, (Part 1) (T-3 Part 2); Part III dow Metal in a J-577
AEL-15119261217Investigation of Liberty Crankshaft to Determine Critical Periods of Vibration77
AEL-15219261220Test of DeLaval Crankcase Oil Purifier77
AEL-15319261231Test of Curtiss D-12 Engines, Prod. Engine Tests77
AEL-15419261228Test of Calumet Lubricating Oil77
AEL-15519261224Test of Bechard Automatic Safety Fire Appliance77
AEL-15619261227Geisse-Diesel Engine (Automatic Fuel Injection Engine)77
AEL-15719270106Test of Parker Fuel Line Fittings77
AEL-15819270105Test of Wright - "VIKING" Fuel Pump77
AEL-15919270110Platt Two Stroke Cycle Internal Combustion Engine77
AEL-16019270122Investigation of Wind Driven Generators for Battery Chargers77
AEL-16119270122Additional Tests of "Prestone" Anti-Freeze Liquid88
AEL-16219270120Demountable Power Units for Use with Aircraft Engines88
AEL-16319270121Extension Tests of Naval Aviation Factory Works Dept. Gasoline Strainer88
AEL-16419270212Rotary Flowmeters Manufactured by Gaertner Scientific Corporation88
AEL-16519270215Investigation of Method and Equipment for Cleaning and Testing Spark Plugs88
AEL-16619270225Test of Randall Valve Guides88
AEL-16719270307Test of Liberty Engine - Production Engine Tests88
AEL-16819270305Test of "IV0" Anti-Freeze Liquid88
AEL-16919270308Test of Leece-Neville Type G-1 Engine Driven Generators88
AEL-17019270326Composite Test of Fuels88
AEL-17119270416Check Test of Ethyl Fluid88
AEL-17219270420Test of High Tension Ignition Cables88
AEL-17319270423Determination of Characteristics for Electric Immersion Heaters for Aircraft Radiators88
AEL-17419270502Carburetor Jet Flow - Standard Apparatus and Flow88
AEL-17519270527Scintilla Magneto Co., Production Magnetos88
AEL-17619270516Parker Appliance Co. Fuel Line Accessories88
AEL-17719270604Starting of Aircraft Engines88
AEL-17819270607Fuel Feeding Systems (NOBLE) Test of88
AEL-17919270607Hydraulic Throttle Control, Test of88
AEL-18019270614Marelli Magnetos, Test of88
AEL-18119270628Packard Models 2-A-1500 and 3A-2500 Direct Drive Engines, Endurance Tests of (Part 1, Test of 2-A2500 Engine, Part II 2-A-1500)99
AEL-18119271201Packard Models 2-A-1500 Direct Drive Engine, Endurance Test of (Part II 2-A-1500)99
AEL-18219270629Critical Examination of Crankshaft Removed from Curtiss D-12 Engine, Bu. No. 10169, Mfg.No. 80.99
AEL-18319270715One Hundred Hour Non-Stop Full throttle Endurance Test of Wright J-5A99
AEL-18419270804Field Determination of Engine Power99
AEL-18519270802Saintin Self-Starter, Test on99
AEL-18619270905Extension Test of "NO-NOX" Motor Fuel99
AEL-18719270922Test of Attendu Heavy Oil Engine99
AEL-18819270930Investigation of Adco Fuel Pump Characteristics99
AEL-18919270928Test of "CHAPNUT" Lock Nuts99
AEL-19019271006Starting and Operating Wright Model J-4A Engine in Cold Weather. Part 1 - Cut Out Test. Part 2 - Cold Weather Test.99
AEL-19119271007Investigation of Flaring Tools99
AEL-19219271029Endurance Test Wright Model J-5 Engine99
AEL-19319271101Eclipse Type G-1 Generator, Test of99
AEL-19419271106Heat Transfer from Oil to Air through Finned Tubing99
AEL-19519271202Investigation of Heat Distribution on J-5 Cylinders99
AEL-19619280105Piston Ring Tests - Determination of Relative Merits of Various Methods of Manufacture, (Test of Gar Six Rings)1010
AEL-19719280109Tests of Duralumin Connecting Rods for Liberty Engines (Part I)1010
AEL-19719280720Tests of Duralumin Connecting Rods for Liberty Engines (Part II)1010
AEL-19819280112Sea Level Characteristic Runs of Kinney 5-RA Engine1010
AEL-19919280106Test of C-5 Fuel Pump - Endurance Run and Determination of Characterics (Part I)1010
AEL-19919280201Test of C-5 Fuel Pump - Endurance Run and Determination of Characterics (Part II)1010
AEL-20019280121Curtiss V-1550 Engine - Test of1010
AEL-20119280208Generators, Type G-1 Improved - Test of1010
AEL-20219280321Bearing Metal (Submitted by Wm. G. Mantonya) - Test of1010
AEL-20319280321Kalmite (Submitted by American Katalite Co.) - Test of1010
AEL-20419280407Magnetos Splitdorf NS-9 - Test of1010
AEL-20519280411Oil Comsumption of Packard Model 2A-1500 Inverted engines - Investigation of1010
AEL-20619280424Wright Model V-1460 Experimental Engine - Full Throttle Brake Horse Power of1010
AEL-20719280428Pratt & Whitney Model R-1300 engine - Test of and Investigation of Relation Existing Between Exhaust Flame Temperatures and Air Fuel Mixture Ratios on Aircraft Engines1010
AEL-20819280504Bristol Engine Starter - Test of1010
AEL-20919280508Oils, Lubricating - Texas & Pacific Coal & Oil Co.1010
AEL-21019280516Adco Spark Plug Tester - Test of1111
AEL-21119280531Eclipse Starting Motor for Use of Inertia Starter, Type M-1990 - Test of1111
AEL-21219280529Packard 2A-1500 Inverted Engine from USS MARYLAND, Critical Inspection and Overhaul of1111
AEL-21319280522Air Conditioning Apparatus (York Mfg. Co.) - Test of1111
AEL-21419280619Packard 2A-1500 Geared Engines from PN-10 Seaplanes - Test of1111
AEL-21519280620Carburetor - Triat - Test of1111
AEL-21619280622Injectors for Attendu Heavy Oil engine - Test of1111
AEL-21719280625Spark Plugs - Composite Tests of Jan. 1926 to June 19281111
AEL-21819280627Pitcairn-Brewer Engine - Test of1111
AEL-21919280711Romec Fuel Pump Pump - Test of1111
AEL-22019280723Piston Rings - Test of1111
AEL-22119280731Fuel Tests for Fiscal Year 19281111
AEL-22219280809Generator, Eclipse Type M-2092 - Engine Driven Radio with Type CB-2 Control Box (Cont. 4228)1111
AEL-22319280917Magneto, Scintilla Type SC Dual1111
AEL-22419281010Magnetos, Aircraft, General Elec. Co. - Test of1111
AEL-22519281017Filters for Lubricating Oils and Fuels - Part I Test of Zenith Filter1111
AEL-22519281018Filters for Lubricating Oils and Fuels - Part II Test of Cuno Auto Klean Filter1111
AEL-22619281020Tuthill Type OB Fuel Pump - Test of1111
AEL-22719281110Oils, Valve Lubricating - Test of1111
AEL-22819281203Cable, High Tension Ignition - Comparative Tests of1111
AEL-22919281203Pumps, Wobble, Comparative Test of1111
AEL-23019281217Magneto, Western Ignition Co. - Test of1212
AEL-23119290131Magnesium Alloy Pistons (Aluminum Co. of America)1212
AEL-23219290204Piston Rings, Steel - Test of1212
AEL-23319290227Bristol - Jupiter VI AL Engine - Test of1212
AEL-23419290218LeBlond "SIXTY" Engine - Test of1212
AEL-23519290223R-1750 Direct Drive (Experimental Engine - Calibration Test)1212
AEL-23619290329High Temperature Cooling System - Investigation1212
AEL-23719290308Generator, Type CG-1 - Leece-Neville - Test of1212
AEL-23819290320Wright R-1750 (Comparative Test of Geared Radial Engines)1212
AEL-23919290330Adco Type 1000-DA Fuel Pump - Laboratory Test of1212
AEL-24019290309Geisse-Diesel Engine - Development and Test of1212
AEL-24119290328Pratt & Whitney R-1690 AG and R-1860 Engines (Comparative Tests of Geared Radial Air-cooled Engines)1212
AEL-24219290415Composite Tests of Fire Extinguishers1212
AEL-24319290412FB5 Experimental Modified Wing Radiator1212
AEL-24419290226Ehyl Benzene, Test of1212
AEL-24519290506Bristol-Jupiter R-1750 Geared Engine - Test of1212
AEL-24619290509Lepel Converters - Spark Plug Report Fiscal Year 19291212
AEL-24719290527Fairchild -Caminez Engine - Test of1212
AEL-24819290531Filters Modified - Test of Part I, Zenith Filters1212
AEL-24919290531Filters Modified - Test of Part II, Cuno Auto Klean1212
AEL-25019290622Starters, Inertia - Available Types - Comparative Tests of.1312
AEL-25119290620Lunkenheimer Gasoline Strainer - Test of1312
AEL-25219290809Vickers-Potts Oil Cooler - Test of1312
AEL-25319290729Autopulse Electric Fuel Pump - Test of1312
AEL-25419290812Cable, High Tension Ignition - Test of1312
AEL-25519290810Refincil Reclaiming Machine - Test of1312
AEL-25619290824Exhaust Collector Rings1312
AEL-25719290831Titeflex Metal Hose1312
AEL-25819290820General Unit, Model 10 - North East Electric Co.1312
AEL-25919291014Lunkenheimer Fuel Strainer (Modified) Test of1312
AEL-26019291016Fuels, Special, Composite Test of Barrett & Co. "Instill Process" Benzol and Standard Commercial Motor - Test of.1312
AEL-26119291016Fittings, Brass Fuel Line (Submitted by Weatherhead Co.)1312
AEL-26219291028Fuels, Composite Test of (Fiscal Year 1929)1312
AEL-26319291028Robert Bosch, Type GF, 9 Cylinder Magneto1312
AEL-26419291029Nitrided Valves for Wright R-790 Engine1312
AEL-26519291123Flowmeters for PN-10 and PB-1 Airplanes1312
AEL-26619291122Scorpion, 4-Cylinder Air-Cooled Engine1312
AEL-26719291122Packard 1A-2775 (Mfg. No 2; Bu. No. 12405) Engine - Test of1312
AEL-26819291230Determination of Characteristics for Electric Immersion Heaters for Aircraft Radiators1312
AEL-26919300124American-Cirrus MARK III Engines with and without DePalma Supercharger1312
AEL-27019300126Eclipse Emergency Radio Engine1414
AEL-27119300128Anapach Fire Extinguishing Equipment1414
AEL-27219300205Imperial Brass Couplings and Fittings1414
AEL-27319300410Splitdorf AR-9 Magneto - Test of1414
AEL-27419300412Hollow Wire Valve Springs - Test of1414
AEL-27519300425Determination of Effect of Aqueous Vapor Content in Air on Engine Performance1414
AEL-27619300421Curtiss-Chieftain Engine (Model R-1640)1414
AEL-27719300425Determination of the Power Output of Engines with Collector Hub and Hollow Steel Blades1414
AEL-27819300430Screening for Fire Prevention due to Backfire Navy Motor Boad Engines (BA Buffalo Marine Engine)1414
AEL-27919300507Snap-Tite Hose Clamps - Test of1414
AEL-28019300514Engines, Air-Cooled for Non-Rigid Airships. (Modification of J-6 Carburetor)1414
AEL-28119300516Cable, Whitney-Blacke; American Steel and Wire High Tension and Low Tension Electric - Test of1414
AEL-28219300522Strainer, Gasoline (Dillon) - Test of1414
AEL-28319300520Screening for Fire Prevention due to Backfire Motor Boat Engines, Types V4 and V61414
AEL-28419300616Maybach VL-2 Engine - Test of1414
AEL-28519300609Pratt & Whitney R-1690A-1 Engine - Test1414
AEL-28619300609Cory Seamless Metal Hose (Composite Tests of)1414
AEL-28719300529Pratt & Whitmey R-1340-B Geared Engine, Bu. No.12501; Mfg. No. 2-BG-Tear Down, Critical Inspection of1414
AEL-28819300628Explosive Powder Plugs for Starting Engines.1414
AEL-28919300806Comet Engine - Test of1414
AEL-29019300718Fuel Characteristics of Various Types of Air-Cooled Engines (Wright R1750-D Engine - Bu. No. 13870; Mfg No.1700)1515
AEL-291#VALUE!Eclipse Emergency Radio Generator Engine1515
AEL-29219300729Fuel Characteristics of Various Types of Air-Cooled Engines (Pratt & Whitney R-1690-A-1 Engine. Bu. No. 13715; Mfg. No. A-1-567)1515
AEL-29319300730Pump, Fuel, Model D-1A Hand Refueling1515
AEL-29419300731Cable, Low Tension Starter and Lighting1515
AEL-29519300731Effect of Aqueous Vapor Content in Air on Engine Performance1515
AEL-29619300821Engines, Single Cylinder, Various Types, Test1515
AEL-29719300828Starters, Eclipse, Test and Calibration of1515
AEL-29819300917Curtiss R-600 Challenger Engine, Test and Calibration1515
AEL-29919300912Screening for Fire Prevention Due to Backfire - Navy Motor Boat Engines Sterling and Van Blerck1515
AEL-30019300915Ignition Units, Navy Motor Boat Engines1515
AEL-30119300918Propeller Test Clubs - Calibration and Whirl Test of 241515
AEL-30219300929Determination of the Effect of Decreasing the Back Pressure of an Engine1515
AEL-30319301004Security Gasoline Strainer - Test of1515
AEL-30419301025Weatherhead Fittings - Test of1515
AEL-30519301110Curtiss Conqueror V-1570 Racing Engine - Complete Disassembly and Inspection of1515
AEL-30619301125Tests to Simulate Conditions of a Plane Fire on a Flight Deck of a Carrier and Extinquishing Means Therefor1515
AEL-30719301125Propeller, Seamless Hollow Steel - Test of1515
AEL-30819301204Barlow Fuel Pump - Test of1515
AEL-30919301220Engine, Wright J-6-750A Whirlwind - Test and Calibration of1515
AEL-31019301208Starter - Splitdorf, Model S1 (or Booster Magneto)1616
AEL-31119301231Engine - Bliss-Jupiter, Type V1-AM-9-Cylinder, Air-Cooled, Radial1616
AEL-31219310109Delco Aviation Corp. Battery Ignition Units1616
AEL-31319310214Aeromotor Booster Air Clearner - Test of1616
AEL-31419310212Heater, Hot Spot & Oil Cooler, Experimental1616
AEL-31519310218Pumps, Romec - Fuel - Test of1616
AEL-31619310220Alumilite - to Determine its Qualities as Anodically Applied to Cylinders and Pistons1616
AEL-31719310226Oil Cleaners for Maybach VL-2 Engines (Test of Sharpless B3 Centrifuge)1616
AEL-31819310226Engine, Packard 1A-2775 - Modification & Test of1616
AEL-31919310313Coupling - Experimental Oil Line1616
AEL-32019310416Engine, Wright R-1820E, 100-Hour Test1616
AEL-32119310406Continental Single Cylinder, Single Sleeve, Air-Cooled1616
AEL-32219310429Magneto, Scintilla Booster1616
AEL-32319310505Fittings - Mueller Fuel Line1616
AEL-32419310508Counter-Revolution, Veeder-Roots Indicator1616
AEL-32519310508Oil Cleaners for Maybach VL-2 Engines (Kinney-Noble Centrifuge)1616
AEL-32619310519Cooler, Oil - Winchester1616
AEL-32719310525Cooler and Cleaner, Oil - Carter1616
AEL-32819310529Cleaners, Oil for Maybach VL-2 Engines, (Test of AC Filters)1616
AEL-32919310529Valve, Sight Gage - Parker1616
AEL-33019310622Cleaners, Oil, for Maybach VL-3 Engines (Nugent Filter)1717
AEL-33119310622Spark Plug Testing for Fiscal Years 1930-19311717
AEL-33219310629Pratt & Whitney 1340-D "Wasp" engine - 100 Hour Test with 6.1 Compression Ratio Pistons and 10:1 Imp. Gear1717
AEL-33319310630Gasoline, Hydrogenated - Test of1717
AEL-33419310715Pump, Fuel, Modified C-3 - Test of1717
AEL-33519310713Engine - Packard-Diesel DR-980 Radial Air-Cooled - Test of1717
AEL-33619310727Engines - Determination of Sea-Level Characteristics of 4 Delivered on Contract No. 164481717
AEL-33719310724Switch - Three Engine Delco Magneto1717
AEL-33819310724Samarin Segregator - Test of1717
AEL-33919310731Pump, Hand Refueling - Deming. Test of1717
AEL-34019310826Engine, Bliss Jupiter, Series XF Geared1717
AEL-34119310831Wright R-1820E Engine - 100 Hour Test1717
AEL-34219310831Dynamometer, Heenan-Fell, Installation and Calibration of1717
AEL-34319310905Engine, Wright R-1820E - 100 Hour Endurance1717
AEL-34419310905Engines, Aircraft - Evaporative Cooling Investigation and Possibilities of1717
AEL-34519310909Strainer, Gasoline, Lunkenheimer - Test of1717
AEL-34619310912Refrigerator and Dehumidifying Equipment - Test of1717
AEL-34719310922Silicon Bronze for Fuel Lines1717
AEL-34819311022Engine, Wright J-6 (R-760) - Determination of Characteristics when Operated with Blau Gas1717
AEL-34919311031Spark Plug Testing - Composite Report Fiscal Year 19311717
AEL-35019311031Propeller - Hollow Steel - Test of1818
AEL-35119311023Simplex High Tension Cable - Test of1818
AEL-352#VALUE!Dole Primer - Test of1818
AEL-35319311130Chromolax Electric Heater for Airplane Oil Tanks1818
AEL-35419311207Fuel Systems - O2U1818
AEL-35519311214Pratt & Whitney R-1860B Geared and Supercharged Engine1818
AEL-35619311218Stanavo Experimental Test Lubricating Oil1818
AEL-35719311231Lubertone - Test of1818
AEL-35819310112Flowmeter Eclipse Aviation Corp.1818
AEL-35919320123Generator, Radio, Slipping Clutch, Eclipse on R-1820E Engine1818
AEL-36019320127Generator Radio Slipping Clutch, Westinghouse on R-1820E1818
AEL-36119320128Burgess Mufflers - Test of1818
AEL-36219320130Pump, Engine Driven Fuel, SBU - Type 1/2A1818
AEL-36319320130Pump, Romec, Type F4 Engine Driven1818
AEL-36419320130Fittings, Globe Valve, Parker1818
AEL-36519320205Generator, Radio Special 800 Cycle when Operated on Wright R-1820E Engine1818
AEL-36619320206Filter, Gasoline - Purelator Type1818
AEL-36719320209Heaters, Electric Immersion1818
AEL-36819320211SBU Fuel System1818
AEL-36919320213Air Maze as an Air Cleaner and Anti-Fire Screen1818
AEL-37019320210Radiators, Prestone and Oil for XP2H-1 - Cooling Capacity of1919
AEL-37119320227Coolers and Cleaners Oil for Maybach VL-2 Engines - Determination of Suitability1919
AEL-37219320223Regulator - Supercharger, Eclipse1919
AEL-37319320229Distributing Unit (C-5 Fuel Pump Unit) National Steel Products Company1919
AEL-37419320314Purolator Filters (Test of for Maybach VL-2 Engines)1919
AEL-37519320322Bliss-Jupiter, Series XF Engine - Acceptance Test1919
AEL-37619320331Distributing Unit - National Steel Products Company1919
AEL-37719320331SR-1820-E Engine to Produce 575 HP at 6000 ft. Altitude at 2000 R.P.M.1919
AEL-37819320331Starter Electric Eclipse Aviation Corp1919
AEL-37919320411Starter Strateline, Electric Model 61919
AEL-38019320430Engine - Michell Crankless - Test of1919
AEL-38119320419Carburetor - Engine Bliss Jupiter1919
AEL-38219320420Cables - High Tension Ignition1919
AEL-38319320504Flowmeters, Gasoline, Elliott Bros., Ltd1919
AEL-38419320504Crazer Carburetor Nozzles - Test of1919
AEL-38519320509Armstrong-Siddeley Panther - Mark IIA Engine1919
AEL-38619320521Pratt & Whitney R-1690C Engine, (Bu. No. 0143) Direct Drive1919
AEL-38719320523Chandler Fuel Injection System for Use on Aircraft Engines1919
AEL-38819320521Flozon - Test of1919
AEL-38919320606Regulator - Bliss Jupiter Supercharger1919
AEL-39019320621Rolls-Royce, Type H Aero. Engine2020
AEL-39119320606Rings, Piston, with Brass Inserts2020
AEL-39219320711American Airplane and Engine Corp. SGV-770 Ranger Engine2020
AEL-39319320630Determination of the Critical Speed at Which Wind Ceases to Fan Flame and Starts to Subdue Them2020
AEL-39419320719Caps, Filler - Test of2020
AEL-39519320726Pratt & Whitney R-1340E Supercharged Engine (Contract 21711)2020
AEL-39619320729Evans Fuel Pump - Test of2020
AEL-39719320729Adco Hand Fuel Pump (Aircraft Device Corp.)2020
AEL-39819320729Coolant, Liquid, Engine - Eclipse Aviation Corp2020
AEL-39919320808Composite Power Plant Installation Study (Fiscal Year 1932)2020
AEL-40019320808Switches, Scintilla Magneto - Test of2020
AEL-40119320822"KOTO" an Upper Cylinder Lubricant2020
AEL-40219320819Minimum Air Speed for Cooling R-1820-E Engines - Test to Determine2020
AEL-40319320912Wright R-1820-EM Engine (Bu. #14256, Mfg. #13486) - 150-Hour Endurance2020
AEL-40419320914Comet Engine (with indirect cooling) - Test of2020
AEL-40519320912Cocks - Fuel, Duralumin, Disc Type2020
AEL-40619320923Curtiss-Chieftain H-1640 Engine2020
AEL-40719321006Wright R-1750-D Engine, 150-Hour Endurance2020
AEL-40819321014Hispano-Suiza Engine - Test of2020
AEL-40919321007Heater, Electric Immersion (Gas Equipment Eng. Co.)2020
AEL-41019321024BG4B-1 Plug Center electrode - Determination of Useable Diameter2121
AEL-41119321031Supercharger, Eclipse - Test of2121
AEL-41219321125Starting Cold Weather - Use of Low Gear Ratio Starters2121
AEL-41319321125Engine R-1820-F - Test of2121
AEL-41419321230Pump, Evans, Type E-6 Fuel - Test of2121
AEL-41519330113Oil, Lubricating , Low Pour Point 31202121
AEL-41619330119Starting, Cold Weather - Use of Propane Gas2121
AEL-41719330131Visco-Meter - Test of2121
AEL-41819330131Rustone Corrosion Inhibitor2121
AEL-41919330203Clutches, Centrifugal, Eclipse - For use on MF-1 Radio Generators2121
AEL-42019330322R-1340-C Overhauled Engines - 150 Hour Endurance (Composite Report)2121
AEL-42119330317Filter, Oil, Nugent2121
AEL-42219330331Synchro-Magnameter - Test of2121
AEL-42319330413Pratt & Whitney R-1690-C Engine, 6:1 Compression Ratio, 8:1 Impeller Ratio2121
AEL-42419330429Analyzer (Englehard) Air Fuel Ratio - Type W1-A2121
AEL-42519330508Cover, Scintilla - Test of2222
AEL-42619330508Power Proover, Test of (Mines Safety Appliance)2222
AEL-42719330515Valve, Fuel, Aluminum-Goodyear-Zeppelin2222
AEL-42819330522Pumps, C-5 Reconditioned - Fuel2222
AEL-42919330608Pratt & Whitney R-1690-36 Fuel Injection Engine2222
AEL-43019330525Calibration of Pratt & Whitney SCG-1535(R-1535-64) Engine2222
AEL-43119330619Calibration of SR-1535(R-1535-44) Engine2222
AEL-43219330622Calibration of R-1510 Engine2222
AEL-43319330726Determination of Limiting Amount of Ethyl Fluid to be used with Gasoline in Naval Aircraft2222
AEL-43419330724Wright R-1820-78 Engine - Calibration of2222
AEL-43519330915Pratt & Whitney 150-Hour Endurance Test and Calibration of R-1690-44 Engine2222
AEL-43619330930Test of Piston Rings with Brass Inserts in Multicylinder Engines2323
AEL-43719330930Test of Piston Rings with Brass Inserts in Multicylinder Engines2323
AEL-43819331006Wright R-1820-78 Engine - Calibration of2323
AEL-43919330930Pratt & Whitney R-1340-12 (D1) Engine - 150-Hour Endurance2323
AEL-44019331012Pratt & Whitney R-1535-44 Engine - 150-Hour Endurance2323
AEL-44119331012Generator, Eclipse NEA-1 - Test of2323
AEL-44219331016Pratt &Whitney R-1340-30 (SR-1340-F) Engine2323
AEL-44319331019Parker Appliance Company Fuel Primers2323
AEL-44419331106Wright R-1510-26 Engine - Calibration of2323
AEL-44519331031Switches, Scintilla Magneto2323
AEL-44619331018Oil Magneto Lubricating2323
AEL-44719331024Oil, High Viscosity, Lubricating for Rocker Arm Lub2424
AEL-44819331116Pratt & Whitney R-1340-96(CD) Fuel Injection Engine2424
AEL-44919331122Pump, D-1-B Hand Fuel2424
AEL-45019331127Heater, Immersion Chromalox - Test of2424
AEL-45119331205Generator, Eclipse, NEA-1 (Second Test)2424
AEL-45219340104Engine, Pratt & Whitney R-1340-8 Inv. Of Sea Level, Full throttle Performance of Supercharger2424
AEL-45319331222Pump, Evans Type E-7 Engine Fuel2424
AEL-45419340131Engine, Pratt & Whitney R-1340-8 Inv. Of Sea Level2424
AEL-45519340131Generator, Eclipse CS22424
AEL-45619340205Romec Fuel Pumps, Types F9 and F102424
AEL-45719340213Calibration of Wright R-1510 Engine with 5.95:7 and 8.3:1 Impeller Gear Ratios and NAU8F Carburetor under Sea Level and Altitude Conditions2424
AEL-45819340207Altitude Calibration of Wright R-1510 Engine with 7.0 and 8.1 to 1 Impeller Gears and NAF7 Carburetors2424
AEL-45919340219150-Hour endurance Test of Wright R-760-96 Engine2525
AEL-46019340223Engine, Pratt & Whitney R-1340-80 Engine (with Rebored Cylinders) - Overhauled at Pensacola2525
AEL-46119340322Calibration of Wright R-1820-80 Engine2525
AEL-46219340321Carburetor, NA-Y9A as Installed on an R-1535-42 Engine in an SU-3 Airplane2525
AEL-46319340414Generator, Aircraft Eclipse D-1, Fitted with a Rubber Type Shock Absorbing Coupling2525
AEL-46419340406FF-1 Airplane Investigatio2525
AEL-46519340430Ignition System, Bosch Battery Test of2525
AEL-46619340430Fuel and Lubrication Systems of F11C-2 Plane No. 9265, Modification and Test of2525
AEL-46719340430Conduits, Eclipse Aluminum Alloy "Everdur" Bronze Shielding for Naval Aeronautical Use2525
AEL-46819340507Ring, Oil Control American Hammered Piston Co. - Test of2525
AEL-46919340531Regulator, Oil Temperature, United Aircraft Products2525
AEL-47019340606Springs, Oil Pressure Relief, Wright R-975-E Engines2525
AEL-47119340626Hydraulic Bursting Test of Engine Cylinders2525
AEL-47219340629Friction and Pumping Losses of Various Engines2525
AEL-47319340727Carburetor NAU8H, Test of Inverted Flight Devices on 2525
AEL-47419340727(Confidential) Alt. Calibration XGH-15102525
AEL-47519340910Electric Starter Series 32 Eclipse Aviation Corp.2525
AEL-47619341008Engine, Pratt & Whitney R-1690-44 - 150 Hour Endurance and Calibration2626
AEL-47719341011NEP-1 Auxiliary Power Unit for Use in Patrol Planes, Suitability of2626
AEL-478#VALUE!Engine, Eclipse Fuel Injection R-1340-962626
AEL-47919341031Investigation of Manifold Pressure as Affected by Propeller Pitch2626
AEL-48019341031Engine, Pratt & Whitney R-1830-54 Engine, 150-Hour Endurance Test According to AN Specification 91552626
AEL-48119341105Regulator, Eclipse Supercharger, Pressure Test of2626
AEL-48219341025"ANDOK" M-200 Grease - Rocker Arm Lubricant2626
AEL-48319341113Carburetors - Venting Tests of2626
AEL-48419341205Engine, Wright XGR-1510 - 150-Hour Endurance2626
AEL-48519341212Engine, Wright R-1820-64 (with Rebored Cylinders) Overhauled at San Diego2626
AEL-48619341217Engine, Wright XR-1820-08 (Bureau No. 0971) Calibration and 150-Hour Endurance2727
AEL-48719341210Radiator, Oil Savioa Marchetti - Test of2727
AEL-48819350104Determination of Viscosity of Ethylene and Diethylene Glycol2727
AEL-48919350109Instrument Line Fittings2727
AEL-49019350110Hydrogenated Safety Fuel for Maybach Engines2727
AEL-49119350117Friction HP. Tests on Wright XGR-1510 Engine (Bureau No. 0786), Mfg. No. 14016)2727
AEL-49219350125Lycoming-Smith Propeller - Test of2727
AEL-49319350204Fuel, High Octane - Test of2727
AEL-49419350228Torsiograph Tests on Wright R-1820-64 Engine2727
AEL-49519350311Pratt & Whitney R-1690-40 Engine (Overhauled at San Diego) Tests to Determine Efficiency2727
AEL-49619350308Pratt & Whitney R-1690-40 Engine in SU-2 Airplane No. 9108, Sea Level & Altitude Calibration of2727
AEL-49719350314Pratt & Whitney R-1690-42 Engine Defects, Investigation2727
AEL-49819350329Supercharging, Study and Report on all Aspects of Part I2727
AEL-49919350418Pratt & Whitney R-1535-64 Engine, Bureau No. 0777, Mfg. No. 18 - 150-Hour endurance Test of2727
AEL-50019350416Radiators, Oil, Harrison - Test of2727
AEL-50119350417Radiator Oil, G&O. - Test of for Service Use2828
AEL-50219350417Primer Single Engine, Lunkenheimer - Determination of Suitability of for Naval Aeronautical Use2828
AEL-50319350417Primers, Pesco, One and Two Engine - Determination of Suitability of for Naval Aeronautical Use2828
AEL-50419350416Pump, Hand, Fuel, Romec RD-1563 - Test of2828
AEL-50519350430Revision of Spark Plug Test Specifications2828
AEL-50619350513Determination of the Suitability of NA-F7C Carburator for Naval Aircraft Use2828
AEL-50719350516Test of Fuel and Oil Pressure Line Orifices2828
AEL-50819350529Determination of the Characteristics of Pratt & Whitney XR-1830-58 Engine2828
AEL-50919350529Pratt & Whitney R-1340-80 Engine (Overhauled at N.A.F.) - Efficiency of2828
AEL-51019350605Mall Portable Gasoline Engine (Flexible Type Shaft) Cranking Unit2828
AEL-51119350607Stow Portable Gasoline engine, (Flexible Type Shaft) Cranking Unit2828
AEL-51219350610Determination of Fuel Consumption of Pratt & Whitney R-1690-38 Engine2828
AEL-51319350703ZNK-1 Installation Smith Controllable Pitch Propeller2828
AEL-51419350703Generator, Adco Model C Machine Gun Impulse - Determination of Endurance and Interference Characteristics of2828
AEL-51519350708Pump, Pesco B-2 Engine Driven Vacuum2828
AEL-51619350722(Confidential) Investigation of Cold Weather Starting of Aircraft Engines2828
AEL-51719350731Carburetor with Combined Accelerating and Priming Pump2828
AEL-51819350809Composite Power Plant Installation Study for Fiscal Year 19352828
AEL-51919350820Bosch 9-Cylinder Magnetos for Naval Aircraft Use2828
AEL-52019350820Pratt & Whitney R-1690-46 Engine Calibration and Torsional Vibration Tests2828
AEL-52119350822Federal Coffman Cartridge Type Aircraft Engine Starter2929
AEL-52219350820Eclipse B-2 Type Engine Driven Vacuum Pump for Naval Aircraft Use2929
AEL-52319350826Pratt & Whitney R-1340-80 Engines - Test of Red Clearances of2929
AEL-52419350828Pratt & Whitney XR-1830-60 Engine - Sea Level and Altitude Characteristics of2929
AEL-52519350910Comparison of Old (Standard) and New (GE) Type Diffusers from Sea Level and Altitude Calibration of Pratt & Whitney R-1535 Engine with 8, 10 and 12:1 Impeller Gear Ratios (Bu.No.0777, Mfg.No.18)2929
AEL-52619350911Evans Type E-8 Fuel Pump2929
AEL-52719350916Fire Test of Aluminum and Magnesium Alloys Used as Cowling2929
AEL-52819351009150-Hour Endurance Wright GR-1820-90 Engine, with Appendix Covering Torsional Vibration Characteristics2929
AEL-52919351014Hamilton Standard Pitch Propeller XGR-1820-16 (G)2929
AEL-53019351021150-Hour Endurance Pratt & Whitney R-1535-82 Engine2929
AEL-53119351031Modification of O2U-2 Airplane No. 8126 to Install Eclipse Fuel Injection Engine3030
AEL-53219351120Fuel Pumps - Pesco Types R-400, R-400-B3030
AEL-53319351119Radiator, Oil - Vought CV-323203030
AEL-53419360124Pratt & Whitney R-1535-72 Engine - 150-Hour Endurance Test3030
AEL-53519360129Chromium Plated Parts for Use in Aircraft Engines3030
AEL-53619360220Cambridge Type Fuel-Air Ratio Indicator3030
AEL-53719360316Sylphon Relief Valves and Fuel Pumps - Composite Test of3030
AEL-53819360305Guiberson-Diesel (XR-918-2) Engine - Acceptance Test of3030
AEL-53919360317XR-1820-14 Engine with 2-speed supercharger - Calibration3030
AEL-54019360326Ranger 6-390-C Engine - Sea Level Calibration3030
AEL-54119360407Magneto Coils - Scintilla3030
AEL-54219360414R-1535-82 engine Installed in SBU-1 Airplane - Calibration of3030
AEL-54319360430Magneto Condensers - Scintilla3030
AEL-54419360520Cold Weather Starting of Aircraft Engines - Investigation of (CONFIDENTIAL)3030
AEL-54519360515Instrument Vacuum Regulator - Test of3030
AEL-54619360515Propeller - Design 5704, 3-Blade, 9-ft. - on an R-182008 Engine - Endurance Test. 7/13/1936 Addendum3131
AEL-54719360526Ignition Shelding Harness - Titeflex - Test of3131
AEL-54819350623Carburator Fuel Cut Off Assembly - Test of3131
AEL-54919360623Carburetor, Floatless - Steel Products3131
AEL-55019360622Filler Cap, Improved, Development and Test of3131
AEL-55119360703Pratt & Whitney R-1830-64 Engine - with Pratt & Whitney Automatic Power and Mixture Control Carburetor - Calibration of3131
AEL-55219360707Investigation of Installation Requirements of Bowser Junior Xacto Meters3131
AEL-55319360710Development of Protective Coatings for Aircraft Engines and Aluminum Metal Spray vs. Bonderizing for Aircraft Engine Cyclinders (Combined Report)3131
AEL-55419360727Pratt & Whitney XGR-1690-52 Engine - 150-Hour Endurance and Characteristics Tests of3131
AEL-55519360720Magnetos - Bosch 14-Cylinder - Test of3131
AEL-55619360731Wright XGR-1820-18 (1820-G2) Engine - 150-Hour Type Test3131
AEL-55719360805Spark Plug Preignition Rating Test (CONFIDENTIAL)3131
AEL-55819360806Torsional Vibration Investigation of J-5 R-790A Engine with Curtiss one-piece Forged Propeller3131
AEL-55919360806Wright XR-1510-12 Engine (Modified) - Calibration and 150-Hour Endurance Test of3131
AEL-56019360807Evans Reworked Fuel Pumps, Test of3131
AEL-56119360831Oil Filters - Briggs - Test of3232
AEL-56219360831Magneto - Scintilla Dual - Type SC-D1 - Test of3232
AEL-56319360826XR-1535-88 Engine - 150-Hour Type Test3232
AEL-56419360911Propeller - Hub Design 5977R, Blades Design 5704 - 3-Blade, 9-ft. - on R-1820 Direct Drive Engine, Second Endurance Test of3232
AEL-56519360923Fuel Pump - Evans E-9 - Test of3232
AEL-56619361008Propeller - Standard Controllable - on XR-1535-88 engine3232
AEL-56719361015Fuel Pump Shafts - Evans - Investigation of Cracks3232
AEL-56819361026Pratt & Whitney R-1830-64 Engine - Sea Level and Altitude Characteristics of3232
AEL-56919361028R-1535-82 Engine - Calibration of - with and without Exhaust Collector3232
AEL-57019361104Propeller Blade - Design 4709 - for use in 3, 4, 6-way Propeller Hubs - Test of3232
AEL-57119361112Air Filter - Air-Maze - Test of3232
AEL-57219370115Booster Coil and Anti-Capacity Switch, Eclipse - on Series 32 Starter3232
AEL-57319361231NEP-1A Auxiliary Power Unit Equpped with Oil Metering Pump - Eclipse3232
AEL-57419370121Pratt & Whitney R-1830-64 - Type Test and Take-off Test3232
AEL-57519370219Carburetor - MA-T10B1 Stromberg (Alcohol Deicer) Test of3232
AEL-57619370409Torsional Vibration Survey of Ranger XV-770-2 Engine3333
AEL-57719370408Ignition Shielding - General Cable3333
AEL-57819370415Propeller Blades - Design 4709 and 6-way Propeller Hub3333
AEL-57919370429XR-1535-88 Engine with Improved Impeller - Calibration3333
AEL-58019370423Ignition Harness - Titeflex3333
AEL-58119370503Starter - Cartridge Type Aircraft Engine - Eclipse3333
AEL-58219370430Guiberson Diesel (XR-918-2) Engines - Acceptance Tests3333
AEL-58319370504R-1820-90 Engine, with Scavenger Oil Baffle, Calibration3333
AEL-58419370508Fuel Tank Filler Necks - Determination of Size and Length3333
AEL-58519370513Pratt & Whitney XR-1830-68 (Bu. No. 2302, Mfr. No. 178) - Type Test of3333
AEL-58619370520Vacuum Pump - Romec Type B-2A - Test of3333
AEL-58719370603Filter - Gasoline - Zenith 2B12-136X53333
AEL-58819370609R-1535-98 Engine - Calibration of3333
AEL-58919370622Magnetos - Scintilla (Type F-14 with Texolite Distributor Gear)3333
AEL-59019370708Pratt & Whitney R-1340-22 Engine - Calibration of3333
AEL-59119370714Fuel Injection Experiments - Single Cylinder3334
AEL-59219370716R-1820-22 Engine - Calibration of3334
AEL-59319370722Type Test of Naval aircraft Factory Engine R-760-23334
AEL-59419370805Calibration and Type Test of Wright XR-1670-2 Engine3334
AEL-59519370804Test of Pratt & Whitney Automatic Mixture Control Unit3334
AEL-59619370816Calibration of Pratt & Whitney XR-1535-70 engine (Two Stage Supercharger)3334
AEL-59719370831Calibration of Pratt & Whitney XR-1340-32 Engine (Fuel Injection) CONFIDENTIAL3334
AEL-59819370902Calibration of XR-2600-2 Engine3334
AEL-59919370903Magnetos - Bosch-Scintilla - 9-Cylinder Parallel - Test of3334
AEL-60019370907Magneto - Watford Duplex - 9-Cylinder Aircraft - Test of3435
AEL-60119370915Engine, Ranger XV-770-4 - Torsional Vibration Survey of3435
AEL-60219370920Pump, Vacuum - Eclipse - Engine Driven - type B-2A3435
AEL-60319370921Engine, Pratt & Whitney R-1535-94 (Bu.No. 2531, Mfr.No. 875) - Insp. Of3435
AEL-60419370929Engine, Pratt & Whitney R-1830-64 - Calibration and Dive Test3435
AEL-60519371015Engine, Wright XR-1820-10 with Two-Speed Supercharger Drive3435
AEL-60619371006Ignition Harness, Breeze - Type Approval List3435
AEL-60719371022Curtiss 3-Blade Controllable Pitch Propeller on R-1830-64 Engine - Endurance Test of3435
AEL-60819371111Spark Plug Elbows - Shielded - Hallet Type - Test of3435
AEL-60919371119Engine, Pratt & Whitney R-1340-22 - Type Test3435
AEL-61019371116PD-9A1 Metering Unit - Bendix Stromberg - Test of3435
AEL-61119371126Engine, R-1820-20 - Torsional Vibration Survey3435
AEL-61219371210Engine, Pratt & Whitney R-1690-52 - Overload Endurance Test and Special Calibrations3435
AEL-61319371216Indicators - Fuel Air Ratio - Installation of3435
AEL-61419371222Engine, Pratt & Whitney XR-1830-66 - Calibration - with NA-C12D1 Carburetor (RESTRICTED)3435
AEL-61519371217Valve - Water Locking - Viele - for Gasoline Storage Tanks3435
AEL-61619371229Engine, Pratt & Whitney R-1690-52 - Calibration of3436
AEL-61719380211Napier-Halford "Dagger" Series II Engine - Calibration3436
AEL-61819380126Pratt & Whitney R-1535-94 Engine - Torsional Vibration Survey of - with Eurtiss Electric Propeller3436
AEL-61919380204Pratt & Whitney R-1535-96 Engine - Calib. And Dive Tests (RESTRICTED)3436
AEL-62019380406Pratt & Whitney XR-1830-70 Two-Stage Supercharged Engine - Sea Level and Altitude Calibration of (RESTRICTED)3436
AEL-62119380408Wright XR-1820-22 Engine - Endurance, Calibration and Overspeed Dive Test of (RESTRICTED)3436
AEL-62219380308Pratt & Whitney R-1535-94 and XR-1535-88 Engines - Comparative Tests3436
AEL-62319380216Filter - Fuel - Nugent3436
AEL-62419380411R-1830 Type Engines with Silver Master Rod Bearings - Deter. Of Limiting Overspeed of (RESTRICTED)3436
AEL-62519380404NA-C12D2 Carburetor with Revised (No. 2) Setting on an R-1830-66 Engine - Calibration of3537
AEL-62619380330R-760-4 Engines - Vibration of Installed in N3N-1 Airplanes3537
AEL-62719380422Scintilla 14-Cylinder 8-Pole Magneto (Type SF14IN-4) - Test of (RESTRICTED)3537
AEL-62819380503XR-1535-86 Fuel Injection Engine - Type Test and Calibration of (RESTRICTED)3537
AEL-63019380608Acceptance Test of Rausie XV-660-2 Engine3537
AEL-63119380614XR-1535-86 Fuel Injection Engine - Accelerated Service Test of - Installed in BG-1 Airplane No. 9497 (RESTRICTED)3537
AEL-63219380615Cartridge Starters - Eclipse - Test of Auxiliary Asbestos Sealing Ring Assembly, Lubrication Capsules and Pressure Relief Valve (RESTRICTED)3537
AEL-63319380617Supercharger Regulator - Eclipse - Two Postion Type3537
AEL-634#VALUE!Lycoming R-680-8 Engine - Calibration and Type Test3537
AEL-63519380620Oil Separators - Pesco and Naval aircraft Factory - Comparative Tests of3537
AEL-63619380706Eclipse Two-Speed Supercharger Installed in an R-1340-16 Engine (RESTRICTED)3538
AEL-63719380721XR-1340-36 Engine - Calib., Type, Propeller, Dive and Torsional Vibration Tests (RESTRICTED)3538
AEL-63819380812NA-Y9J Carburetor - Calibration of - on R-1535-96 Engine3538
AEL-63919380809Improved Master Rod Bearing R-1820-22 Engine - Test of3538
AEL-64019380824Spark Plug Ice Investigation3538
AEL-64119380928R-1535-94 Engine - Type and Dive Tests - Having Relieved Silver Master Rod Bearings3538
AEL-64219381020Spark Plugs -Champion - Ceramic - (M-12-L Series)3538
AEL-64319381130Carburetor - Chandler-Groves Model 1375 - Test of3538
AEL-64419390116R-1830-64 Engine - Calibration of - Equpeed with General Electric Model F-14 Turbo-Supercharger3538
AEL-64519390127PD-12B Stromberg Metering Unit on R-1830-66 Engine3538
AEL-64619390131Ranger XV-770-4 Engine - Vibration and Type Tests3639
AEL-64719390118Ignition shielding Harness - Pratt & Whitney Part No. 235923639
AEL-64819390224Propeller - Curtiss One-Piece on R-790-8 Engine3639
AEL-64919390120Cartridge Starter Breeches - Breeze Multiple and Single Shot - Acceptance Tests3639
AEL-65019390310XR-2600-4 engine - Type Test - (RESTRICTED)3639
AEL-65119390310Propeller - Curtiss 3-Blade Electric Constant3639
AEL-65219390317Propeller - Lycoming P-321 - Test of - on Pratt & Whitney R-1535-72 Engine3639
AEL-65319390329Series 40 Eclipse Aircraft Engine Starter - Type Approval Tests3639
AEL-65419390329Power Plant - Auxiliary (Indian) - Altitude Calibration of XPBM Airplane3639
AEL-65519390501Parker Engine Primers - Test of3639
AEL-65619390529Ignition Shielding Harness - Test of Breeze Type S9-DF3639
AEL-65719390615Chandler-Groves Solenoid Primer3639
AEL-65819390627Propeller Blades - Schwarz Type - Endurance Type Test3639
AEL-65919390628Oil Dilution System Tests - F3F-2 Airplane3639
AEL-66019390724Chandler-Evans CE-1375-DA-1 Carburetor - Test of3639
AEL-66119390725XR-1820-28 - Calibration, 20-HP. Endurance Test3639
AEL-66219390815XR-3350-2 Engine - Calibration & Propeller Test (RESTRICTED)3639
AEL-66319400521Magneto - Scintilla Type SF9LN-2 - Type Approval Test3639
AEL-66419400115Naval Aircraft Factory Oil Separator for use with B-3 Vacuum Pumps and De-Icer Equipment3639
AEL-66519400325Oil Scavenging in R-1820 Type Engines - Tests of3639
AEL-66619400327Vacuum Pump - Romac Type B-2A - Test of3740
AEL-66719400522Bearing - Plain Type Rear Impeller - for R-1830-66, -68 or -72 Engines3740
AEL-66819400523Engine - Guiberson Diesel XR-918-2 - Development Test3740
AEL-66919400430Fuel Measuring Equipment - Hydraulic - Test of3740
AEL-67019400430Fuel Selector Valve - Aero Supply Manufacturing Company Type PG-3 - Poppet Type3740
AEL-671#VALUE!Fuel System Unit - United Air Products' AEL-1 Navy Type - Type Approval of3740
AEL-67219400702Pump, Fuel, Pesco Model Model 272E, Navy Type H4G3 - Type Approval Tests3740
AEL-67319400710Acceptance Test of Rausie XV-660-2 Engine3740
AEL-67419400702Meter, Combustion, Monocel (Fuel/Air Analyzer)3740
AEL-67519400703Propeller, Curtiss, Design 55516-3, Serial M-6229, on R-1340-22 Engine - Type Test3740
AEL-67619400717Power Patents Co. 200-Watt Airplane Oil Heater - Test of3740
AEL-67719400723Calibration of Pratt & Whitney Torque Meter with 3:2 & 2:1 Reduction Gear Ratios3740
AEL-67819400719Calibration of Wright Aeronautical Corporation Torque Meter3740
AEL-67919400723Endurance Test Pratt & Whitney XR-1830-74 Engine (RESTRICTED)3740
AEL-68019400724Correction to Horsepower Output for Variations in Cooling Conditions3740
AEL-68119400814Develpment of AEL-2 Fuel System Unit3841
AEL-68219400815Test of Thompson Products Fuel Pump Model TFD-800 Navy Type H4Z43841
AEL-68319400807Endurance Test of ERCO Design 673-145 B11.5 Propeller Blades3841
AEL-68419400807Test of United Aircraft Products. Inc. Type D-6 Fuel System Unit3841
AEL-68519400816Test of "Improved Type" of Breeze Ignition Shielding Conduit3841
AEL-68619400819Test of Thompson Products Fuel Pump - Model TFD-900 Navy Type H2E33841
AEL-68719400826Test of Chandler-Evans Fuel Pumps Navy Types H2C3 & H4E33841
AEL-68819400827Determination of Effect on Engine Performance of Mixing Carbon Dioxide with the Fuel3841
AEL-68919400910Test of Bendix Stromberg Fuel Tank Pressure Systems3841
AEL-69019400904Test of Thompson Products, Inc., Model TFD-2900 Navy Type H7E5 Fuel Pump3841
AEL-69119400909Test of Various R-400, R-600 & 248 Type Pesco Fuel Pumps3841
AEL-69219400911Test of Bendix Stromberg PD-9 Metering Unit3841
AEL-69319400910Investigation of the Effect of Intake Tubing Length on Cartridge Starter Performance3841
AEL-69419400920Type Approval Tests Parker Disc Type Fuel Selector Valve3841
AEL-69519400923Test of Eclipse Series 32 Starter Booster Bagneto, Type BM-3, Model 2983A-L3841
AEL-69619400930Type Approval Test of United Aircraft Products, Inc., Type D-3A Hand Refueling Pump3841
AEL-69719401003Calibrations of Ranger XV-770-2 and XV-770-4 Engines3841
AEL-69819401004Test of Shielded Spark Plut Elbows Hallett Type - Modified3841
AEL-69919401010Type and Torsional Vibration Tests of Wright R-2600-6 Engine3841
AEL-70019401015Test of NA-R9C and NA-R9C2 Carburetors3841
AEL-70119401016Pressure Drop Across Type B Automatic Oil Temperature Control Valve3942
AEL-70219401024Test of Bosch 14-Cylinder Magneto (Type SF14L)3942
AEL-70319401025Test of Breeze Stainless Steel Ignition Shielding3942
AEL-70419401028Type Approval Tests of Pesco Primers Navy Types B-1 & B-23942
AEL-70519401025Test of Romec Sylphon Relief Valve Fuel Pumps3942
AEL-70619401029Type Test Pratt & Whitney XR-1535-92 Engine3942
AEL-70719401101Parallel, Series Operation of Oil Coolers3942
AEL-70819401101Correction of Oil System Defects in F3F-2 Airplanes3942
AEL-70919401206Type Test R-760-2 Engine with Van Der Horst Chromium-Plated Cylinders3942
AEL-71019401203Type Approval Test Eclipse Model M-3955 RX (Type III) Cartridge Starter3942
AEL-71119401223Calibration of Allison XV-1710-6 Engine3942
AEL-71219401227Test of Pedrick Piston Rings in Wright R-1820-22 Engines3942
AEL-71319401227Comparative Tests of Bowser, Breeze and Schutte and Loerting Fuel Flowmeters3942
AEL-71419410115Calibration, Type, Dive & Torsional Vibration Tests of Pratt & Whitney XR-1830-76 Engine3942
AEL-71519410128Development of Fuel Coolers3942
AEL-71619410203Determination of a Standard Method of Rating and Testing Supercharged Engines4043
AEL-71719410122Test of Scintilla Magneto - type SF14IN-34043
AEL-71819410206Endurance and Miscellaneous Tests of Pratt & Whitney R-1830-64 Engine Equipped with General Electric Model F-14 Turbo-Supercharger4043
AEL-71919410203Flight Tests of Guiberson XR-918-2 Engine in XN3N-1 Airplane4043
AEL-72019410214Thermostatic Control for Carburetor Air Preheaters4043
AEL-72119410210Test of Pesco Model 384 Fuel Tank Pressure Control Unit4043
AEL-72219410217Type Approval Tests of Aro Equipment Corporation No. F-501-5 Fuel Selector Valve4043
AEL-72319410221Type Approval Tests of Champion Spark Plugs4043
AEL-72419410228Comparative and Type Approval Tests of 10 Inch Diameter Oil Coolers4043
AEL-72519410321Type Approval Tests Parker PDG-12 Fuel Selector Valve Disc Type4043
AEL-72619440501Test of American Bosch Magneto Type SF9LU-14043
AEL-72719410414Test of Bowser 300 Gallons Per Hour Fuel Flowmeter4043
AEL-72819410415Test of Pioneer Autosyn Fuel Flowmeter4043
AEL-72919410502Aero Supply Manufacturing Company, Inc. Poppet Type Fuel Selector Valves and Fuel System Unit Approval Tests4043
AEL-73019410505Type Approval Test Pesco Model 310 Dry Air Pump4043
AEL-73119410605XR-1820-32 Engine - Type Test and Torsional Vibration Survey4043
AEL-73219410718Dive Tests XR-1820-32 Engine4043
AEL-73319410707Sea Level and Altitude Calibration of the Wright XR-1820-32 Engine4144
AEL-73419410606Type Approval Test Romec High Pressure Fuel Pumps Navy Types H2E3 and H4E44144
AEL-73519410620Type Approval Test Eclipse Type II Cartridge Starter4144
AEL-73619410630Test of United Aircraft Products 10-Inch Oil Cooler with Viscosity Control Valve4144
AEL-73719410717Calibration of NA-Y9J Carburetor on R-1830-64 Engine4144
AEL-73819410806Test of Thompson Products, Inc., Model XTFD-900 Fuel Pump Navy Type K2E34144
AEL-73919410807Calibration of Naval Aircraft Factory XV-715-2 Engine (Mfg. No. 3)4144
AEL-74019410919Test of Erco Propeller Hub Design 53160A, Blade Design 160A14.5 on R-2600-6 Engine4144
AEL-74119411009Test of Scintilla Magneto - Type SF9LN-44144
AEL-74219410929Calibration of Pratt & Whitney XR-2800-4 and XR-2800-B2G Engines4144
AEL-74319420122Acceptance Test of Jack and Heintz, Inc., JH-104245
AEL-74419420211Calibration and Type Test of Wright XR-1820-42 Engine4245
AEL-74519420228Ranger XV770-6 Engine Calibration, Type, Dive, and Torsional Vibration Tests4245
AEL-74619420623Calibration of Wright XR-3350-4 Engine4245
AEL-74719420709Icing Tests of PBN-3 Airplane Carburetor Air Induction System4245
AEL-74819420731Holley Experimental Carburetors4245
AEL-749#VALUE!Was assigned to Project 3523 (Calibration of R-2600 Engine), project was closed by letter, Reference (b), "NAES ltr XE-CAM F21-1 (6) (2600) of 11 Dec 1943.4245
AEL-75019420905Calibration of Wright R-2600-8 Engine4245
AEL-75119421020Calibration of Pratt & Whitney R-1830-82 Engine4245
AEL-75219421130Analysis of Centrifugal Supercharger Performance (R-2800-8 Engine Auxiliary Supercharger)4245
AEL-75319430206Calibration of Pratt & Whitney R-1830-86 Engine4346
AEL-75419430514Calibration of Wright R-1820-60 Engine4346
AEL-75519430601Calibration and Type Test of Pratt & Whitney R-2800-8 Engine4346
AEL-75619430512Endurance Test of ERCO 3-Way 9' Diameter Test Club with Cast Steel Hub4346
AEL-75719430730Type, Dive, and Torsional Vibration Tests Wright XR-2600-10 Engine4346
AEL-75819430730Operation of R-2800-8 Engine with Water Injection4346
AEL-75919430910Calibration of Pratt & Whitney R-2800-20 Engine4346
AEL-76019431204Calibration and Type Test of Franklin XO-805-2 Engine - (Calibration with Stromberg PS-6 Carburetors and High Fuel Injection System)4346
AEL-76119431222Calibration, Type, and Torsional Tests Ranger V-770-6 Engine4447
AEL-76219440105XR-1820-48 Engine Calibration - Two-Stage and Wright TS-6 Turbo Supercharger4447
AEL-76319440320Part I - Centrifugal Supercharger Performance (R-2800-C Engine Auxiliary Supercharger)4447
AEL-76319440320Part II - Centrifugal Supercharger Performance (R-2800-C Engine Auxiliary Supercharger)4447
AEL-76419440320Calibration and Modified Type Test of the Lycoming XC-435-2 and C-435-2 Engines4447
AEL-76519440705Calibration of Wright XR-1820-56 Engine4548
AEL-76619440530Model Test of Wright Aeronautical Corporation Model XR-1820-56 Engine4548
AEL-76719440420Calibration of Ranger V-770-8 Engine4548
AEL-76819440704Flame Damping In Exhaust Stacks and Collector Rings4548
AEL-76919440721Type Test of Wright Aeronautical Corporation Model XR-2600-20 Engine4548
AEL-77019440729Performance Test of Turbo Engineering Corporation turbo Supercharger4548
AEL-77119440823Type Approval Test Harrison 16 x 9-Inch Oil Cooler (Manufacturer's Drawing No. A-4299)4548
AEL-77219440825Multi-Cylinder Engine Tests Of Aircraft Engine Lubricating Oils and Correlation With Laboratory Tests4548
AEL-77319440831Type Approval Test Of Elecgtric Suto-Lite Model 18A-1 Spark Plugs4649
AEL-77419440826Test Of United Aircraft Products, Inc. Series 1050P and 1060P Oil Drain Valves4649
AEL-77519440909Type Approval Test of Homelite Model HRU-28A Auxiliary Power Plant4649
AEL-77619440918Installation And Flight Vibration Survey Aeroproducts Propeller A532-X6 and SB2A-3 Airplane4649
AEL-77719440930Model Test Of Wright Aeronautical Corporation Model XR-3350-14 Engine4649
AEL-77819440928Distribution Tests of XR-2800-16 Engine4649
AEL-77919440927Test Of Industrial Production Company Fuel Injector For Franklin XO-805-24649
AEL-78019440930Test of Airesearch 4-Port Oil Temperature Regulating and Control Valve (Manufacturer's Drawng No. 16506)4649
AEL-78119440930Test Of Airesearch Manufacturing Company 16-Inch Diameter Oil Cooler (Manufacturer's Drawing No. 17345)4649
AEL-78219441023Type Approval Test of Breeze Radio Shielded Ignition Harness Assembly, Breeze Part No. E-586-4P-AN4649
AEL-78319441014Test Of United Aircraft Products, Inc. 15-Inch Diameter Oil Cooler (Manufacturer's Drawing No. U-8015)4649
AEL-78419441017Type Approval Test of Young 10X 9-Inch Oil Cooler (Manufacgturer's Dwg. No. 39874)4649
AEL-78519441018Acceptance Tests Of Scinilla Double Low Tension Booster Coil (Specification No. 10-27230-1)4649
AEL-78619441026Electrical Power Output and Low Temperature Cranking Characteristics Of a Lawrance Model 30D and a Model 30D-1 Auxiliary Powr Plant With Various Generators4649
AEL-78719441030Test of Proposed Airesearch Oil System4649
AEL-78819441030Test of Lubricating Oil System (Modified Fock-Wulf System)4649
AEL-78919441030Type Approval Test of AC Model LS88 spark Plugs4649
AEL-79019441031Type Approval Test of Liberty Auxiliary Power Plant (Wisconsin Model VE-4 Engine)4649
AEL-79119441031Type Approval Test of Air Associates AN-4078 Solenoid Valve4649
AEL-79219441031Qualification Test of United Aircraft Products, Inc., 10-Inch Diameter Oil Cooler (Manufacturer's Drawing No. U-8016)4649
AEL-79319441123Calibration of Pratt & Whitney Aircraft R-1830-94 Engine4650
AEL-79419441120Compatibility of Navy Specification Lubricating Oils and the Effects of Adding Various Brands of Make-up Oil in Multicylinder Engine Tests4650
AEL-79519441128Calibration of WAC R-1820-62 Engine Equipped With a WAC 800TSBA1 Turbo Supercharger4650
AEL-79619441128Type Approval Test of Clifford 10 x 9-Inch Aluminum Oil Cooler (Manufacturer's Drawing No. B-32346)4650
AEL-79719441129Wet War Emergency Operation With Wright Aeronautical Corporation R-1820-56 Engine4650
AEL-79819441129Qualification Test of United Aircraft Products, Inc., 16-Inch Diameter Oil Cooler (Manufacturer's Drawing No. U-8416)4650
AEL-79919441129Type Approval Tests of Harrison Oil control Valve, Model NS-3-T1, (Mfr.'s DWG. No. 8510319), and Fulton Oil Control Valve, (Mfr.'s DWG. No. 93404)4650
AEL-80019441210Type Approval Test of Chapin S-100W1 Oil Dilution Solenoid Valve4650
AEL-80119441223Type Approval Tests of Harrison 13-Inch Diameter Oil Cooler (Manufacturer's Drawing No. 8504692)4650
AEL-80219441226Type Approval Test of United Aircraft Products, Inc. 10-Inch diameter Oil Cooler, (Mfr's Dwg. No. U-8010)4650
AEL-80319441229Model Test of Pratt & Whitney Aircraft XR-4360-4 Engine4650
AEL-80419441230Type Approval Tests Electric Auto-Lite Spark Plugs Models SL-2K and SL-4K4650
AEL-80519441231Type of Airesearch Manufacturing Company 12-Inch diameter Oil Cooler (Manufacturer's Drawing No. 19002)4650
AEL-80619441231Type Approval Test of Harrison 21-1/2 x 10-3/8 Inch Elliptical Oil Cooler (Manufacturer's Drawing No. 8505964)4650
AEL-80719441230Type Approval Tests of Henry S212N Oil Dilution Valve4751
AEL-80819441230Type Approval Tests of Romec Tuel Pump, Model No. RD-52004751
AEL-80919450115Test of Eclipse Type 1462x Pressure Reset Unit for Use With Eclipse Type 827 Turbo Supercharger Regulator4751
AEL-81019450117Qualification Test of United Aircrft Products, Inc. 12-Inch Diameter Oil Cooler (Manufacturer's Drawing No. U-8012 Change H)4751
AEL-81119450124Type Approval Tests of Pesco Electrically Driven Emergency Fuel Pumps Models 542, 608-A, and 542-HA4751
AEL-81219450125Type Approval Tests of United Aircraft Products, Incorporated, 12-Inch Dia. Oil Cooler (Mfr's Dwg. No. U-8412)4751
AEL-81319450129Test of Airesearch Oil Control Valve (Manufacturer's Drawing No. 19050)4751
AEL-81419450208Aircraft Lubricating Oil Additive In Navy Specification Lubricating Oils - Santolube 570 Additive With Secony Vacuum Oil Company Anti-Foam Agent 1646954751
AEL-81519450130Test of Redesigned Version of Eclipse Series 11 Hand Inertia Starter4751
AEL-81619450131Development and Tests of Foam Separator for Aircraft Oil Tanks4751
AEL-81719450131Tests of XR-1820-34A Fuel Injection Engine in SBC-4 Airplane4751
AEL-81819450131Vacuum Pumps Effect of Altitude and Temperature on Operation4751
AEL-81919450321Thompson Type AN-4101 Fuel Pump with Modified Seal and Diaphragm, Type Approval Tests4752
AEL-82019450222Test of Airesearch 14 X 23-Inch Elliptical Oil Cooler (Manufacturer's Drawing No. 19112)4752
AEL-82119450227Calibration of Modified WAC R-1820-56 Engine4752
AEL-82219450228Calibration of Wright Aeronautical Corporation XR-2600-20 Engine4752
AEL-82319450227Acceptance Tests of American Bosch Single-Spark, Triple-Coil Starting Unit4752
AEL-82419450224Test of Harrison 21-1/2-Inch X 10-3/8-Inch Elliptical Oil Cooler For Model TBF-3 (TBM-3) Airplane4752
AEL-82519450228Aircraft Lubricating Oil Additives in Navy Specification Lubricating Oils - Lubri-Zopl 738 Additive4752
AEL-82619450220Type Approval Tests of Scintilla Type DF18RN Magneto4752
AEL-82719450303Investigation of Fuel Injection System From Japanese Mitsubishi Ha 112.2 Engine4752
AEL-82819450305Sea Level Test of Surface Combustion Corporation Model AAS-100R-H3 Aircraft Cabin Heater4752
AEL-82919450402PART I - Type Test of Turbo Engineering Corporation Model XTT13-14-7 Turbo Supercharger4752
AEL-82919450614PART II - Calibration of Turbo Engineering Corporation Model XTT13-14-7 Turbo Supercharger4752
AEL-83019450314Test of United aircraft Products 4-Port Oil Temperature Control Valve (Manufacturer's Drawing No. U-8085)4752
AEL-83119450315Calibration of Two Turbo Engineering Corporation Impeller-Diffuser Combinations (R-2800-C Engine Auxiliary Supercharger)4853
AEL-83219450322Type Approval Tests of thompson Products, Inc. Water Pumps, Models TFD-3300 and TFD-106004853
AEL-83319450323Chadler-Hill Type H4E3-9 Fuel Pumps, Type Approval Tests4853
AEL-83419450324Determination of the Suitability of Test Cells For Full Scale Multi-Cylinder Detonation Tests4853
AEL-83519450323Type Approval Tests of Electric Auto Lite Model SH-2K Spark Plugs4853
AEL-83619450323Type Approval Tests of Airesearch 14-Inch Diameter Oil Cooler (Manufacturer's Drawing No. 19159)4853
AEL-83719450326Effect of Exhaust Pressure on Detonation4853
AEL-83819450326Determination of Requirements for an Internal Combustion Starter on a Westinghouse Model 19B Jet Propulsion Engine4853
AEL-83919450413Type Approval Tests of Airesearch 10-Inch Diameter Oil Cooler (Manufacturer's Drawing No. 16097) of 15 August, 19444853
AEL-84019450411Aircraft Lubricating Oil Additives in Navy Specification Lubricating Oils - RPM Concentrate No. 33179-R4853
AEL-84119450417Endurance Test of Edison Splitdorf Type SF9LD Supercharger Magneto4853
AEL-84219450421Type Approval Tests of General Electric Fuel Flowmeter4854
AEL-84319450417Test of United Aircraft Products 17-Inch Diameter Oil Cooler (Manufacturer's Drawing No. U-8417)4854
AEL-84419450418Type Approval Test of Liberty Motors and Engineering Company Auxiliary Power Plant (Wisconsin Model VF-4 Engine)4854
AEL-84519450418Starting Tests of Westinghouse 19B Engine Number 44854
AEL-84619450425Endurance Test of Aeroproducts Model A 642-X15 Propeller on Wright R-3350-8 (-24 Ratings) Engine4854
AEL-84719450426Type Approval Tests of Lawrance Model 30D-1, Navy Type 1-B, Auxiliary Power Plant4854
AEL-84819450430Model Test of Pratt & Whitney Aircraft R-4360-4 Engine4854
AEL-84919450501Calibration of Pratt & Whitney R-2800-34 Engine4854
AEL-84919450622Supplement No. 1 - Calibration of Pratt & Whitney R-2800-34 Engine4854
AEL-85019450510Type Approval Test of United Aircraft Products No. UB-3100 Oil Dilution Solenoid Assembly4854
AEL-85119450509Test of United Aircraft Products Oil Temperature Control Valve (Manufacturer's Drawing No. U-3885)4854
AEL-85219450516Type Approval Test of Koehler Aircraft Products K1170B Solenoid Valve4854
AEL-85319450516Type Approval Test of Jack and Heintz Model JH6ER Direct Cranking Electric Starter4854
AEL-85419450601Type Approval Test of United Aircraft Products Model 1070R Solenoid Valve4854
AEL-85519450604Airesearch Automatic Oil Cooler Flap Control System4955
AEL-85619450507Type Approval Tests of United Aircraft Products 13-Inch Diameter Oil Cooler (Manufacturer's Drawing No. UD-80134955
AEL-85719450630Modification and Test of the Anchor Post Fence Company Model SGE-1 Aircraft Cabin Heater4955
AEL-85819450628Effect of Aircraft Engine Operating Variables on Manifold Mixture Temperatures4955
AEL-85919450703Type Approval Tests of Eclipse Double and Tripple Induction Vibrator Coils, Types 1378-2-A and 1379-2-A4955
AEL-86019450707Type Test of General Electric I-16-4 Turbo-Jet Engine, Burning Gasoline4955
AEL-86119450704Approval Test of American Bosch Type VJR-24C-3 Induction Vibrator4955
AEL-86219450714Aircraft Lubricating Oil Additives in Navy Specification Lubricating Oils - Paranox 56 Additive4955
AEL-86319450718Type Approval Test of Minneapolis-Honeywell No. G109A1CA1 Oil Dilution Solenoid Assembly4955
AEL-86419450720Auxiliary Power Plant for Use as Source of Hydraulic Power4955
AEL-86519450728Type Approval Test Harrison Elliptical 21-1/2 x 10-3/8 Inch Oil Cooler (Manufacturer's Drawing No. 8510366)4955
AEL-86619450803Oxygen Boost of Engine Power at Altitude4955
AEL-86719451221Calibration of R-2800-14W Engine and XTT13-12 Turbo Supercharger5056
AEL-86819451221Calibration Test of Aireasearch 13-Inch Aluminum Oil Cooler (Manufacturer's Drawing Number 19025)5056
AEL-86919450816Water Injection Detonation Tests on an R-2800-22W Engine Using Water and Alcohol5056
AEL-87019450828Carburetion and Cooling Tests of Model F8F-1 Airplane5056
AEL-87119450831Qualification Tests of Clifford 16-Inch Diameter Aluminum Oil Cooler (Manufacturer's Dwg. No. B-32323)5056
AEL-87219450904Qualification Tests of Clifford 10-Inch Diameter Aluminum Oil Cooler (Manufacturer's Dwg. No. 36363)5056
AEL-87319450920Type Approval Test of Kiekhaefer Model KB7ATS Experimental Target Drone Engine5056
AEL-87419450919Type Test of United Aircraft Products, Inc. Oil Temperature Diverter Valve (Manufacturer's Drawing No. U-3950)5056
AEL-87519450918Carburetion and Cooling Tests of an SC-1 Airplane5056
AEL-87619450919Qualification Test of Clifford 12-Inch Diameter Aluminum Oil Cooler (Manufacturer's Drawing No. B36389)5056
AEL-87719450927Aircraft Lubricating Oil Additives in Navy Specification Lubricating Oils - Standard Oil Company of Indiana Additive No. L-59075056
AEL-87819450927Calibration of Wright Aeronautical Corporation R-3350-8 Engine5157
AEL-87919450927Vibratory Stress Characteristics of 4 Curtiss Model C542S-B8 Propeller with American Propeller, Design C2761000 Blades on R-1820-74 Engine5157
AEL-88019451022Test of Surface Combustion Corporation Model AGV-15N-L2 Aircraft Cabin Heater5157
AEL-88119451012Carburetion and Cooling Tests of Wright Aeronautical Corporation R-1820-72 Engine in FR-1 Airplane5157
AEL-88219451024Type Approval Test of Onan Model OTC-85GN Auxiliary Power Plant5157
AEL-88319451026Carburetion and Cooling Test of TBY-2 Airplane with Pratt & Whitney R-2800-34 Engine5157
AEL-88419451029Determination of the Detonation Limits of AN-F28R and AN-F33R Fuels in the TBY-2 Airplane5157
AEL-88519451022Test of BuAer Turbine Control5157
AEL-88619451025United Aircraft Products, Inc. Tank Sequence Valve (Manufacturer's Drawing Nos. U3990 and U-4990)5157
AEL-88719451030Type Test of Curtiss Model C542S-B8 Propeller with American Propeller Design C2761000 Blades on R-1820-56 Engine5157
AEL-88819451102Determination of the Cranking Characteristics of the Westinghouse Model 19B Jet Propulsion Unit5157
AEL-88919451030Type Approval Test of Fedders 12-Inch Aluminum Oil Coolers (Manufacturer's Dwg. Nos. D241H and D340H)5157
AEL-89019451108Tests of Eclipse Type 827 Turbo Supercharger Regulator5258
AEL-89119451113Qualification Tests of Young Radiator Compan y 16-Inch Diameter Oil Cooler (Manufacturer's Drawing No. 42191)5258
AEL-89219451126Type Approval Test of Edison-Splitdorf Type SF6LD-1 Magneto5258
AEL-89319451128Test of Surface Combustion Corporation Model ABS-50D-P41 Aircraft Cabin Heater5258
AEL-89419451214Carburetion and Cooling Tests of F4U-4 Airplane5258
AEL-89519451220Acceptance Test of General Electric High Tension Booster Coils Types 70G164 and 70G1925258
AEL-89619451204Model Test of Hamilton Standard Super-Hydromatic Propeller Model 4260 (-51) with Model 2C15B3-18R Blades on Model R-4360-4 Engine Geared .425:15258
AEL-89719460126Type Approval Test of Hartman 3 KW Auxillary Power Plant (Wisconsin Model AEH Engine)5258
AEL-89819451214Flight Detonation Test in a JM-1 Aircraft - Part I (RESTRICTED)5258
AEL-89919451206Vibration Stress Characteristics of a Koppers 221-D Propeller with McCauley SS-225 Blades on a Ranger L-440-25258
AEL-90019451212Type Test of Koppers Model 221-D Propeller with McCauley SS-225 Blades5359
AEL-90119460114Evaluation Tests of Crosley Auxillary Power Plant with Crosley Type CE-2 Engine5359
AEL-90219460128Tests of Chandler-Evans Model 100 CPB-7 Carburetor5359
AEL-90319460118Qualification Tests of Young Radiator Company 10-Inch Diameter Oil Coolers (Manufacturer's Sketch Numbers 113-20, 113-60, and 113-705359
AEL-90419460126Acceptance Test of the Eclipse E-822180 Direct Cranking Electric Starter5359
AEL-90519460126Calibration of Wright Aeronautical Corporation R-1820-56 Engine Equipped with Harrison Aftercoolers (RESTRICTED)5359
AEL-90619460126Qualification Test of General Electric I-16-6 Turbo-Jet Engine (RESTRICTED)5359
AEL-90719451221Test of Aero Supply Mfg. Co., Inc. Fuel Selector Valves, Part Nos. 114311 and 1143125359
AEL-90819460128Test of Surface Combustion Corporation Model ACV-50R-H9 Aircraft Cabin Heater5359
AEL-90919460124Calibration of Pratt & Whitney R-2800-18 Engine (RESTRICTED)5359
AEL-91019460111Pollak Remote Controlled Ignition Switching System for R-4360 Type Engine5360
AEL-91119460119Type Approval Test of Cities Service Model 1.92-24-5WH Oil Immersion Heater5360
AEL-91219460128Vibration Stress Characteristics of a HSP 33E60 Propeller with 6557A-12 Blades on a Pratt & Whitney R-2800-22 Engine5360
AEL-91319460128Modification of 4 X 4-1/4 Ton Truck for Aircraft Engine Starting Unit5360
AEL-91419460130Acceptance Tests of Scintilla Single-Spark, Triple-Coil, Starting Unit, Types L-5910-1 and 10-32060-15360
AEL-91519460205Determination of Suitable Test Procedure for Making Flight Detonation Tests in Single Seater Aircraft and Establishment of Knock Limits of Various Grade Fuels in an SB2C-3 Airplane5360
AEL-91619460208Acceptance Tests of American Bosch Triple-coil, Single-spark Starting Unit Type SCA-24A15360
AEL-91719460215Type Test of Allison I-16-6 Turbo-Jet Engine (RESTRICTED)5360
AEL-91819460215Test of Surface Combustion Corporation Model ABW-125N-P42-A Aircraft Cabin Heater5360
AEL-91919460225Performance and Endurance Test of Woodward Governor Company Model X475 Turbo-Jet Engine Control5360
AEL-92019460225Testing of Eclipse Pioneer Automatic Oil Cooler Emergency By-Pass Valve (Manufacturer's Drawing No. E-826418)5461
AEL-92119460325Test of New York Air Brake Model 67VC190 Hydraulic Pump (Drawing Number 67VC190C1)5461
AEL-92219460412Altitude Test of Surface Cumbustion Corporation Model ABW-125N-P42-A Aircraft Cabin Heater5461
AEL-92319460418Design Study of Hirth (German) Model 19-109A0 Auxiliary Power Plant5461
AEL-92419460412Aircraft Oil Tank Optimum Design5461
AEL-92519460413Evaluation Tests of Rotol Type 20/3/P6 Auxiliary Generating Plant545461
AEL-92619460418Tests of DJD Fuel Metering Sytem (RESTRICTED)5461
AEL-92719460419Type Test of Hamilton Standard 33E60/6557A-12 Propeller on R-2800-C Engine Geared .450:15461
AEL-92819460905Evaluation of Airesearch Electric Tank Warm-Up and Diverter Valve (Manufacturer's Drawing No. 12210)5461
AEL-92919460905Altitude Tests Westinghouse 9.5A Turbo-Jet5461
AEL-93019460914Testing Of Preliminary and Proto-Type Models of Bristol Automatic Cowl Flap Control (RESTRICTED)5562
AEL-93119460702Part I - Performance Tests of Main Stage Supercharger for the R-2800-30 Engine (RESTRICTED)5562
AEL-93219460705Type Approval Tests of Scintilla Type DFN Magneto (Scintilla Drawing No. 10-8038)5562
AEL-93319470324Not Published. Closed by by report by letter.5562
AEL-93419460617Performance Tests of The RAE-Hobson Speed-Density Carburetor (RESTRICTED)5562
AEL-93519460710Bench Tests of a Stromberg Model SD400D1 Speed-Density Metering Unit (RESTRICTED)5562
AEL-93619460730Test of Stewart-Warner Model 916-A 15000 BTU/Hr. Aircraft Cabin Heater5562
AEL-93719460716Test of Vickers Model E-7969 Hydraulic Pump5562
AEL-93819460720Correlation Between Detonation and Cooling characteristics of the R-2800-34 Engine Using AN-F28R and AN-F-33R Fuels in the TBY-2 Airplane (RESTRICTED)5562
AEL-93919460807Type Approval Test of Titeflex Shielded Ignition Leads5562
AEL-940#VALUE!High Performance Fuel Detonation Tests in an R-2800-34 Engine - Effect of Exhaust Pressure (RESTRICTED)5663
AEL-94119460814Aircraft Lubricating Oil Additives in Navy Specification Lubricating Oils (RESTRICTED)5663
AEL-94219460816Type Approval Tests of General Electric High Tension Ignition System for Pratt & Whitney R-2800-B Engine5663
AEL-94319460816Suitability of Various Aircraft Type Generators with the Andover Model V-32 Auxillary Power Plant5663
AEL-94419460815Eclipse Type 1431X-2-A Hand Inertia Starter Acceptance Tests of5663
AEL-94519460909High Performance Fuel Tests in an R-2800-22 Engine (RESTRICTED)5663
AEL-94619460909Endurance Test of Westinghouse 19XB-2B Turbo-Jet Engine (RESTRICTED)5663
AEL-94719460919Red Jacket Bilge and Refueling Pump Type MM-E (Aviation)5663
AEL-94819461003Detonation Tests in XF6F-6 Airplane (RESTRICTED)5663
AEL-94919461004Cranking Tests of R-4360-4 Engine5663
AEL-95019461015Aircraft Lubricating Oil Additives in Navy Specification Lubricating Oils Standard Oil Company of Indiana Additive No. F-12725764
AEL-95119461014Aero Supply Manufacturing Company Incorporated Irreversible Power Plant Control Quadrants Type Approval Test5764
AEL-95219461011Lunkenheimerer Engine Primers Manufacturer's Types E-6 and E-7 Type Approval Tests5764
AEL-95319461018Eclipse Direct Cranking Electric Starter Type 1416-12B5764
AEL-95419461025Qualification Tests of Airesearch (Double-9-Inch) Oval Oil Cooler (Manufacturer's Part No. 19480)5764
AEL-95519461023Type Approval Tests of Scintilla Type DF18LN Magneto5764
AEL-95619461104Type Approval Tests of Airesearch Elliptical Oil Cooler Model 196405764
AEL-95719461120The Riedel RBA-S10A Internal Combustion Starter (RESTRICTED)5764
AEL-95819461122Eclipse Series 48 Model 1435X-2-A Combination Inertia-Direct Cranking Starter Type Approval Test of5764
AEL-95919461129Romec Fuel Pump, Model RD-5200-A, Type Approval Tests5764
AEL-96019461126Qualification Tests of Victory Engineering Type V-1 Direct Cranking Starter5764
AEL-96119461205Thompson Engine Driven Fuel Pump Model AN 4101-1 (TFD-3500), Qualification Test5764
AEL-96219461223Chandler-Evans Water Pumps, Part No. 9136, with Stainless Steel and Carbon Liners, Type Approval Tests5764
AEL-96319461220Tests of the Holley Model MV-58-P4 Carburetor5764
AEL-96419470109Test of ARO Equipment Corporation Air Pumps Models A-505-DD and A-505-CDD, Type Approval Tests5865
AEL-96519470214Type Approval Test of Edison-Splitdorf Type SF7RD Magneto5865
AEL-96619470307Thrust Augmentation by After-Burning (Confidential)5865
AEL-96719470404Test of Modified Pollak Remote Controlled Nacelle Ignition Switching Unit5865
AEL-96819470411Qualification Test of Rolls Royce NENE I Turbo-Jet Engine5865
AEL-96919470410Acceptance Tests of Westinghouse Jet Propulsion Engine Starters Style LS-20014 and Type J-25865
AEL-97019470501Cold Weather Cranking Tests on the R-2600-20 Engine5866
AEL-97119470430Starting Tests of Pratt & Whitney R-4360-4 Engines5866
AEL-97219470602Comparative Performance Tests of High Quality Fuels in an R-1830-94 Engine5866
AEL-97319470507Tests of Kiekhaefer "Mercury" KB 3-1/2 ST Starter5866
AEL-97419470526Qualification Test of Ranger XV-770-10 Engine (RESTRICTED)5866
AEL-97519470512Test of Surface Combustion Corporation Model AHV-15D-H2-X Aircraft Cabin Heater5866
AEL-97619470523Modification of 4 X 4-1/4 Ton Truck for Aircraft Engine Starting Unit5866
AEL-977#VALUE!Description of Thrust Measuring Device for Jet Propulsion Units5866
AEL-97819470627Flight Detonation Tests with XBT2D-1 Airplane (RESTRICTED)5967
AEL-97919470623Flight Test of University of Southern California Ram Jet in F7F Airplane (RESTRICTED)5967
AEL-98019470910Evaluation of Detonation Detection Equipment5967
AEL-98119470731Qualification Test of Westinghouse X19XB-3 Turbo-Jet Engine (Restricted)5967
AEL-98219470827Cold Starting Tests of a General Electric I-16A1 Jet Propulsion Engine (Confidential)5967
AEL-98319470902Starting Tests of Kiekhaefer O-45-35 Engine5967
AEL-98419470904Test of Stewart-Warner Model 917-A Aircraft Cabin Heater5967
AEL-98519470905Cold Starting Tests of a Westinghouse Jet Propulsion Engine Model 19B (Confidential)5967
AEL-98619470829Qualification Test of Rolls Royce NENE I (XJ42-TT-2) Turbo-Jet Engine at a 5000 Pound Thrust Rating5967
AEL-98719470908Effect of Oil Consumption on Engine Fuel Requirements5968
AEL-98819470922Altitude and Endurance Characteristics of the Eclipse High Tension Ignition Booster Coil5968
AEL-98919471015G. W. Holmes Company Remote Hydraulic Power Plant Control5968
AEL-99019471020Supercharger Performance Wright Aeronautical Corporation Experimental Impellers and Diffusers (RESTRICTED)5968
AEL-99119480217Type Approval Tests of American Bosch 18-Cylinder Double type Magneto (Type DF18)5968
AEL-99219471112Altitude Calibration Westinghouse X19XB-3 Turbo-Jet Engine (Restricted)5968
AEL-99319471117Aircraft Priming Systems - Power Obtainable With6069
AEL-99419471201Qualification Tests of an Eclipse Type 1550 Direct Cranking Electric Starter6069
AEL-99519471204R-2800-C Engines Investigation of Combustion Instability and Corrective Measures Therefor (RESTRICTED)6069
AEL-99619471210Young Radiator Company 9-Inch Diameter Oil Cooler Part Number SK-143-40 Testing of6069
AEL-99719471218Qualification Test of McCulloch XO-90-2 Target Drone Engine6069
AEL-99819471215Tests of Special Jet Engine Fuels in TG-180, X19XB-2B and NENE Engines6069
AEL-99919480123Combat Power Endurance Test of Pratt & Whitney Model R-2800-34W Engine (RESTRICTED)6069
AEL-100019480217Flight Testing of Eclipse-Pioneer Automatic Oil Cooler Emergency By-Pass Valve6070
AEL-100119480217United Aircraft Products Incorporated Model UD-6990 Oil Tank Warm-Up Valve Qualification Testing6070
AEL-100219480217Tests of McCulloch Part No. 10609B Starter6070
AEL-100319480315Test of Eclipse-Pioneer Electronic Turbo-jet Engine Control System (RESTRICTED)6070
AEL-100419480311Type Approval Tests of the Szekely Jeep Auxiliary Power Plant6070
AEL-100519480312Special Jet Engine Fuels in Rolls Royce NENE I Engine6070
AEL-100619480326Qualification Test of Homelite Model 24D28 Auxiliary Powerplant6070
AEL-100719480324Test of Cutler-Hammer No. CJ6041H206A Starter Relay for Use with Turbo-Jet Engine Starters6070
AEL-100819480322Flight Test of Fleetwings KRJ1 RAM Jet in F7F Airplane (RESTRICTED)6070
AEL-100919480331Flight Tests of the FR-1 Airplane with I-16-6 Engine (RESTRICTED)6171
AEL-101019480331Endurance Test of Hamilton Standard Model 24E60 Propeller with Curtiss XBT2C-1 type Fan-Diffuser (RESTRICTED)6171
AEL-101119480331Investigation of Methods of Starting an I-16-4 Turbo-Jet Engine (RESTRICTED)6171
AEL-101219480402Carburetion and Cooling Tests of XBTC-1 Airplanes (RESTRICTED)6171
AEL-101319480409Carburetion and Cooling Tests of Model XBT2D-1 Airplanes6171
AEL-101419480406Type Approval Test of Jack and Heintz Modified Model JM-6ER Direct Cranking Electric Starter6171
AEL-101519480416Investigation of Field Cleaning of Axial Flow Compressor Type Turbo-Jet Engines (RESTRICTED)6171
AEL-101619480414Cranking Torque Requirements for Engines of Less Than 1000 Cu. In. Displacement6172
AEL-101719480505Calibration of Wright Aeronautical Corporation R-3350-24W Engine6172
AEL-101819480510Cranking Power Requirements of an XJ34-WE-2 Engine6172
AEL-101919480509Evaluation Test of Greer Model JH-1 Aircraft Heater Test Stand6172
AEL-102019480630Endurance Test of Aeroproducts A6-34FN-2/C40-216-28 Propeller with Spinner on R-4360-4 Engine Geared .425:16172
AEL-102119480611Effect of a Swirl Throttle on Centrifugal Supercharger Performance6172
AEL-102219480610Type A Approval Test of Jack & Heintz Type JH-6p Direct Cranking Electric Starter6273
AEL-102319480624Test of Struthers-Dunn 23AXX102 Undercurrent Relay for use in Turbo-Jet Engine Starting Systems6273
AEL-102419480628Test of Eagle Signal Control Timer Type HY516273
AEL-102519480727Performance Tests of a Stromberg Model SD400D1 Speed-Density Fuel Metering Unit on an R-1820-56 Engine6273
AEL-102619480720Cranking Power Requirements of an XJ30-WE-26 Engine6273
AEL-102719480722Type Test of Hamilton Standard 23260-1/X2H17K3-24 Propeller on R-3350-24 Engine Geared .4375:16273
AEL-102819480730Water Injection Investigation in C.U.E.6273
AEL-102919480727Performance Test of Airesearch Vapor System Thermostatic Control6274
AEL-103019480720Fuel Performance Tests of Westinghouse X24C Engines6274
AEL-103119480820Blower Throat Priming System Tests on a Pratt & Whitney R-4360-4 Engine6274
AEL-103219480903Qualification Test of American Bosch Model EAV-712-1 Starting Vibrator6274
AEL-103319480826Aircraft Lubricating Oil Additive in Navy Specification Aircraft Engine Lubrication Oil (Acryloid 150 and Santopour)6274
AEL-103419480901Determination of the Relative Power and Economy Obtainable from Improved Grades of Aviation Fuel6274
AEL-103519480913The Warner Brothers Company Engine Heater Ducts Test of6274
AEL-103619480901Koehler Aircraft Products Co P/N K1125D Oil Dilution Solenoid Valve6274
AEL-103719490119Determination of the Relative Power and Economy Obtainable from Improved Grades of Aviation Fuel - Tests on CFR F-4 Supercharged Single Cylinder Engine6274
AEL-103819480921Qualification Tests of Eclipse 15-Horsepower 120-Volt DC Electric Starter6274
AEL-103919480927Calibration of Pratt & Whitney R-4360-4 Engine6274
AEL-104019480924Chandler-Evans 400 GPH Fuel Pump P/N 9147AA Qualification Testing of6375
AEL-104119480930Tests of Stromberg Model PR58E5 Carburetor6375
AEL-104219481011Qualification Test of Continental Model R-975-34 Engine Mounted in the Vertical Position6375
AEL-104319481214Combat Power Endurance Test of Wright R-3350-24W Engine6375
AEL-104419481108Qualification Tests of Airesearch 13-Inch Diameter oil Coolers (Manufacturer's Dwg. Nos. 86140, 86327 and 86454)6375
AEL-104519481105Altitude Testing of Type I-16 Turbo-Jet Engine Combustion Chamber6375
AEL-104619481029Acceptance Tests of Westinghouse Jet Propulsion Engine Electric Starter Style LY-118886375
AEL-104719481123Cranking and Starting Tests of the YR-2800-30W Engine6375
AEL-104819481129Qualification Tests of Aero Supply Manufacturing Company Fuel Strainer Part No. 114609-16375
AEL-104919481215Carburetion and Cooling Tests of Model AM-1 Airplane6375
AEL-105019481222Qualification Test of Wright Model R-3350-26W Engine6376
AEL-105119490124Icing Tests of Model XFH-1 Airplane Atop Mt. Washington, N.H.6376
AEL-105219490210Evaluation of Cumene Hydroperoxid Fuel Additive6376
AEL-105319490216Determination of Oil Dilution System Orifice Size for Reciprocating Aircraft Engines6376
AEL-105419490218Determination of the Control Requirements of the XJ30 Turbo-Jet Engine6376
AEL-105519490315Performance Tests of the Tapco (Thompson Products, Incorporated) Impeller for the R-2800-30W Engine Main Stage Supercharger6376
AEL-105619490426Evaluation of Fuel Additives - Methylal as a Performance Number Improver in Aviation Gasoline6376
AEL-105719490420Endurance Test in R-4360-4 Engine Aircraft Lubricating Oil Additives in Navy Specification Aircraft Engine Lubricating Oil (Socony Vacuum RT-38A)6376
AEL-105819490419Effects of Fuel Volatility on the Detonation-Limited Performance of a Multi-Cylinder Aircraft Engine6376
AEL-105919490321Bench Tests of a Holley Model A-4501 Speed-Density Fuel Metering Unit6376
AEL-106019490329Development and Test of a Low Pressure Fuel System for the Nene I Turbo-Jet Engine6477
AEL-106119490505Type Approval Tests of Scintilla D4RB-2 Magneto6477
AEL-106219490510General Electric Ignition System for Pratt & Whitney R-2800-"C" Type Engines6477
AEL-106319490406Qualification Test of the Eclipse Starting Vibrator Manufacturer's P/N 8394076477
AEL-106419490411Endurance Test of Curtiss C644S-B10/830-2C4-0 Propeller with Spinner and Cuffs on R-4360-4 Engine Geared .425:16477
AEL-106519490707Calibration of Wright Aeronautical Corporation R-1820-74W Engine6477
AEL-106619490411Re-Refined Aircraft Engine Lubricating Oil6477
AEL-106719490421Tests of Surface Combustion Corporation Model ACV-50R-H2-A Aircraft Cabin Heater6477
AEL-106819490421Tests of Surface Combustion Corporation Model ACV-50R-H2-B Aircraft Cabin Heater6477
AEL-106919490425Tests of Surface Combustion Corporation Model ACV-50R-H2-C Aircraft Cabin Heater6477
AEL-107019490426Tests of Surface Combustion Corporation Model ACV-50R-H2-D Aircraft Cabin Heater6478
AEL-107119490419Evaluation of Altitude Ram Test Method for Turbo-Jet Engines on Static Test Stand6478
AEL-107219490407Determination of Foreign Matter in Service Fuel6478
AEL-107319490504Tests on the Marquardt Model B Ram Jet Fuel Control6478
AEL-107419490516Approval Test of Scintilla Low Tension High Altitude6478
AEL-107519490510Determination of Cranking Characteristics and Evaluation Pratt & Whitney Dual Priming System on an R-2800-34W Engine6478
AEL-107619490509Acceptance Tests of Eclipse Type 1498-8-A and Type 1498-9-A Electric Starters6478
AEL-107719490628Preignition and Detonation Characteristics of High Performance Fuels - R-1820-56 Single Cylinder Engine6478
AEL-107819490712The Effect of Pollock Fuel Additive No. 3395B1 on Flame Velocity Under Steady Flow Combustion Conditions6478
AEL-107919490518Qualification Test of Homelite Model 24D28-D Auxiliary Powerplant6478
AEL-108019490531Airplane Fuel System Components Alternate Use with 100/130 and 115/145 Fuels6579
AEL-108119490516Turbo-Jet Engine Fuel Nozzle Spray Tests (RESTRICTED)6579
AEL-108219490608Test of a Holley Model R40-41 Fuel Control for the C-20-.85 Ram Jet Engine (RESTRICTED)6579
AEL-108319490621Tests of Hartman Model A-711C Starter Relay6579
AEL-108419490623Qualification Test of Eclipse Types 1416-22E, 1416-38E, and 14-16-38F Direct Cranking Electric Starters6579
AEL-108519490617Effect of Low Viscosity Lubricating Oil on Aircraft Reciprocating Engine Operation (R-2800-30W)6579
AEL-108619521105Never Issued - Report number assigned in error to project inappropriately6579
AEL-108719490729Effect of Water Injection on Detonation and Preignition6579
AEL-108819490722Tests of a Vortex Fluid Flow Control Principle (RESTRICTED)6579
AEL-108919490805High Sulfur Aircraft Engine Lubricating Oil6579
AEL-109019490803Effect of Gum Content in Jet Engine Fuel on a Fuel System and Burner Performance6580
AEL-109119490817Tests of the CECO C-20 Ram Jet Fuel Control for the C-20-.85 Ram Jet Engine (RESTRICTED)6580
AEL-109219490901Cranking and Starting Tests of Various Model J34 Turbo-Jet Engines (RESTRICTED)6580
AEL-109319490902Qualification Test of the Jack & Heintz Quick-Detachable JH-6KKR Direct Cranking Electric Started6580
AEL-109419490901Altitude Testing of Fleetwings KRJ2 14-Inch Diam. Ram Jet Engine (RESTRICTED)6580
AEL-109519490902Tests of BAR-JON Fuel Drain Valve Part No. BJ1000AH-26580
AEL-109619500501Calibration of WAC R-3350-26W Engine (RESTRICTED)6580
AEL-109719491019Test of General Electric Company Model 1942-A (MODIFIED) Powerplant6580
AEL-109819491031Starting and Cranking Characteristics of a J35-A-5 Turbo-Jet Engine6580
AEL-109919491111Qualification Tests of Eclipse Type 36E04-6-AX Variable Voltage DC Electric Starters6580
AEL-110019491117Qualification Tests of Victory Engineering Type V-7 Model 4 Style A Direct Cranking Electric Starter6681
AEL-110119491121Effect of Low Viscosity Lubrication Oil on Aircraft Reciprocating Engine Operation (R-3350-24W)6681
AEL-110219500120Type Test of Aeroproducts A642-G8-/M20A-162-0 Propeller on R-3350-26W Engine Geared .4375:16681
AEL-110319491208Carburetion and Cooling Tests of Model AD-2 Airplane6681
AEL-110419491128Qualification Test of Titeflex R-3350-26W Ignition Harness6681
AEL-110519500112Cold Weather Starting Tests of an R-3350-24 Engine6681
AEL-110619491223Evaluation of Holley Model R-46 Turbo-Jet Engine Control (RESTRICTED)6681
AEL-110719491223Qualification Test of American Brake Shoe Four-Engine Propeller Governor Synchronizer6681
AEL-110819500113Development of Turbo-Jet Engine Thrust Destroying and Reversing Nozzle No. AEL 1026681
AEL-110919500131Type Test of Hamilton Standard Super-Hydromatic 4260-1/2C15B3-30R Propeller on R-2800-34W Engine Geared .450:1 (RESTRICTED)6681
AEL-111019500131Lubricating Oil Requirements of J34 Turbo-Jet Engines Under Low Temperature Conditions (RESTRICTED)6782
AEL-111119500207Tests of Surface Combustion Corporation Model ADS-100N-P41D Aircraft Cabin Heaters6782
AEL-111219500201Deposition Characteristics of Potassium Chromate in Aircraft Fuel Systems6782
AEL-111319500206Approval Tests of Scintilla Remote Controlled Ignition Switching System6782
AEL-111419500217Qualification Test of Jack & Heintz 30-KW 115 Volt D.C. Auxiliary Power Unit6782
AEL-111519500223Test of Stewart-Warner Aircraft Cabin Heaters Models 921-B, 921-A1 and 921-C16782
AEL-111619500524Qualification Test of Shell High Sulfur Aircraft Engine Lubricating Oil6782
AEL-111719500224Corrosion Resistant Tests of Modified Pollak Remote Controlled Ignition Switching Unit6782
AEL-111819500313Tests of an External Priming Sytem on an R-2800-34W Engine6782
AEL-111919500413Qualification Tests of the Holley Model PT64P4 Carburetor6782
AEL-112019500404Qualification Test of Breeze Ignition Harness E854-27C-2W for Wright R-3350-26W Engines6883
AEL-112119500509Qualification Test of Allison Model J33-A-23 Engine on Specification AN-F-58 Fuel6883
AEL-112219500524Calibration of Pratt & Whitney R-2800-32F Engine (RESTRICTED)6883
AEL-112319500526Qualification Test of Pratt & Whitney R-2800-44W Engine using Model XAJ-1 Airplane Exhaust System (RESTRICTED)6883
AEL-112419500525Calibration of Ranger XJ44-R-2 Turbo-Jet Engine (RESTRICTED)6883
AEL-112519500606Adaptation of Reichhelm Gasifier for use in Engine Priming Systems6883
AEL-112619500612Tests of Eclipse Solid Propellant Starter6883
AEL-112719500514Tests of Surface Combustion corporation Model ALS-100N-H141-X Aircraft Cabin Heater6883
AEL-112819500605Tests of a Quick-Detachable Mounting Assembly for Eclipse Types 1550 and 1416-48E Starters6883
AEL-112919500622Qualification Test of Ranger XJ44-R-2 Turbo-Jet Engine (RESTRICTED)6883
AEL-113019500623Starting Tests on an XJ30-WE-26 Engine6984
AEL-113119500630Combat Power Engurance Test of WAC R-3350-26W Engine (RESTRICTED)6984
AEL-113219500710Evaluation of the WICO High Frequency Ignition System6984
AEL-113319500905Compatibility of High and Low Sulfur Aircraft Engine Lubricating Oils6984
AEL-113419500804Qualification Test of a Jack and Heintz AP-2 Energizer and a Model D-36 Starter6984
AEL-113519500808Qualification Test of Westinghouse 23F856-2 Jet Engine Ignition Coils6984
AEL-113619500809Calibration of Pratt & Whitney Aircraft YR-2800-30W Engine (RESTRICTED)6984
AEL-113719500804Test of Engineering and Research Corporation Thrust Reverser Part No. 6130 SK-26 (RESTRICTED)6984
AEL-113819500926Investigation of the Effect of Mercaptan Compounds in Jet Engine Fuels on Metal and Rubber Materials6984
AEL-113919500811Seconde Qualification Test of Ranger XJ44-R-2 Turbo-Jet Engine (RESTRICTED)6984
AEL-114019500815Evaluation of Woodward Model X-770 Turbo-Jet Fuel Control7085
AEL-114119500830Qualification Test of American Bosch Type VJR 24C6 Starting Vibrator7085
AEL-114219501001Test of Socony Vacuum High Sulfur Content Engine Lubricating Oil (RM20F)7085
AEL-114319500928Qualification Test of AiResearch Model GTC-43-44-M50 Gas Turbine Compressor Unit7085
AEL-114419500922Evaluation of the Model R-46 Independent Emergency Fuel Systems for Turbo-Jet Engine Control (RESTRICTED)7085
AEL-114519501004Test of Steward-Warner Aircraft Cabin Heaters Models 977-A and 978-M247085
AEL-114619501009Qualification Test of Pesco Co-Axial Fuel Pump for J34-WE-30 Engine7085
AEL-114719501020Evaluation Tests of Pabst Ram Jet Engines (RESTRICTED)7085
AEL-114819501023Calibration of Pratt & Whitney R-2800-20 Engine (RESTRICTED)7085
AEL-114919501107Qualification Test of Jack and Heintz Model D26 Starter7085
AEL-115019501123Altitude Calibration of Westinghouse X24C-4B Turbo-Jet Engine (RESTRICTED)7186
AEL-115119501201Condensation Tests of a J34-WE-2 Turbo-Jet Engine7186
AEL-115219501205Step Response Characteristics of the J34 Turbojet Engine7186
AEL-115319501220Evaluation Tests of Bendix Fuel Distributor and Spring-Loaded Fuel Nozzles7186
AEL-115419501222Evaluation of Thompson Products Fuel Distributor and Variable Area Type Nozzles7186
AEL-115519501220Qualification Test of Armstrong Siddeley "Mamba" 2, Series 3 Turbo-Prop Engine7186
AEL-1156#VALUE!Qualification Tests of Clifford 8-inch Oil Collor P/N E-520327186
AEL-115719501130Correlation of Fuel Combustion Performance Data (RESTRICTED)7186
AEL-115819510103Low Temperature Starting Tests of a YR-2800-30W Engine Using Heated Priming Fuel7186
AEL-115919510501Test and Evaluation of the Hirth Motoren RR2 Gas Turbine Engine, Using Therman Compression7186
AEL-116019510205Test of the Bendix-Scintilla Electronic Ignition System (No-Regulated) for Jet Engines7287
AEL-116119510326Test of Adel Precision Products Corporation Combustion Type Heater Fuel Pump-Motor Units Part Nos. 18470-2 and 18470-67287
AEL-116219510228Flight Evaluation of the Holley Part Number A5462 Fuel Controls, Westinghouse Part Numbers 22E473-4 and -5 on the XF2H-1 Airplane7287
AEL-116319510502Qualification Test of Eclipse 36E12-2-A Electric Motor7287
AEL-116419510427Test of Reichhelm Gasifier Priming System7287
AEL-116519510518Comparative Evaluation Tests of AiResearch Oil Cooler Part No. AIR4125-117287
AEL-116619510816Altitude Calibration of Pratt & Whitney J42-P-8 Engine (RESTRICTED)7287
AEL-116719510528Test of Surface Combustion Aircraft Cabin Heaters Models V-25 and S-257287
AEL-116819510601Eclipse 60-Horsepower Hydrogen Peroxide Starting System7287
AEL-116919510611Evaluation of Holley Model R48-D8 Jet Engine Nine-Line Fuel Distributor7287
AEL-117019510627Comparison Performance Tests of the J-30 Liquid-Fuel Combustor and the Reichhelm Gasifier7288
AEL-117119510625Tests of Steward-Warner Model 960 Combustion Type Aircraft Heater7288
AEL-117219510712Test of the Weldon Tool Company Model P-148-A Combustion Type Heater Fuel Pump Assembly7288
AEL-117319510716Qualification Test of Jack and Heintz Model D-35 120-Volt DC Starter for Turbo-Jet Engines7288
AEL-117419510814Test of Eclipse 25-HP Internal Combustion Starter, Model 8421877288
AEL-117519510921Captive Flight Tests of Aeromarine, Solar and Marquardt Pulse Jet Engines7288
AEL-117619511114Qualification Test of Modified Ranger XJ44-R-2 Turbo-Jet Engine7288
AEL-117719511009Performance Tests of Marquardt Air-Turbine Driven Accessory Drive7288
AEL-117819511011The General Laboratory Associates Magmotor Condenser Discharge Ignition Sytem for Jet Engines7288
AEL-117919511018Development and Test of an Automatic Starting Ssytem for Turbo-Jet Engines7288
AEL-118119511022Test of Eastern Industries Incorporated Models 1201-7 and 1201-118 Combustion Type Heater Fuel Pump-Motor Units7389
AEL-118219511119Altitude Chamber and Captive Flight Tests of McDonnell 8-inch Pulse Jet Engines (RESTRICTED)7389
AEL-118319511030Evaluation of Breeze High Temperature Resistant Shielded Detachable Ignition Leads7389
AEL-118419511105Test of Adel Precision Products Corporation Model 13302-26 Solenoid-Operated Fuel Shutoff Valve7389
AEL-118519511207Calibration of McCulloch XO-50-2 Target Drone Engine7389
AEL-118619511129Engagement of High Speed Starter Drives7389
AEL-118719511212Qualification Test of a Jack and Heintz Model D-31 Starter7389
AEL-118819511217Determination of Control Requirements of the WECO J34-WE-22 Turbo-Jet Engine7389
AEL-118919520114Performance Characteristics of a J34-WE-34 Engine for Simulator Application (Phase I - Sea-Level Static Investigation)7389
AEL-119019520115Test of Koehler Aircraft Products Company Model 12854 Solenois-Operated Fuel Shutoff Valve7390
AEL-119119520215Test of Air Force Type C-22-A Ground Auxiliary Power Plant7390
AEL-119219520221Turbo-Jet Engines - Investigation of Starting by Direct Impingement (RESTRICTED)7390
AEL-119319520226Test of General Controls Co. Model AV-1B1123 Solenoid-Operated Fuel Shutoff Valve7390
AEL-119419520313Speed Frequency Response Characteristics of a Turbo-Jet Engine7390
AEL-119519520321Qualification Tests of AiResearch Type ATS35 Pneumatic Starters7390
AEL-119619520327Performance Characteristics of a J34-WE-34 Engine for Simulator Application (Phase II - Altitude Investigation)7390
AEL-119719520331Evaluation of Direct Impingement Starting of J33-A-8 Engine (RESTRICTED)7390
AEL-119819520412Fabrication of Engine "B" Test Stand (RESTRICTED)7390
AEL-119919520423Radio Interference Tests of Eclipse Type 36E12-2-A Electric Starter7390
AEL-120019520502Tests of Stewart-Warner Model 960 Combustion Type Aircraft Heater7491
AEL-120119520523Endurance Test of the Allison J35-A-29 Engine as Modified for Installation in the F7U-3 Airplane (RESTRICTED)7491
AEL-120219520505Test of United Aircraft Products, Incorporated Model U-9500 Solenoid-Operated Fuel Shutoff Valve7491
AEL-120319520513Qualification Tests of Eclipse Type 36E11-2-A Electric Starters7491
AEL-120419520509Evaluation of Scintilla High Temperature Resistant Shielded Detachable Ignition Leads7491
AEL-120519520514Evaluation of Titeflex High Temperature Resistant Ignition Leads Fabricated Under Contract Noa(s) 10696 (RESTRICTED)7491
AEL-120619520529An Analysis of the Effects of Certain Variables in Determining the Form of an Ice Accretion7491
AEL-120719520613Qualification Tests of Parker Applicance Company Modified P/N 4-2650-41 Pressure Refueling Nozzle7491
AEL-120819520623Tests of a Bristol Temperature Control on a Turbo-Jet Engines7491
AEL-120919520627American Bosch Starting Vibrators; VJS24A1 and VJS24A2 - Qualification of7491
AEL-121019520723Effect of Turbo-Prop Oils On Several Metals and Rubber Materials7492
AEL-121119520717Qualification Test of Jack and Heintz Model D-27 Starter7492
AEL-121219520705Investigation of Swingfire Pulse Jet Heater7492
AEL-121319520721Investigation of Windmilling Cranking and Starting Characteristics of A J34-WE-34 Engine (Phase A)7492
AEL-121419520813Simulated Altitude Tests of Various Burner Configurations for The Marquardt XRJ30-MA-8 Subsonic Ram Jet Engine7492
AEL-121519520728Carburetion Tests on a Model F4U-5P airplane7492
AEL-121619520831Fuel Performance Characteristics In R2800-30W and R3350-30W Engines7492
AEL-121719520806Investigation of a Calculation Method For Predicting Transient Characteristics of Gas Turbine Engines7492
AEL-121819520808Combat Power Endurance Test of Wright R-3350-30W (Compound) Engine Equiped With A -30WA Water Injection System7492
AEL-121919520820Altitude Windmilling Cranking and Ignition Tests Of A J40-WE-6 Engine (Phase "B")7492
AEL-122019520827Turbo-Prop Engine Lubricants PRL3161, PRL3312, PRL3313 - Investigation of7593
AEL-122119521003Performance of J34-WE-34 Engine with JP-4, AVGAS, and AVGAS-Kerosene Fuels (RESTRICTED)7593
AEL-122219520930Qualification Test of Continental R975-40 Engine7593
AEL-122319520930Qualification Test of a Westinghouse P/N A28A8544 Electric Starter7593
AEL-122419520930Comparison of Performance Characteristics of Westinghouse P/N A28A8544, Eclipse Type 36E12-2-A, and Jack and Heintz Model D-27 Starters on J34 Turbo-Jet Engines7593
AEL-122519521001Evaluation Test of Flight Refueling Company, Incorporated Pressure Fueling Nozzle, Assembly Drawing No. D4124000, Issue H7593
AEL-122619521003Qualification Test and Current Production R-3350-26WA Engine at Increased Ratings (RESTRICTED)7593
AEL-122719521203Evaluation of WECO J34-WE-34 Engine and Control System Under Engine "B" Condition of MIL-E-5009 Specification (RESTRICTED)7593
AEL-122819521027Investigation of the Application of Statistical Analysis to Qualification Tests of Power Plant Controls7593
AEL-122919521119Altitude Calibration of WECO J34-WE-36 Engine (RESTRICTED)7593
AEL-123019521103Vibration Tests of Marquardt Model AD1D1 Air-Turbine Driven Accessory Drive7594
AEL-123119521105Holly-Coleman Type 1416-38G(H-C) Electric Starter; Qualification Test7594
AEL-123219521203Disassembly and Inspection of Turbomeca Oredon Gas Turbin Auxiliary Power Plant (Phase "A")7594
AEL-123319521124Test of Adel Model 20093 Aircraft Heater Fuel Pump-Motor Unit7594
AEL-123419521205Calibration of Fairchild XJ44-R2 Engine7594
AEL-1235#VALUE!Listed as "Not Practical to Bind" - Report contents unknown7594
AEL-123619521205Flow Characteristics of Tubo-Prop Lubricants7594
AEL-123719521205Test of Transitron Model T-4 High Voltage Insulation Tester7594
AEL-123819521205The Effect of Tricresyl Phosphate Additive in Avgas on J34-WE-34 Engine Operation7594
AEL-123919521208Evaluation of the Principle of Timed Intake Port Fuel Injecton on an R-1340-AN2 Engine7594
AEL-124019530105Performance and Development of J44 Altitude Combustion Chamber7695
AEL-124119530202Performance Tests of John R. Hollinsworth Corporation 5-KW 120-Volt DC Engine-Generator Set (Phase A)7695
AEL-124219530202Test of Transitron Model T-4 High Voltage Insulation Tester (With Transitron Rectifier Tubes)7695
AEL-124319530218Altitude Performance Test of O'Brien Dieselectric 30-KW 120/208-Volt AC Diesel-Generator Set7695
AEL-124419530226Test of Auto-Test Incorporated Magneto Timing Light, Type B-17695
AEL-124519530316Tests of Stewart-Warner Model 930 Combustion Type Aircraft Heater7695
AEL-124619530317Qualification Tests of Eclipse Model 856843 and 856844 Solid Propellant Starters - Phase A7695
AEL-124719530512Altitude Performance Test of WECO J34-WE-36 Engine Using Specification MIL-F-5624A (JP-3) Fuel7695
AEL-124819530511Sea Level and Altitude Calibration Tests of Airesearch Model GTC43/44-1-2 Gas Turbine Unit7695
AEL-124919530508Bendix-Scintilla Starting Vibrator Part No. 10-75635-1, Qualification Test7695
AEL-125019530513Starting Tests of An Airesearch Model GRC43/44-5 Gas Turbine Compressor Unit (Phase "D")7695
AEL-125119530522Test of Eclipse Model 864772 Air Turbine Starter (Phase A)7695
AEL-125219530601Determination of Transient Characteristics of An Axial Flow Turbo-Jet Engine7696
AEL-125319530605Test of Roylyn Pneumatic Starting System Quick-Disconnect Assembly7696
AEL-125419530617Test of Hydro-Aire Incorporated Model 6732 Solenoid-Operated Fuel Shutoff Valve7696
AEL-125519530622Installation of a Direct Impingement Starting System on An F9F-4 Aircraft BuNo 1251567696
AEL-125619530630Effect of Test Fluid Density and Viscosity on Flow Schedules of Gas Turbine Fuel Nozzles7696
AEL-125719530630Effect of Test Fluid Density and Viscosity on Flow Schedules of Gas Turbine Fuel Controls7696
AEL-125819530703Qualification Test of Eclipse Types 36E11 and 36E12 Electric Starters7696
AEL-125919530730Endurance Tests of Ceramic coated and Uncoated AD Airplane Exhaust Ssytems on WAD R-3350-26W Engine7696
AEL-126019530806Cold Starting Tests of Westinghouse J34-WE-367696
AEL-126119530820Test of Minneapolis-Honeywell Regulator Company Models VG4000A1 and G104D2 Solenoid-Operated Fuel Shutoff Valves7696
AEL-126219530909Herman Nelson Model BT-400 Aircraft Engine Heater; Qualification of7797
AEL-126319530909Test of General Controls Company Model AV-1A1326 Solenoid-Operated Fuel Shutoff Valve7797
AEL-126419530915Comparison of the Performance characteristics of an Eclipse Model 864772 and Aireasearch types ATS35-2-3 and ATS35-400-1 Pneumatic Starters - Phase B7797
AEL-126519530915Sludging Characteristics of Turbo-Prop Lubricants7797
AEL-126619530918Sea-Level Calibration and Endurance Tests of an Airesearch Model GTC43/44-5 Gas Turbine Compressor Unit (Ser. No. 2-189)7797
AEL-126719530915Qualification Tests of Thompson Products Incorporated Part No. G213-4181 3-Stage Turbine Pump7797
AEL-126819530923Verification Test of Continental R-975-46 Engine7797
AEL-126919531006Special Endurance Test of An Airesearch Model GTC 42/44-5 Gas turbine Compressor Unit (Serial No. 2-190)7797
AEL-127019531015The Effect on J34 Engine Operation of Using Avgas With Tricresyl Phosphate and Ethylene Dibromide Additives7797
AEL-127119531013Qualification Tests of Parker Applicance Company Types A-2, A-4, and A-5 Pressure Fuel Servicing Adapters7797
AEL-127219531123Cranking and Starting Tests of an Airesearch Model GTP70-2-3 Gas Turbine Auxiliary Power Plant7798
AEL-127319531109Verification Test of a Pratt & Whitney R-985-AN-1 Engine at 475 BHP Maximum for Helicopter Use7798
AEL-127419531119Evaluation of Electronic Control for J34 Engine with Variable Area Exhaust Nozzle7798
AEL-127519531104Development of Specification Requirements for Coating Compound for Dielectric Parts of Magnetos and Distributors7798
AEL-127619531116Test of Electric Direct Cranking Starters Involved in Engine Starter Driveshaft Failures7798
AEL-127719530211Altitude Calibration and Sea Level Calibration and Endurance Test of an Airesearch Model GTC43/44-5 Gas Turbine Compressor Unit (Ser. No. 2-197)7798
AEL-127819531218Qualification Test of an Airesearch Type ATS35-400-1 Air Turbine Starter and a P/N 94010 Control and Shut-off Valve7798
AEL-127919531224Qualification Tests of Type 1416-101G and Type 1416-101J (AN Part No. AN4116L7) Direct Cranking Electric Starters Manufactured by the Utica Division of the Bendix Aviation Corporation7798
AEL-128019540121Air Metering Calibration of an R-1340-AN2 Engine7798
AEL-128119540211Effect of Light and Water on the Stability of Some Materials Used in MIL-L-7808 Synthetic Lubricants7798
AEL-128219540209Ignition Characteristics of Special Jet Engine Fuels7899
AEL-128319540211Performance and Further Development of Airesearch GTP70-2 Combustion Chamber7899
AEL-128419540215Preturbine Fuel Injection for J34 Afterburner7899
AEL-128519540211Performance Evaluation of the Stalker SA-86 Boundary Layer Flow Control Compressor7899
AEL-128619540209Evaluation of Industrial Scientific Company Dchromatic Radiation Pyrometer7899
AEL-128719540129Fabrication of Direct Impingement Starting Kits for F9F-7 Aircraft7899
AEL-128819540209Verification Test of a Pratt & Whitney R-985-AN-1 Engine at 525 BHP Maximum for Helicopter Use7899
AEL-128919540225Reciprocating Engine Lubrication System Filtration , Oil Dilution, and Cold Weather Warm-UP7899
AEL-129019540312Investigation of Transient Test Procedures for Engine Control Components7899
AEL-129119540506Air Metering Calibration of J34 Engines7899
AEL-129219540624Calibration of WAD R-3350-30W Turbo-Compound Engine7899
AEL-129319540504Engaging Characteristics of Class E-2 Starters of Specification MIL-S-7780A with and without a Resister Connected in Series with the Starters and a 30-KW Power Source79100
AEL-129419540427An Experimental Determination of the Water Droplet Scooping Ration of a Cylindrical Scoop in Subsonic Flow at Three Velocity Ratios79100
AEL-129519540427Tests of Flexible Metal Hose Manufacturing Company Radio Frequency Shielding Flexible Electrical Conduit (CAL-FLEX P/N C32-4)79100
AEL-129619540429Preliminary Investigation of the Requirements for Testing an Air Cycle Refrigeration Unit79100
AEL-129719540615Altitude Calibration of Fairchild XJ44-R-10 Engine79100
AEL-129819540615Test of Formsprag Overrunning clutch Assembly and Spline Drive in Eclipse Model 864689 Electric Starters79100
AEL-129919540630Determination of Effect of High Pressure Direct Impingement air Starting System Installation and Use Upon J33-A-8 Engine Durability79100
AEL-130019540625Test of ADEL Model 22407-4 Aircraft Heater Fuel Pump (Modified)79100
AEL-130119540630Test of Eclipse-Pioneer Type 36E11 and Type 36E12 Electric Starters Incorporating Dry Type Torque Limiting clutches79100
AEL-130219540723Endurance Test of Curtiss C432S-C2/634-3C2-6 Propeller and Beta Control for R-1340-AN-2 Engines on ZP3K Airships79100
AEL-130319540318Determination of a Method for Measuring Flight Gross Thrust of turbojet Engines79101
AEL-130419540810Qualification Test of Hamilton Standard Model PS-3004-4 Air Turbine Starter79101
AEL-130519540811Tests of Adel Modified Model 18470-6 Aircraft Heater Fuel Pump79101
AEL-130619540831Transient Characteristics of a Wright Aeronautical Corporation R-1820-74W Engine for Helicopter Design Study79101
AEL-130719540820Calibration and Qualification Test of Continental Model R-975-46 Engine at 525 BHP Maximum79101
AEL-130819540830Effect of a Modified Cowling for a J34 Type Engine Starter on Engine Performance and Compressor Inlet Velocity Distribution at Static Sea Level Conditions79101
AEL-130919540831Determination of Flow Schedules of the Allison J33-A-16 Engine Fuel Control System Using Various Fuels79101
AEL-131019540825Evaluation of a Fairchild J44 Series Engine Using Corrosion Preventative Mixture as a Lubricant80102
AEL-131119540907Evaluation Tests of the Steel Products Engineering Company Adapter Locking, Defueling Flange, P/N 53SP5032, Revision D80102
AEL-131219540916Development of General Method for Presentation of Air Turbine Motor Performance Data - Phase A80102
AEL-131319541015150 Hour Verification Test of a Production Model Wright Aeronautical Corporation R3350-32W Engine80102
AEL-131419541027Test of Adel Model 20093 Aircraft Heater Fuel Pump-Motar Unit (Modified)80102
AEL-131519541101Sea Level and Altitude Calibration Test of the Turbomeca Oredon Gas Turbine Auxiliary Power Plant (Phase B)80102
AEL-131619541026Inter-Turbine Stage Fuel Injection for J34 Afterburner80102
AEL-131719541119Type Test of Aeroproducts AD8664F-A4 Dual Rotation Propeller on Allison TT40-A-6 Turboprop Engine, Gear Ratio 15.668:180103
AEL-131819541026Qualification Test of J.C. Carter Company Pressure Fuel Servicing Adapter80103
AEL-131919541118Transient Characteristics of a J48-P-6A Turbojet Engine at Seal Level Static Conditions80103
AEL-132019541118Comparison Tests of Rf2800 Type Vapor-Blasted and Non-Vapor-Blasted Chrome Plated Cylinders on a Pratt & Whitney Aircraft Single Cylinder Engine 80103
AEL-132119541123Reduced Voltage Starting of J34 Engines Using Eclipse Type 36E12-2-B Starters80103
AEL-132219541124Qualification Test of clifford 16-Inch Diameter Oil Cooler P/N E7071680103
AEL-132319541124Qualification Test of Clifford 14-Inch Diameter Oil Cooler P/N E4802380103
AEL-132419541215Use of Journal Bearings as a Means of Rating Lubricants80103
AEL-132519541202Second Qualification Test of Model R-975-46 Engine at 525 BHP Maximum80103
AEL-132619541213Test of Lear-Romec Model RG-9480A Aircraft Heater Fuel Pump Motor Unit80103
AEL-132719541215Sea Level Calibration and Endurance Tests of an AiResearch Model GTP70-3-2 Gas Turbine Power Unit (SerNo 2-162) Phase B80103
AEL-132819541230Aeronautical Engine Laboratory Oil Characterization Apparatus80104
AEL-132919541229Endurance Test of General Electric Type 2CM76E3 Generator80104
AEL-133019541229Endurance Test of Eclipse Type 30E18-1-A Generator80104
AEL-133119541211Evaluation of a Holly Model R50-D26 Turbojet Engine Fuel Control80104
AEL-133219541229Qualification Test of Bendix-Scintilla Starting Vibrator Part No. 10-75635-1 (Second Modification)80104
AEL-133319550124Test of Surface Combustion Corporation Model S-600 Aircraft Heater80104
AEL-133419550113Evaluation Tests of Allen Oil Check Valve P/N 8CV100080104
AEL-133519550114Qualification Tests of Schultz Tool and Manufacturing Company Fuel Level Control Valve, P/N 2-1052-1, Revision B80104
AEL-133619550128Evaluation of Douglas Starter Compress Pod (S/N N-1 S1)80104
AEL-133719550131Effect of Fuel Nozzle Spray on Gas Turbine Engine Altitude Ignition Characteristics80104
AEL-133819550228Cold Starting Tests of a Westinghouse J34-WE-36 Engine (Phase B)81105
AEL-133919550211Third Qualification Test of continental Model R-975-46 Engine at 525 BHP Maximum to Evaluate Modified Cylinders81105
AEL-134019550228Qualification Tests of an AiResearch Pneumatic Starting System Consisting of a Model GTC20-1-. Gas Turbine Compressor, a Model ATS20-1 Starter and a P/N 93190 Control and Shut-off Valve81105
AEL-134119550228Test of ESSO WS2463 Synthetic Lubricant in an Allison YT40-A-6 Turboprop Engine81105
AEL-134219550311Qualification Tests of a Whittaker Oil Slide Valve, P/N WE-408-2D81105
AEL-134319550323Altitude Performance of WECO J46 Turbojet Engine with Various Compressior Configurations81105
AEL-134419550324Parker Aircraft Company Fuel Level Control Valve Assembly (Shut-off Valve P/N 1321-517478 With Dual Float Remote Pilot Valve P/N 1323-51731481105
AEL-134519550406Sea Level Calibration and Endurance Tests of an AiResearch Model GTC43/44-6-1 Gas Turbine Compressor Unit (SerNo 2-1) Phase A81105
AEL-134619550415Evaluation Tests of an Eclipse Model 851263 Solid Propellant Starter and a Quick-Attach-Breech and Socket81106
AEL-134719550415Endurance Tests of Geeral Electric 2CM63D1 Generator81106
AEL-134819550414Endurance Tests of Eclipse Type 30E15-1-A Generator81106
AEL-134919550512Sea Level Tests of Westinghouse XJ46-T-30 Air Cooled Turbine Engine81106
AEL-135019550426Endurance Test of Model XZS2G-1 Airship Exhaust Collector on WAD R-1300-4 Type Engine81106
AEL-135119550503Evaluation Tests of Flight Refueling Inc. Inflight Refueling Nozzle P/N 13A001 and Reception Coupling P/N D14A02781106
AEL-135219550421Investigation of Altitude Windmilling Cranking and Ignition Characteristics of a J42-P-8 engine (Phase C)81106
AEL-135319550426Endurance Tests of AiResearch Type ATS35-400-1 and Type ATS35-400-2 Air Turbine Starters (Phase B)81106
AEL-135419550510Operating Limits of the WAD R-3350-34 Engine with Various Fuels and at Several Spark Advance Settings81106
AEL-135519550512Explosivity Characteristics of Jet Fuels82107
AEL-135619550511Qualification Tests of Aero Supply Mfg Co Solenoid Operated, 3-Way Fuel Selector Valve P/N 30-1215-00082107
AEL-135719550518Investigation of the Physical Characteristics of Jet-Mix Fuels82107
AEL-135819550531Cranking Tests of a Westinghouse J46-WE-8B (XC10 #2) Turbo-jet Engine (Phase A)82107
AEL-135919550531Test of General Laboratory Associates High Energy Ignition System P/N 997082107
AEL-136019550614Qualification Tests of AiResearch Model CTC43/44-5-3 Gas Turbine Compressor Unit (SerNo 2-197) Phase A82107
AEL-136119550615Qualification Tests of a Hamilton Standard Model PS-5500-6 Air Turbine Starter82107
AEL-136219550610Qualification Tests of Parker Aircraft Company P/N 1326-456400 Pressure Fuel Servicing Nozzle82107
AEL-136319550621Evaluation of the Effects of Various Service Fuels on the Flow Schedules of a J48-P-6a Engine Fuel Control System82108
AEL-136419560524Performance of a WECO J34 Engine With an Afterburner Using a Fixed Area Exhaust Nozzle82108
AEL-136519550627Qualification Test of James-Pond-Clark Check Valve P/N XF869A-8TT82108
AEL-136619550630Tests of the B. G. Corporation Model 315 Spark Plug82108
AEL-136719550630Tests of the B. G. Corporation Model 305 Spark Plug82108
AEL-136819550606Qualification Tests of Modified Clifford 16-Inch Diameter Oil Cooler P/N BR-7071482108
AEL-136919550829Endurance and Low Temperature Tests of Delco Modified A7516-A1 Gear Head82108
AEL-137019550713Change Verification Test of an AiResearch GTP70-3-2 Gas Turbine Power Unit (SerNo. P/X 123-648)82108
AEL-137119550729Endurance Test of Jack and Heintz Type G128-D Generator82108
AEL-137219550829Qualification Test of Saunders Valve Company Limited Spherical Fuel Shut-Off Valves, P/N M2968 and P/N M332082108
AEL-137319550804Qualification Test of J.E. Menaugh Company Spark Plug Terminal Sleeve Spring and Eyelet Assembly83109
AEL-137419550809Endurance Test of General Electric Type 2CM76E4 Generator83109
AEL-137519550810Fuel Consumption characteristics of WAD Model R-1300-4 Engine83109
AEL-137619550810Qualification Tests of Lear-Romec 700 GPH Power Driven Fuel Pump P/N RG-7600-B83109
AEL-137719550830Calibration of WAD-R-3350-32W Engine83109
AEL-137819550822Gas Turbine Icing Tests Under Project Summit83109
AEL-137919550909Unit "B" Performance Tests of AiResearch Model GTP70-2-3 Gas Turbine Power Plant (SerNo. 92-218) Phase C83109
AEL-138019550907Functional Test of Self Tank Pressure Regulating Valve P/N 138-01-00083109
AEL-138119550915Calibration and 500 Hour Overrunning Tests of an AiResearch Model ATS70-2-1 Air Turbne Starter (SerNo 63-003)83109
AEL-138219550923Performance and Durability of Class E-1 and Class E-2 Electric Starters Using Constant Voltage Power Sources83109
AEL-138319550927Endurance Tests of Jack and Heintz Model D27, D27-1 and Modified D27-1 Starters Using a Constant Voltage Power Source83110
AEL-138419550922Qualification Tests of Ross and Amann Inc. Fuel Tank Filler Caps P/N 416-29, P/N 416-29, and Adapter P/N 416-3B-283110
AEL-138519551025Qualification Tests of United States Gasket Company Teflon Spark Plug Terminal Sleeves83110
AEL-138619551020Qualification Tests of Allison J33-A-24 (Modified -16A) Turbojet Engine83110
AEL-138719551014Unit "B" Performance Tests of AiResearch Model GTC43/44-6-1 Gas Turbine Compressor Unit (SerNo 2-2) Phase B83110
AEL-138819550928Qualification Test of Gulf Corrosion Inhibitor 178-8483110
AEL-138919551031Qualification Tests of Auburn Spark Plug Terminal Sleeve Assemblies83110
AEL-139019551028Qualification Tests of Auto-Valve, Incorporated Fuel Drain Valve, P/N 575A83110
AEL-139119551031Qualification Tests of Buckeye Iron and Brass Works P/N 8717A type A-4 and P/N 8718A Type A-5 Fuel Servicing Adapters83111
AEL-139219551108Qualification Tests of Lear-Romec 400 GPH Power Driven Fuel Pump P/N RG-5200-F83111
AEL-139319551109Qualification Tests of Lear-Romec 100 GPH Power Driven Fuel Pump P/N RG-9080-2 83111
AEL-139419551215Calibration of Kiekhaefer V-105-2 Engine83111
AEL-139519551228Similated Altitude Tests of General Electric 2CN73D2 Generator83111
AEL-139619560116Qualification Tests of Hamilton Standard Model P8500-11 (BuAer Model A-20) Air Turbine Starters83111
AEL-139719560109Qualification Tests of Chandler-Evans 700 GPH Power Driven Fuel Pump P/N 975083111
AEL-139819551230Qualification Tests of Great Lakes Mfg. Corp Water Injection Pump and Motor Assembly P/N 100-5683111
AEL-139919560130Evaluation of Lubricating Oil Containing SANTOPOUR "C" Pour Point Depressant83111
AEL-140019560213Evaluation of Direct Air Impingment Starting on a J48-P-4A Engine Phase Report No. 3 On84112
AEL-140119560113Tests of Bendix Carburetor Automatic Mixture Control Units84112
AEL-140219560202Qualification Tests of Tretolite Corrosion Inhibitor KONTOL 77M84112
AEL-140319560125Calibration and Qualification Tests of Nelson H-59 Engine84112
AEL-140419560127Qualification Report on Atlas Lubricant Corporation Blend E and Blend V Grade 1100 Aircraft Engine Lubricating Oils84112
AEL-140519560202Evaluation of General Electric Electric Turbidimeter84112
AEL-140619560319Verification Test of Westinghouse J46-WE-8 Engine Using Grade JP-5 Fuel84112
AEL-140719560215Qualification Tests of an Eclipse Part No. 36E11-16A Electric Starter84112
AEL-140819560306Qualification Tests of MONSANTO Corrosion Inhibitor-SANTOLENE C84112
AEL-140919560221Qualification Tests of Auto-Valve, Inc. Fuel Drain Valve P/N 475C-62N84112
AEL-141019560306Evaluation Tests of Goodyear Aircraft Corp Airship Refueling Hose Terminal Assembly P/N 12Z800S14 (E03)84112
AEL-141119560301Investigation of the Quasi-Static Test Method for 84113
AEL-141219560326Wet-Power and Humidy Tests of a Wright Aeronautical Corporation R-3350-30WA Engine84113
AEL-141319560413Performance Investigation Employing JP-5 and Jet-Mix (3:1) Fuels in Allison J71-A-2 Engine84113
AEL-141419560330Qualification Tests of Airesearch Model ATS40-1-1 and ATS40-11-1 Air Turbine Starters84113
AEL-141519560504Qualification Test of Eclipse-Pioneer Model 36E33-2-A Air Turbine Starter Bureau of Aeoronautics Model A-1984113
AEL-141619560411Qualifiction Report on Pennsylvania Refining Company Grade 1100 Aircraft Engine Oil84113
AEL-141719560503Altitude Investigation of WECO J34-WE-36 Engine Compressor Blade Vibratory Stresses84113
AEL-141819560409Qualification Tests of the Wm. R. Whittaker Company, Ltd. Electric Motor Actuated Fuel Shut-off Valves, 84113
AEL-141919560427The Derivation of Simulators of Gas Turbines From Experimental Data84113
AEL-142019560426Qualification Test on D-X Sunray Oil Company D-X Aviation 1100 and 1065 Aircraft Engine Lubricting Oils85114
AEL-142119560508Performance and Altitude Endurance Tests of Westinghouse Model 58J105-5 Dual Fuel Pump85114
AEL-142219560521Detonation Study of a Pratt & Whitney R-2800-50 Engine Operating on 100/130 and 115/145 Grade Fuels85114
AEL-142319560521Altitude Evaluation and Sea Level Cranking Tests of Airesearch Model GTP70-2-3 Gas Turbine Power Plant (Serial No. 92-218) Embodying a Modified Fuel and Control System85114
AEL-142419560507Qualification Test of Tiona Petroleum Company Grade 1100 aircraft Engine Lubricating Oil85114
AEL-142519560613Verification Test of Wright Aeronautical Corporation J65-W-4 Engine Using Grade JP-5 Fuel85114
AEL-142619560516Sea Level Calibration and Endurance Test of an Airesearch Model GTP70-1--1 Gas Turbine Auxiliary Power Plant - Phase "A"85114
AEL-142719560517Qualifications Test of the Humble Oil and Refining Company Grade 1100 Aviation Oil85114
AEL-142819560608Qualifications Tests of Accessory Products Company Part No. 700500 typeA-5 Pressure Fueling Adapter85114
AEL-142919560608Test Method for Evaluation of Valve Guide Corrosion Characteristics of Lubricating Oil85114
AEL-143019560803Qualification Test of Canadian Lubricating Oil Submission 53, Specification 3-GF-100a85115
AEL-143119560622Work Factor Test on Kendall Refining Company Special Grade 1100 Oil85115
AEL-143219560628Detonation Investigation of WAD R-1820-86 Engine Using 100/130 and 115/145 Grade Fuels85115
AEL-143319560622Qualification Tests of Buckeye P/N 8842B type A-3 and P/N 8725 Type A-6 Pressure Fuel Servicing Adapters85115
AEL-143419560614Qualification Test of Esso Standard Oil Company Aviation Oil 65 (Grade 1065)85115
AEL-143519560625Qualifiction Test of Castrol Oils Incorporated Castrolaero 117 (Grade 1100) and Castrolaero 113 (Grade 1065) Aircraft Engine Lubricating Oils85115
AEL-143619561019Evaluation of the AC-HRS-88 Spark Plug85115
AEL-143719561019Evaluation of the Champion RHD-39N Spark Plug85115
AEL-143819561019Evaluation of the Electric Auto-Lite SH200 Spark Plug85115
AEL-143919561019Evaluation of the BG 385 Spark Plug85115
AEL-144019560713Qualification Test of Sinclair Company Corrosion Inhibitors RD-151 and RD-13285115
AEL-144119560713Qualification Test of Clifton Products Corrosion Inhibitors Casyl B-18 and Casyl X-12D85115
AEL-144219560810Qualification Test of Alox Corporation Fuel Corrosion Inhibitor Alox L-184685115
AEL-144319560719Qualification Test of King Organic Chemical Incorporated Fuel Corrosion Inhibitors; NASUL EDS, and Dimethyl Amine Sulfonate85115
AEL-144419560830Componet Performance of Airesearch GTP70-2 Gas Turbine Auxiliary Power Plant85115
AEL-144519560806Performance of an AN Tubular Oil Cooler with MIL-L-7808 Oil85115
AEL-144619560813Transcent Characteristics of an Axial Flow Turbo-Jet Engine Operating in an Aircraft86116
AEL-144719570130Evaluation of the BG 340 Spark Plug86116
AEL-144819570130Evaluation of the BG 345 Spark Plug86116
AEL-144919570522Evaluation of Champion Modified Version Spark Plugs86116
AEL-145019560810Qualifiction Test of the United Refueling Company Grade 1100 Aviation Oil86116
AEL-145219560821Qualification Test of Universal Oil Products Company Fuel Corrosion Inhibitors UNICOR (Modified) and UNICOR (Modified Diluted)86116
AEL-145319560815Boeing IT50-B0-2 Gas Turbine Control Requirements86116
AEL-145419560813Qualification Test of Ross and Amann, Incorporated Fuel Tank Filler Caps, P/N 416-27 and P/N 416-28, and Adapter, P/N 416-3B-286116
AEL-145519560914Qualification Test of Sun Oil Company Aircraft Oils Grade 1100 Formula 77675-5L, Grade 1100 Formula 77675-6L, Grade 1065 Formula 77675-7L, and Grade 1065 Formula 77675-8L86116
AEL-145619560910harrison Oil Cooler, P/N 8519988; Performance Evaluation with MIL-L-7808 Oil86116
AEL-145719560912Qualification Test of Sinclair Refining Company Sinclair 1065 NY1853, Sinclair 1100 NY1854, and Sinclair 1100 NY1855 Aircraft Engine Lubricating Oils86116
AEL-145819560920Qualification Test of Parker Aircraft Company Fuel Level Control Valve, P/N 1321-526415(J)86116
AEL-145919560917Evaluation Tests of Grovar Variable Speed Drive Model No. B2-0186116
AEL-146019560913Qualification Test of Gulf Oil Corporation Gulf A-1065 Aircraft Engine Lubricating Oil86117
AEL-146119560914Qualification Test of the Atlantic Refining Company Grade 1100 Aviation Oil86117
AEL-146219561012Qualification Tests of an Eclipse P/N 36E36-2-A Electric Starter86117
AEL-146319560926Qualification Tests of an Eclipse P/N 36E37-2A Electric Starter86117
AEL-146419561012Cranking and Starting Tests of a Westinghouse J46-WE-8B (XC10#2) Turbo-Jet Engine Using a Starter and Various Starter-Generators86117
AEL-146519561001Effect of Service Fuels on Metering of a Hamilton Standard JFC-12 Jet Engine Fuel Control86117
AEL-146619561001Altitude Calibration of Airchild J44-R-20 Engine86117
AEL-146719560926Qualification Tests of Buckeye Iron and Brass Works P/N 8879 (Type A-2) and P/N 8717A (Type A-4) Pressure Fuel Servicing Adapters86117
AEL-146819561012Calibration of Overhauled and New R-1340-38 Type Engines86117
AEL-146919561017Gabb Special Products Tank Filler Cap Assembly P/N FC-3500 Qualification Tests86117
AEL-147019561017Determination of the Effects of Various Service Fuels on the Metering Schedules of a J71-A-2 Engine Afterburner Fuel Control (CECO Model RD-14)87118
AEL-147119561107Unit "B" Performance Tests of Airesearch Model GTC 43/44-5-3 Gas Turbine Compressor Unit (Serial No. 2-162) - Phase "B"87118
AEL-147219561105Investigation of High Altitude R-1820-36 Engine Instability in the T-28B and T-28C Airplanes87118
AEL-147319561109Tests of Airesearch Model ATS20-2-2 (BuAer Model A-1) Air Turbine Starters87118
AEL-147419561119Significance of Petroleum Fuel Characteristics on the Sea Level Starting Performance of the Gas Turbine Engine87118
AEL-147519561126Sea Level Starting Tests of a Westinghouse J46-WE-8B Engine (XC10#2) Using Specification MIL-F-5624C Fuel, Grade JP-5, and Specification MIL-F-5161B Fuel, Grade JP-487118
AEL-147619561130Qualification Test of a Pratt & Whitney R-2800-50 Engine at 2100 BHP Maximum for Helicopter Use87118
AEL-147719561207Performance Investigation Employing Jet-Mix (2:1) JP-3 and AVGAS (115/145) Fuels in Allison J71-A-2 Engine87118
AEL-147819561119Second Qualification Test of Allison J33-A-24 Turbo-Jet Engine87118
AEL-147919561204Qualification Test of Modified Continental Model R-975-46 Engine at 525 BHP Maximum87118
AEL-148019561212Qualification Test of the Richfield Oil Corporation Grade 1065 Aviation Motor Oil Formulation L-6-0487119
AEL-148119561213Direct Impingement Cranking and Starting Tests of an Allison J33-A-16A (-24) Engine87119
AEL-148219561214Evaluation of the Simmonds Low Pressure, Intake Port, Fuel Injection System on the R-1300-4 Engine87119
AEL-148319561206Evaluation of George D. Roper Corporation Engine Fuel Pump Model No. 166187119
AEL-148419561207Qualification Tests of Ross and Amann Fuel Filler Cap and Flange Assembly P/N 416-5187119
AEL-148519561221Qualification Tests of JC Carter Company P/N 4178 Type A-5, Pressure Fueling Adapter87119
AEL-148619561228Qualification Test of the Buckeye Iron and Brass Works Pressure Fuel Servicing Nozzle, Type D-1, P/N 9035A87119
AEL-148719570118High Temperature Bearing Lubrication with Additive Fuels87119
AEL-148819570104Qualification Test of Quaker State Refining Corporation Oils Quaker State 1065 No. QS-56-65, Quaker State 1100 No. QS-56-100, Sterling 1065 No. S-356-65, and Sterling 1100 No. S-356-10087119
AEL-148919570104Qualification Test of Gulf Oil Corporation Gulf 1100 No. X-8045A1, Gulf 11 No. X-8045B1, and Gulf 1100 No. X-8768A Aircraft Engine Lubricating Oil87119
AEL-149019570104Qualification Test of the Delta Petroleum Company, Incorporated Grade 1100 Aviation Oil87119
AEL-149119570121Qualification Tests of Hamilton Standard Model PS300-10 Air Turbine Starters, Bureau of Aeronautics Model A-1687119
AEL-149219570128Qualification Test of Atlas Lubricant Corporation Atlas 1100 Blend H Aircraft Engine Lubrication Oil87119
AEL-149319570315Unit "B" Sea Level and Altitude Performance Tests of an Airesearch Model GTP70-10-1 Gas Turbine Auxiliary Power Plant88120
AEL-149419570322Qualification Test of Sawyer-Bailey P/N R85-001, BuAer Model A-19 Air Turbine Starter88120
AEL-149519570515Hot End Deposition in J65 Engines Using Leaded Fuel - Investigation88120
AEL-149619570306Qualification Test of the Standard Oil Company of California Grade 1065, No. 36023-R and Grade 1100, No. 36024-R Aviation Oils88120
AEL-149719570315Evalation of Co-Operative Industries, Incorporated, P/N 58120 Rewireable, Silastic Cable, Detachable Ignition Leads88120
AEL-149819570327Evaluation of the Modified Electric Auto-Lite SH200 (X2) Spark Plug88120
AEL-149919570327Qualification Test of a WAD R-1820-84 Engine at a 34-Degree Angle for Helicopter Use88120
AEL-150019570401Evaluation of the AC-261 Spark Plug88120
AEL-150119570401Evaluation of the Electric Auto-Lite SL300 Spark Plug88120
AEL-150219570329Qualification Test of Koehler Fuel Drain Valve, P/N 3-7172-688120
AEL-150319570410Verification Test of Allison J33-A-18A Engine Using Grade JP-5 Fuel88120
AEL-150419570424Qualification Test of ROHM and HAAS Co. Pour Point Depressant, Acryloid 763 in Cisco Aero 1100A Oil Cities Service Approval No. D-180288121
AEL-150519570329Qualification Test of the Humble Oil and Refining Company Grade 1100 (SX-3478) Aviation Oil88121
AEL-150619570513Investigation of the Modulated Reference Principle for Control of a Turbo-Prop Engine88121
AEL-150719570423Starter Qualification Tests of a Bendix Part No. 30E13-9-A Starter-Generator88121
AEL-150819570513Qualification Test of Texas Company Fuel Corrosion Inhibitor Texaco 2010 AR88121
AEL-150919570603The Effect of Inducer Leading Edge Contour on Engine Performance and "Buzz" Phenomenon of the J33 Gas Turbine Engine88121
AEL-151019570414Performance Characteristics of Experiment Incorporated Compressors88121
AEL-151119570514Qualification Test of the Atlas Lubricant Corporation Grade 1100, Blend D, Aviation Oil88121
AEL-151219570816Effect of Compressor Clearance and Rear Compressor Inlet Bellmouth Design on Compressor Recirculation and "Buzz" in J33 Engines88121
AEL-151319570703Qualification Tests of Production Line Sawyer-Bailey Part No. R85-001, BuAer Model A-19, Air Turbine Starters (Ser Nos. 85-0006, 85-017, 85-0067, 85-006988121
AEL-151419570603Compatibility of Engine Air Contaminants with Pure Oxygen88121
AEL-151519570801J57 Turbojet Engine Evaluation of Fluoroalcohol Ester in Camphoric Acid - DV524888121
AEL-151619570719Qualification Test of the R.T. Vanderbilt Company Fuel Corrosion Inhibitor NASUL, AS89122
AEL-151719570612Evaluation of Roylyn Inc. P/Ns 6583-2 and 6584-2 Collapsible Ducts89122
AEL-151819570628Evaluation of Flexible Tubing Corporation P/N FT1003-14 Model K Collapsible Duct89122
AEL-151919570703Qualification Test of Enjay Company, Inc., Pour Point Depressant Paraflow-349 in cisco Aero 110A Oil Cities Service Approval No. D-180289122
AEL-152019570717Altitude Calibration of WECO J46-WE-4B Engine89122
AEL-152119570724Qualification Test of Gulf Oil Corporation Fuel Corrosion Inhibitor Gulf Agent 178A89122
AEL-152219570723Verification Tests of Allison J33-A-24 engine Using Grade JP-5 Fuel89122
AEL-152319570723Evaluation of the AC-273 Spark Plut89122
AEL-152419570717Engine Evaluation of Ethyl Corp. 2, 6 Ditertiary Butyl Phenol Oxidation Inhibitors89122
AEL-152519570724Evaluation of the Electric Auto-Light SL400 Spark Plug89122
AEL-152619580410Qualification Test of the Delta Petroleum Co., Inc. Oils Grade 1100, Formulae 7030, 7525, 8020 Aircraft Engine Lubrucation Oil89123
AEL-152719570823Qualification Tests of Parker 1-in. Top Filling Fuel Level Control Valves Part Nos. 1321-527000 and 1321-54601289123
AEL-152819570830Report on Initial Phases of Allison J33-A-24 Afterfire Investigations89123
AEL-152919570801Qualification Tests of the Buckeye Iron and Brass Works Pressure Fuel Servicing Nozzle Type D-1, Part No. 9035C89123
AEL-15301957082650-Hour Preliminary Flight Rating Test of a WAD R-1820-84 Engine at a 79o Position for Helicopter Application89123
AEL-153119570808Calibration of an Overhauled R-1340-48A Engine89123
AEL-153219570909Qualification Tests of Weatherhead Company Self-Locking Fuel Drain Valves Part Nos. 230-20516 and 130-2051889123
AEL-153319570830Qualification Test of the Esso Standard Oil Co. Grade 1100, Sample 57-352, Aviation Oil89123
AEL-153419570918Calibration and Developmental Testing of McCullock O-150-2 (Unsupercharged) and O-150-4 (Turbo-Supercharged) Engines89123
AEL-153519570918Qualification Tests of Hamilton Standard Model PS300-31 Air Turbine Starters BuAer Model A-1989123
AEL-153619570909Qualification Test of Paragon Oil Company Grade 1100 Aircraft Engine Lubrication Oil90124
AEL-153719570924Qualification Test of the Elk Refining Company Sample A and Sample B Grade 1100 Aviation Oil90124
AEL-153819570927Qualification Tests of Airesearch Model ATS70-23-1 Air Turbine Starters, BuAer Model A-2190124
AEL-153919571018Qualification Test of Curtiss-Wright Engine Speed Control Part No. 158092 on a WAD R-1820-84 Engine90124
AEL-154019571002Qualification Test of Atlas Lubricant Corporation Grade 1100 Blend K-NS Aircraft Engine Lubricting Oil90124
AEL-154119571021Development of Combustor for WECO-WE-46 Engine90124
AEL-154219571104Qualification Test of Jack and Heintz Model D31-2, BuAer Type E-3, Electric Starter90124
AEL-154319571023Qualification Test of the Wolf's Head Oil Refining Co. Grade 1065 and Grade 1100 Aviation Oil90124
AEL-154419571113Qualification Tests of airesearch Model ATS140-30-1 Air Turbine Starters BuAer Model A-2090124
AEL-154519580127Sea Level Starting Tests of a YJ65-W-4B Engine Using Specification MIL-F5624C, Grade JP-5 Fuel90124
AEL-154619580131Starter Qualification Tests of an Eclipse-Pioneer Part No. 30E13-6-B Starter-Generator90124
AEL-154719580124Evaluation of the Champion RHA-30E-X2A Spark Plug90125
AEL-154819580310Evaluation and Qualification of BuAer Type E-1 Electric Starter Modified with Copper-Graphite Brushes90125
AEL-154919580228High S. O. D. Value MIL-L-7808 Oil Turbine Engine Test90125
AEL-155019580221Qualification Test of South Penn Oil Company's Grade 1100 Aircraft Engine Lubricating Oil90125
AEL-155119580326Application of the Modulated Reference Principle for Control of a Turbojet Engine - Theoretical Analysis and Computer Simulation Study90125
AEL-155219580310Evaluation of the Champion RHS-E347-X1 and RED-E333-X6 Spark Plugs90125
AEL-155319580324Evaluation of Wiggins Oil Tool Corporation Part Nos. GSS 141-3A, GSS 520-2, GSS 520-3, GSS 521A-2, and GSS 121A-2 Quick Disconnect Couplings for Use with Aircraft Ground Compressor Ducts90125
AEL-155419580505Unit "B" Sea Level Extreme Temperature Tests of the Airesearch Model GTP 70-10-1 Gas Turbine Auxiliary Power Plant91126
AEL-155519580326Evaluation of Roylyn Incorporated Part Nos. 7435-48, 7397-48, 7397-48 (Modified), 7397-48 (Revision F), and 7581-48 Quick-Disconnect Couplings for use with Aircraft Ground Compressor Ducts91126
AEL-155619580327Determination of the Effects of Various Service Fuels on the Metering Performance of a Bendix TJ-E6 Fuel Control used on Allison J71-A-2 Type Engines91126
AEL-155719580328Performance of Bendix Model 36E33-4-B Air Turbine Starters (BuAer Model A-19) on Chance-Vought Starter Probes Part Nos. R82CV-CV15-206049-1 and -491126
AEL-155819580410Allison J33-A-24 Engine - Afterfire Investigation91126
AEL-155919580328Qualification Test of Texas Company Fuel Corrosion Inhibitor TX-3563 AR91126
AEL-156019580407Qualification Test of Koehler Fuel Drain Valves Part Nos. 3-7172-4 and 3-7172-891126
AEL-156119580521Endurance and Development Tests of Aeroproducts Model A641SFN-202 Supersonic Propeller on Allison YT40-A-691126
AEL-156219580428Qualification Test of the Shell Petroleum Company Limited Aircraft Engine Oil V.10091126
AEL-156319580516Determination of the Effect of Various Service Fuels on the Metering Schedules of a J79-GE-2 Engine Main Fuel Control System91127
AEL-156419580523Calibration and Qualification Tests of Nelson Model H-59A Engine91127
AEL-156519580610Qualifiction Test of Bendix-Utica Division Type 30E13-6 Starter-Generators91127
AEL-156619580611Investigation of Critical Altitude Roughness of AD Type Aircraft Equipped with R-3350-26WA Engines91127
AEL-156719580528Evaluation of Hallett Manufacturing Co. Part No. 50120 and 50111 Rewireable, Neoprene Cable Detachable Ignition Leads91127
AEL-156819580526Investigation of Allowying of Jet Engine Turbine Components when using Zinc-Contaminated Fuel91127
AEL-156919580703Water Soluble Corrosion Inhibitors - Effect on Fuels Containing MIL-I-2501791127
AEL-157019580618Evaluation of the Yardney Type JSB Silvercel Battery (Bureau of Aeronautics Type 53A3A909) for Jet Engine Starting91127
AEL-157119580721Hamilton Standard JFC-12 Fuel Control for PWA J57 Engine - Evaluation Using Service Contaminants92128
AEL-157219580801Qualification Test of Dupont Company Fuel Corrosion Inhibitor RF-292128
AEL-157319581124Qualification Test of Petrolite Company Fuel Corrosion Inhibitor, Tolad-24492128
AEL-157419580808Qualification Test of Co-operative Industries, Incorporated, Flexible, R. F. Shielding, Electrical Conduit92128
AEL-157519580815Evaluation of Millipore Filters and Field Monitoring Kits92128
AEL-157619580815Qualificatiion Test of a Wright Aeronautical Division R-3350-34 Engine at 3400 BHP Maximum92128
AEL-157719580815Investigation of the Relight Characteristics of a Platinum Alloy Plug in a Gas Turbine Engine Combuster92128
AEL-157819580818Qualification Test of Gulf Oil Corporation A-1100 Lab. No. X-2619 Aircraft Engine Lubricating Oil92128
AEL-157919580910Qualification Tests of Saunders Valve co. Ltd., Fuel Shut-Off Valves, Part No. M2968/2 and M3320/292129
AEL-158019581205An Investigation of Compressor Airflow and the Effect of Diffuser Configuration Relative to the "Buzz" Phenomenon in the Allison J33 Engine92129
AEL-158119580902Qualification Test of the Standard Oil Co. of California Grade 1100 Aircraft Engine Lubricating Oil92129
AEL-158219580917Qualification Test of the South Penn Oil Co. Grade 1100, Sample C-10817, Aircraft Engine Lubricating Oil92129
AEL-158319580930Determination of S. O. D. Values by Potentiometric Titration92129
AEL-158419581027Evaluation Tests of Airesearch Model ATM50-3-2 Air Turbine Motor Unit Serial No. 63-12492129
AEL-158519581120Development of Combustor for WECO J34-WE-46 Engine92129
AEL-158619581203Special Sea Level Tests of a Westinghouse J46-We-8B (XC10#2) Engine in the Starting Speed Range92130
AEL-158719581112Jet Engine Exhaust Noise Suppression Investigation Report of Survey of PWA J57-P-2B Engine92130
AEL-158819581205Qualification Test of Airesearch Model ATS100-20-1 Air Turbine Strters (BuAer Model A22)92130
AEL-158919581205Tests of Production and Redesigned Oil Pumps for J65 Engine92130
AEL-159019581231Evaluation of the BG 919SRX5 Spark Plug92130
AEL-159119590204Endurance Test of a Curtiss 18-foot diameter Model C634S-C104/1060-1C4-12 Propeller on a WAD R-1820-88 Engine for ZPG-3W Airships92130
AEL-159219590115Qualification Test of the Delta Petroleum co., Inc. Grade 1100 Formula No. 7426 and Grade 1100 Formula No. 7624 aircraft Engine Lubricating Oil92130
AEL-159319590130Qualification Test of the South Penn Oil Co. Grade 1100 Sample C-10959A and Grade 1100 Sample C-10959B Aircraft Engine Lubricating Oils92130
AEL-159419590206Qualification Test of the Esso Standard Oil Co. Grade 1100 WS3674, Sample SX-6349, Aircraft Engine Lubricating Oil92130
AEL-159519590225Evaluation of Scintilla Rewireable Ignition Leads92130
AEL-159619590406J57 Turbojet Engine Evaluation of Fluoroalcohol Ester of Camphoric Acid DV524893131
AEL-159719590419Performance Characteristics of Experiment Incorporated Transonic Compressor93131
AEL-159819590416Investigation of Continental O-470-4 Engine Malfunctioning in T-34B Aircraft93131
AEL-159919590408WAD R-3350-26WC Engine High Power-Special Mission Endurance Test and Aeroproducts Model A642-G805 Propeller Vibration Survey93131
AEL-160019590416Transient Characteristics of WAD J65-W-4B Engine93132
AEL-160119590506Evaluation of the Monolithic Type Resistor in AC Spark Plugs93132
AEL-160219590515Determination of Fuel Degradation Rate in Copper and Aluminum Alloy Piping Systems93132
AEL-160319590529Evaluation of Chrome-Plated Cylinder Barrels (Straight Wall) on WAD R-3350-34 Engine93132
AEL-160419590506Evaluation of Hallett Part No. 50118 Detachable Ignition Lead93132
AEL-160519590529Evaluation of Roylyn Part No. 7643-48 Quick-Disconnect Coupling for use with Aircraft Ground Compressor Ducts93132
AEL-1606195906101000-Hour endurance Test on Airesearch Model GTP70-10-1 Auxiliary Powerplant (Serial No. 006)93132
AEL-160719590619Sea Level Starting and Altitude Light-Off Tests of a General Electric T58-GE-2 Engine Using Specification MIL-F-5624C Fuel, Grade JP-594133
AEL-160819590608Altitude Calibration of Fairchild J44-R-26 Engine94133
AEL-160919590520Qualification Test of the D-X Sunray Oil Co. Grade 1100, MPSA Contract ASP20732 Aircraft Engine Lubricating Oil94133
AEL-161019590617Evaluation of Air Associates Thermistor Fuel Level Switch, Power Unit Type 508A and Sensing Element Type 40894133
AEL-161119590623Qualification Test of Lubrizol Corporation Fuel Corrosion Inhibitor Concentrate LZ-53194133
AEL-161219590603Qualification Test of the Continental Oil Co. Conoco LC No. 3 Aero Oil 1100, Formula No. 6523E Aircraft Engine Lubricating Oil94134
AEL-161319590612Qualification Test of the Shell Oil Co. Aeroshell W Grade 100 Aircraft Engine Lubricating Oil94134
AEL-161419590729Qualification Test of Dupont Fuel Corrosion Inhibitor PL-31794134
AEL-161519590821Jet Engine Exhuast Noise Suppression Investigation Report of Survey PWA J75-P-11 Engine94134
AEL-161619590828Qualification Tests of Lear-Romec Fuel Pump Part No. RG-7600C94134
AEL-161719590807Evaluation of Servicair Company ignition Leads94134
AEL-161819590918Calibrations, 50-hour Endurance Test and Starting Tests of an Airesearch Model GTCP85-6-1 Auxiliary Powerplant (Serial No. 104-2)94134
AEL-161919590915Qualifiction Test of the South Penn Oil Co. Grade 1100, Code C-11293, Aircraft Engine Lubricating Oil94134
AEL-162019590915Qualifiction Test of the Esso Standard Oil Co. Grade 1100, WS-3867, Aircraft Engine Lubricating Oil94134
AEL-162119591009Sea Level and Altitude Calibration Fiarchild J44-R-20 Engine94134
AEL-162219591008Qualification of Alox L-1846 (Modified) Fuel Corrosion Inhibitor95135
AEL-162319591028Calibration and Qualification Tests of Lycoming O-435-6 Engine95135
AEL-162419591015Qualification Test of the Standard Oil Co. of California Grade 1100 , Ped 2235, Aircraft Engine Lubricating Oil95135
AEL-162519591214Calibration and Qualification Tests of McCulloch YO-100-495135
AEL-162619591215Endurance Tests of Quaker Rubber Part Nos. 50860B and 51071 Ducts for use with Airesearch Model RCPP105-1 POD95135
AEL-162719591214Qualification Tests of Airesearch Model ATS100-11-1 air Turbine Starters, BuAer Model A-2395135
AEL-162819591102Qualification Test (MIL-L-6082B) of the Esso Standard Oil co. Grade 1100, WS-3907, Aircraft Engine Lubricating Oil95135
AEL-162919600224Qualification Test of R. T. Vanderbilt Co. Fuel Corrosion Inhibitor NASUL-LP95135
AEL-163019601221Qualification Tests of Hamilton Standard Model PS400-11 Air Turbine Starters BuAer Model A-2295135
AEL-163119591221Qualifiction Tests of General Electric Model 2CM270D2 Electric Starters, BuAer Type E-595136
AEL-163219591228Evaluation of GE J79-GE-2 Engine Main Control System Using Fuel with Service Contaminants95136
AEL-163319591214Evaluation of the Champio URHA37E-X2 Spark Plugs95136
AEL-163419600217Design, Development and Evaluation of Direct Air Impingement Starting Systems for a J71-A-3 Engine95136
AEL-163519600125Evaluation of the AC-286 Spark Plug95136
AEL-163619600229Qualification Tests of a Jack and Heintz Model 20069-002, Starter, BuAer Type E-595136
AEL-163719600114Qualification Test (MIL-L-6082B) of the Refiners Marketing Company Grade 1100, Formula #123 Aircraft Engine Lubricating Oil96137
AEL-163819600215Jet Engine Exhaust Noise Suppression Investigation Report of Evaluation of Maxim Type 13880 Portable Sound Suppressor96137
AEL-163919600203Testing of Porous Media for Gas Turbine Components96137
AEL-164019600329Evaluation of Revere Fuel Level Float Switches Part No. F-8150-2, F-21190, F-5657-1, F-6368M1, and F-537296137
AEL-164119600317Evaluation of Phillips Tangential Vapor Burner for Gas Turbine Afterburner Application96137
AEL-1642196003161000-cycle Start-stop Test on Boeing Model 502-11B Gas Turbine Compressor Ser No. 66596137
AEL-164319600318Evaluation Tests of Hamilton Standard Model R20-20 Air cycle Refrigeration Unit96137
AEL-164419600411J57 Turbojet Engine Evaluation of Fluoroalcohol Ester of Camphoric Acid DV5248 at 400oF Bulk Oil Temperature96137
AEL-164519600429Evaluation of the Use of Steam as an Energy Medum for BuAer Model A-19 Air Turbine Starters Installed on a J57-P-2B Engine in a Simulated A3D-1 Airplane Engine Nacelle96138
AEL-164619600422Jet Engine Exhaust Noise Suppression Investigation Report of Evaluation of Curtiss-Wright Model CWSB-1 Portable Sound Suppressor96138
AEL-164719600225Qualification Test (MIL-L-6082B) of the Atlas Lubricant Corp. Grade 1100, Blend I, Aircraft Engine Lubricating Oil96138
AEL-164819600328Evaluation of JP-4 Fuel Derived from Crude Shale Oil96138
AEL-164919600527Qualification Tests of Milwaukee Valve Company Part No. P-2750 Fueling Nozzle96138
AEL-165019600531Qualification Tests of Airesearch Model ATS25 Air Turbine Starters BuAer Model A-2696138
AEL-165119600415Evaluation of Altitude Capabilities of the Air-Turborocket Engine Cycle96138
AEL-165219600527Evaluation of the AC-281, Change "W", Spark Plug96138
AEL-165319600422Development, Technique and Field Evaluation of the Aeronautical Engine Laboratory Contaminated Fuel Detector96138
AEL-165419600527Evaluation Tests of Airesearch Model RUF1-6-1 Air Cycle Refrigeration Unit96138
AEL-165519600614Qualification Tests of the Delta Petroleum Company, Grade 1100, Delta Formula 6139-Global 1100, Delta Formula 1234-Cosco 1100 and Delta Formula 4060-Rex 1100 Aircraft Engine Lubricating Oils96138
AEL-165619600615Qualification Test of Petroleum Packers INC Grade 1100, Pepac Formula 3070-10159, Aircraft Engine Lubricating Oil96138
AEL-165719600615Qualification Tests of the Skelly Oil Company Grade 1065, Formula Skelflite 65 and Grade 1100, Formula Skelflite 100 Aircraft Engine Lubricating Oils96138
AEL-165819600729400-Hour Endurance Test on Boeing Model 501-11B Gas Turbine Compressor (Ser. No. 675)97139
AEL-165919600810Aviation Fuel Test Project For Ground Support Equipment97139
AEL-166019600818Qualification Tests of Thompson Ramo Wooldridge, Inc., Power-Driven Fuel Pumps, Part No. TF131400 and Part No. TF13150097139
AEL-166119600729Application of the Modulated Reference Principle for Control of a Turbojet Engine - Engine Evaluation at Sea Level97139
AEL-16621960072950-Hour Alternate Fuel Test on Boeing Model 502-11B Gas Turbine Compressor (Ser. No. 675) Using Spec MIL-F-5572, Grade 115/145 Fuel97139
AEL-166319600104Cold Flow Tests of Fairchild Jet Flap Nozzles (Date may be in error and is likely 1/4/1961)97139
AEL-166419600915Qualification Test of Universal Oil Co. UNICOR-LHS Fuel Corrosion Inhibitor97140
AEL-166519600930Sea Level Starting Tests of Production General Electric Model T58-GE-6 Engine97140
AEL-166619601020Evaluation of the Effect of Phosphorous-Base Fuel Corrosion Inhibitors on the "Hot-end" Components of Turbojet Engines97140
AEL-166719601020Performance Evaluation of Cities Service Grade 1100 Aircraft Engine Lubricating Oil Contaning 2% (vol) Cyclohexanone97140
AEL-166819600930Evaluation of Folded Steel Spark Plug Gasket97140
AEL-166919601031Qualification of Lubrizol 541 Fuel Corrosion Inhibitor97140
AEL-167019601031Proposed Optimum Method of Conducting Contaminated Fuel Tests on Engine Components per Specifications MIL-E5007B and MIL-E-5009B97140
AEL-167119601110Qualification Test of a Guld Oil Corporation Grade 1100, Formula I (X6811) & Formula II (X6812) Aircraft Engine Lubricating Oils97140
AEL-167219601220Evaluation of MIL-L25336 Lubricating Oil in the T58-GE-6 Turboshaft Engine97140
AEL-167319601221Calibration and Fuel Consumption Tests of the WAD R-1300-2B Engine Applicable to ZPG Airship Operation98141
AEL-167419610208High Strength Refractory Alloys98141
AEL-167519610227Feasibility of a Lightweight Air Conditioner System for Piston Engine Driven Aircraft Using Air As the Refrigerant98141
AEL-167619610425Extreme Temperature Tests on a Boeing Model 502-11B Gas Turbine Compressor (Ser. No. 665)98141
AEL-167719610426Investigation of Bearing Lubrication with Additive Fuels98141
AEL-167819611231Calibration and Qualification Tests of a Gyrodyne-Porsche YO-95-2 Engine98141
AEL-167919611231Calibration and Qualification Tests of a Gyrodyne-Porsche YO-95-4 Engine98142
AEL-168019610428Evaluation of a Mark Coupling Part No. 1-1111-48 for use with Aircraft Ground Compressor Ducts98142
AEL-168119610428Evaluation Tests of Hamilton Standard Model PS300-31 and Model PS500-11 Air Turbine Starters Using Steam as an Energy Source98142
AEL-168219610609Aircraft Engine Performance Evaluation of Aeroshell W100 Lubricating Oil98142
AEL-168319610524TAFDS, Determination of Fuel Compatability with Dispensing Hoses98142
AEL-168419610607Qualification Tests of International Lubricant Corporation Grade 1100 ILC Code 8900 and ILCO Code 8901 Aircraft Engine Lubricating Oils98142
AEL-168519610518Qualification Test of the Humble Oil and Refining Company Esso Standard Grade 1100, WS4192 Aircraft Engine Lubricating Oil98142
AEL-168619610518Qualification Test of the Texaco Incorporated Grade 1065 Aviation Oil98142
AEL-168719610807Evaluation and Qualification Tests of Vickers Inc. Part No. 216608 Hydraulic Starters and Related Components98142
AEL-168819610807Calibration and Endurance Test of an AiResearch Model GTCP100-51-1 Gas Turbine Auxiliary Power Plant99143
AEL-168919610816Evaluation of Wiggins Part No. GSS121B-3 Coupling for use with Aircraft Ground Compressor Ducts99143
AEL-169019611006Boeing T50-B0-4 Engine Fuel Control System - Evaluation Using Comtaminated Fuel99143
AEL-169119611005Qualification Tests of General Electric Model 2CM260D3 Electric Starters, BuAer Model E-599143
AEL-169219610929Altitude Reignition of a J79-GE-8 Combustor with Oxygen Injection99143
AEL-169319610929Qualification Tests of Roylyn, Inc., Part No. 7401M, Quick Disconnect Fuel Coupling Assembly, Class 299143
AEL-169419611018Evaluation of Roylyn Part No. 7371-48 Coupling for Use with Aircraft Ground Compressor Ducts99143
AEL-169519611115Qualification Test of Gulf Research and Development Co. Formula I and Formula II Grade A-1100 Aviation Oils99143
AEL-169619611220JP-4 and JP-5 Low and High Temperature Qualification 12/20/1961 and Performance Tests of G.E. T58-GE-6 Engines99143
AEL-169719611231Aircraft Engine Performance Evaluation of the Consecutive Use of Specification MIL-L-6082 Grade 1100 Oil Containing 2% (VOL) Cyclohexanone and a Dispersant Type Oil99144
AEL-169819611129Qualification Test of the International Lubricant Corporation, ILC Code 8901, Grade 1100 Aviation Oil99144
AEL-169919620117Jet Engine Exhaust Noise Suppression Investigation Report of Survey of General Electric YJ79-GE-3A Engine99144
AEL-170019620108Qualification Test of Texaco TXA-182 Fuel Corrosion Inhibitor99144
AEL-170119611231Feasibility Study of a Constant Reactor Power Aircraft Nuclear Propulsion System99144
AEL-170219620214Verification Tests of Jack & Heintz Model 20069-005 Electric Starters, BuWeps Type E-599144
AEL-170319620226Sea Level Starting Tests of a J65-W-4B Turbo-Jet Engine Using Steam as an Energy Source for BuWeps Model A-16 Air Turbine Starter99144
AEL-170419620430Icing Evaluation of the Boeing T50-B0-4 Engine99144
AEL-170519620509Qualification Test of the Ashland Oil and Refining Co. MIL-L-22851 (WEP) Type IIb, Valvoline Super Aero 7000, Grade 1120 Lubricating Oil99144
AEL-170619620523Qualification Test of the Sinclair Research Laboratories, Inc. MIL-L-22851 (WEP) Type I Formula L-1165 and Type Iib Formula 1164 Lubricating Oil99144
AEL-170719620523Qualification Test of Consumers Cooperative Association Grade 1100 Oil100145
AEL-170819620607Aeronautical Engine Laboratory Altitude Test Facilities Augmentation Study100145
AEL-170919620628Endurance Test of AiResearch Model ATM50-8-1 Air Turbine Motor Unit100145
AEL-171019620615Qualification Test of Atlantic Refining Company MIL-L-22851 (WEP) Type I, No. 61-482, and Type Iib, No. 61-480, Aircraft Engine Lubricating Oil100145
AEL-171119620709GE J79-GE-8 Engine Oxygen Injection Combustor - Flame Crossover Investigation100145
AEL-171219620810Flow Problem Investigation in Ground Effect Machines100145
AEL-171319620827Qualification Test of Humble Oil and Refining Company Grade 1065 Oil, WSX5115100145
AEL-171419621207Evaluation of Roylyn Coupling Part No. 7950-52 for Use with Aircraft Ground Compressor Ducts100145
AEL-171519621024Sea Level and Altitude Calibrations of Allison T56-A-7, -8 Turbo-Prop Engines100145
AEL-171619630111Titanium Carbide Gas Turbine Rotors Spin Test Evaluation at Elevated Temperatures100145
AEL-171719621119Aircraft Engine Performance Evaluation of Texaco TL-5012 Lubricating Oil100146
AEL-171819630111Calibration of Wright Aeronautical Division R-3350-26WC/WD Model Engine100146
AEL-171919630102Evaluation of the AC Type TK-3 Spark Plug Reconditioning Kit100146
AEL-172019630130Qualification Tests of a Jack & Heintz, Inc. Model 20081-000 Electric Starter, BuWeps Class A100146
AEL-172119630312Investigation of Bearing Lubrication with Additive Fuel100146
AEL-172219630207150-Hour Verification Test of a Production GE T58-GE-6 Turboshaft Engine Using MIL-L-25336 Lubricating Oil100146
AEL-172319630215Method of Determining Suitability of Dry Film Graphite Lubricants for Use on Jet Engine Afterburner Nozzle Linkages101147
AEL-172419630227Evaluation of AiReasearch Themostatic Switch Part No. 107882-1 as a Jet Engine Flameout Detector101147
AEL-172519630322Low and High Temperature Qualification and Performance Tests of the GE T58-GE-8 engine Using JP-4 and JP-5 Fuels101147
AEL-172619630227Qualification Tests of International Lubricant Corporation Grade 1100 ILC Code 14206 and ILC cod 14207 Aircraft Engine Lubricating Oils101147
AEL-172719630227Transient Response Tests of AiResearch Model ATM50-8-1 Air Turbine Motor Unit101147
AEL-172819630412Evaluation of the ARO Equipment Corporation Coupling Model No. 616-602 for Use with Aircraft Ground Compressor Ducts101147
AEL-172919630326Evaluation Tests of a Bendix Corp. Model 36E59-4-A Combination Air Turbine Starter and Accessory Drive101147
AEL-173019630327Qualification Test of Standard Oil of California Grade 1100, PED-3293 and PED-3296, Aviation Engine Oils101147
AEL-173119630410Development of a Combustor for the AiResearch GTC85-28 Gas Turbine Compressors to Operate on JP-5101147
AEL-173219630426Qualification Test of Universal Oil Products Company Fuel Corrosion Inhibitor, UNICOR M (60% A. I.)101147
AEL-173319630426Environmental "B" Tests of a T58 Prototype (YT) Torquemeter Gearbox101147
AEL-173419630412Sea Level and Altitude Evaluation of G.E. T64 Turboprop Engine ST 126 Regenerator101147
AEL-173519630418Evaluation of the Modified Roylyn Coupling Part No. 9750-52 for Use with Aircraft Ground Compressor Ducts101148
AEL-173619630515Effects of Jet Fuel Constituents on Combustor Durability101148
AEL-173719630527Evaluation of Begstrom Engine Oil Purifier101148
AEL-173819630626Aviation Fuel Compatibility with Tactical Airfield Fuel Dispensing System Hoses101148
AEL-173919630605Sea Level and Altitude Performance Evaluation of the Solar YT62-S-2 Engine101148
AEL-174019630607Jet Engine Exhaust Noise Suppression Investigation Static Evaluation of Ardoin No. 7 Airborne Noise Suppressor101148
AEL-174119630717Sea Level and Altitude Starting Evaluation of a Solar Model YT62-S-2 Gas Turbine Engine101148
AEL-174219630717Sea Level Evaluation of a General Electric Co. Model T58-GE-8B Engine Using a Self-Sufficient Hydraulic Starting System101148
AEL-174319630728Design Considerations for a Space Simulation Facility for Testing Solar-Powered Electromechanical Power Plants101148
AEL-174419630718Qualification Tests of Buckeye Part No. 13460B Fueling Nozzle101149
AEL-174519630829Calibration of Wright Aeronautical Division R-3350-26WD Model Engine (Incorporating Internal Supercharger Recirculation to Eliminate Low Ration Critical Altitude Roughness)101149
AEL-174619630830Evaluation of the Bendix Servo Pressure Fuel Injector System for the Contnental O-470-4 Engine T34B Aircraft101149
AEL-174719631119Performance & Qualification Tests of a Production GE T58-GE-8B Turboshaft Engine101149
AEL-174819631017Qualification Test of Monsanto Chemical Company Fuel Corrosion Inhibitor, M-490-A101149
AEL-174919631022Thermal Degradation of Jet Fuels101149
AEL-175019631120Jet Engine Exhaust Noise Suppression Investigation Report of Evaluation of Curtiss-Wright Model CWXL-2B Portable Sound Suppressor101149
AEL-175119631122Evaluation of the Flexible Tubing Corporation Part No. FT3565-G Duct for Use with Gas Turbine Compressors102150
AEL-175219631206Evaluation of Flexible Tubing Corp. Part No. FT 3565 Duct for Use with Gas Turbine Compressors102150
AEL-175319640210AiResearch Model GTCP100-51-1 Powerplant - 300-Cycle Start-Stop and Endurance Tests Using JP-5 Fuel102150
AEL-175419640129Investigation of Turbine Fan Assembly Bearing Failures in the Hamilton Standard Air Conditioning Unit for Model F-8 Aircraft102150
AEL-175519640220Evaluation of a Chromium-Magnesium Oxide Sintered Composite Alloy for High Temperature Application102150
AEL-175619640304Qualification and Engine Test of MIL-L-22851 (WEP) Dispersant Oil Candidate Valvoline Super Aero 7000E Oil102150
AEL-175719640214Comparison of Laforce and Otto Cycle Engines at Low Power102150
AEL-175819640205Qualification Test of the American Oil Company Grade 1100 Code LF-3315, Aviation Engine Oil102150
AEL-175919640325Evaluation of Method 457 (Low Temperature Dispersency and Detergency Characteristics of Crankcase Lubricating Oils) of Federal Test Method Standard 791a102151
AEL-176019640320Effects of Altitude and Reynolds Number on Performance of Allison T56 Gas Turbine Engines102151
AEL-176119640325Qualification Tests of the Shell Oil Company Aeroshell W80, Type IIIb, Dispersant Oil for Aircraft Reciprocating Engines102151
AEL-176219640424Evaluation of an AiResearch Model GTC85-56 Gas Turbine Engine with JP-5R Fuel102151
AEL-176319640414Qualification Tests of the Humble Oil Company Esso Aviation E-80, Type IIIb, Dispersant Oil for Aircraft Reciprocating Engines102151
AEL-176419640609Evaluation of the T64-GE-2 Engine at Altitude and Extreme Temperature Conditions102151
AEL-176519640527Verification Tests of Hamilton Standard Model PS200-18 Air Turbine Starters (BuWeps Model A24-1)102151
AEL-176619640522Qualification Test of the Shell Oil Co. Grade 1065 (60003 Aeroshell Oil 65 and Aeroshell Oil 65) and Grade 1100, 60005 Aeroshell Oil 100, Aviation Engine Oils102151
AEL-176719640625AiResearch Model GTCP100-52-1 Powerplant Calibration and Extreme Temperature Starting Tests102151
AEL-176819640715Qualification and Engine Performance Evaluation of MIL-L-22851 (WEP) Candidate Mobil XRM 130E Dispersant Oil102152
AEL-176919640831Evaluation of T64-GE-2 Engine Anti-Icing System102152
AEL-177019640811Sea Level and Altitude Starting Tests of General Electric Model T58-GE-8 or -8B Engines102152
AEL-177119640729Evaluation of the Stratos Model GBN100-1 Air Conditioning Turbine Fan Assembly (Part No. 103430) Incorporating Air Lubricated Bearings102152
AEL-177219640811Qualification Test of the Richfield Oil Corporation Grade 1065 Oil102152
AEL-177319640923Evaluation of the Starting Performance of Boeing Model T50-B0-4 Engines Equiped with Woodward Governor Co. Types 402005 and 405840 Fuel Controls102152
AEL-177419640916Evaluation of Flexible Tubing Corporation Assembly No. FT-7768 Duct for Use with Gas Turbine Compressors102152
AEL-177519641009Service Suitability and Endurance Test of General Electric Model 2CM270D3 Starter Using Model SH-3A Helicopter Electrical System as Starter Power Source103153
AEL-177619641030Evaluation of Flexible Tubing Corporation Assembly No. FT-7767 Duct for Use with Gas Turbine Compressors103153
AEL-177719641118Official Sea Level High and Low Termperature Tests of the T64-GE-8 "B" Turboprop Engine103153
AEL-177819641215Boeing T50-B0-4/8A Engine Performance and Environmental Tests103153
AEL-177919641222Evaluation of the Sea-level Extreme Temperature Starting Performance of a Boeing Model T50-B0-4 Engine Equipped with a Bendix Corp. Model DP-4A Fuel Control and Model AL-J4 Speed Limiter103153
AEL-178019641030Qualification Tests of the Refiners Marketing Company Grade 1100, RMC-Code 3332, RMC-Code 3333 Aviation Engine Oils103153
AEL-178119641130Qualification Tests of Texaco Aircraft Engine Oil 1065103153
AEL-178219641217Qualification Tests of a Bendix Corp. Model 36E79-10QA Air Turbine Starter BuWeps Model A24-1103153
AEL-178319641210Verification of Performance of T56-A-8 engine in E-2A(W2F) Aircraft103153
AEL-178419650127Solar Model T-62T-11 Engine Cranking and Starting Tests103154
AEL-178519650127Service Suitability and Endurance Test of General Electric of Lear Seigler Inc. Model 20069-005 Starter Using Model SH-3A Helicopte Electrical System as Starter Power Source103154
AEL-178619650225Official Altitude Qualification Tests of the T64-GE-8 Turboprop Engine103154
AEL-178719650203Qualification Tests of Texaco TL-6023, Type IIb, Ashless Dispersant Aircraft Lubricating Oil103154
AEL-178819650308Verification Tests of a Hamilton Standard Part No. 554062 Combination Pressure Regulating and Shut-Off Valve for Air Turbine Starters103154
AEL-178919650226Qualification Tests of New York Air Brake Model 53WK02001 and 53WK02003 Hydraulic Starters BuWeps Model H-1103154
AEL-179019650326Evaluation Tests of a Bendix Corp. Model 36E59-6B Combination Air Turbine Starter and Accessory103154
AEL-179119650218Proposed Revision to MIL-E-5007B and MIL-E-5009B Standarized Method of Conducting Contaminated Fuel Tests103154
AEL-179219650407Evaluation of an AiResearch Model GTC 85-56 Gas Turbine Engine with JP-5 Fuel Conversion Kit and Specification MIL-L-23699 (WEP) Oil103154
AEL-179319650331Turbine Disk Burst Protection Study103154
AEL-179419650331Evaluation of an AiResearch Model GTC 85-72 Gas Turbine Engine with Fuel Sytem Pressure Settings Adjusted for Improved Operation on JP-5 Fuel103154
AEL-179519650324Qualification Test of the Humble Oil and Refining Company Grade 1100 Code WSX-6354 Aviation Oil104155
AEL-179619650409Investigation of Acoustic Performance of the WAD Concentric Convergent Exhaust Nozzle104155
AEL-179719650428V/Stol Plenum Chamber Combustion Research Study104155
AEL-179819650526Investigation of Power Loss on contnental O-470-4 Engine in T-34B Aircraft104155
AEL-179919650512General Electric Model T64-GE-8 Turboprop Engine Altitude Starting Evaluation104155
AEL-180019650507Qualification Testing of MIL-L-23699 (WEP) Turboprop and Turboshaft Engine Candidate Oil Socony Mobil XRM-147A-1104155
AEL-180119650528Verification Tests of an AiResearch Part No. 392200-2-1 Air Turbine Starter Control Valve, BuWeps Type 1104155
AEL-180219650628Official Sea Level High and Low Temperature Qualification Tests of Lycoming T53-L-7 Turboprop Engine104155
AEL-180319650806Evaluation of MDI and Aero-flow Centrifugal Type Fuel Purifiers under Steady State Flow Conditions104156
AEL-180419650708Low Temperature Starting Evaluation of an AiResearch Model GTC 85-72 Engine with JP-5 Fuel Conversion Kit and Various Fuels104156
AEL-180519650730Effects on Performance & Operation of the Lycoming T53-L-11 Engine by Incorporating an Infrared Suppression Kit104156
AEL-180619650805Sea Level Starting Characteristics of the Allison T56-A-8 Engine104156
AEL-180719650730Qualification Testing of MIL-L23699 (WEP) turboprop and Turboshaft Engine Candidate Oil Stuffer Blend 7080104156
AEL-180819650730Qualification Tests of Sunray D-X Oil Company MIL-L-6082C Grade 1100 and 1065 aircraft Engine Oils104156
AEL-180919650813Allison Model T56-A-8 Turboprop Engine Altitude Starting Evaluation104156
AEL-181019650812Qualification Tests of Refiners Marketing Co. Piston Engine Lubricating Oil Code 3419, Grade 1100104156
AEL-181119650826Determination of H2/H3/H46/T58 Fuel Flow Surge Characteristics104156
AEL-181219650830Qualification Tests of Cities Service Oil Company MIL-L-6082C Grade 1100 and 1065 Aircraft Engine Oils104156
AEL-181319651007Starting Evaluation of a Model J65-B-7C Turbo-Jet Engine using Oils Conforming to Specifications MIL-L-23699 (WEP) and MIL-L-7808E as Engine Lubricants104156
AEL-181419651026Evaluation of a Cyro-Therm, Inc. Insulated Box Battery Temperature Stabilization104156
AEL-181519651021Qualification Tests of Delta Petroleum Company, Inc. Formula 33SD, Grade 1100, Aviation Engine Oil104156