Rolls-Royce Eagle 22
by Barry Hares

The main details of the full-size engine are as follows:

Type of engine: Geared, pressure liquid cooled, flat H, sleeve valve engine with two-speed, two-stage liquid cooled supercharger, driving contra-rotating propellers through reduction gearing.
Bore: 5.4”
Stroke: 5.125”
Swept Volume: 2,816 in³ (46 litres)
Compression Ratio: 6.5:1
Supercharger Ratios: 3.0:1 and 3.67:1
Reduction Gear Ratio: 0.298:1
Maximum Power: 3,200 HP at 18 psi boost
Carburetor: indirect fuel injection

For a 1/5th-size engine, this gave a total capacity of 22.53 in³ (370 cc). More than 8,000 hours were spent in the construction.