Fifteenth Annual AEHS Convention
Sacramento, California
Tuesday 2 October through Friday 5 October 2018

Last Revised 15 Mar 2018

The 2018 AEHS Convention features the Aerospace Museum of California, with its growing collection of over 50 historic aircraft and 20 beautifully restored display engines.

Convention attendees will also tour the California Automobile Museum, with over 150 automobiles, ranging from kit cars and Model Ts to Packards and Lamborghinis that were driven in California over the last 120 years.

When you complete your tour of the California Automobile Museum, consider visiting the California State Railroad Museum. It is just over a mile away and has a fantastic collection of engines, cars and railroad memorabilia (The price of this tour is not included in the registration fee).

As usual, a full day of enlightening technical and historical presentations is also planned. Every day and evening will present the usual opportunities to chat with fellow AEHS Members about aircraft engines and their applications.


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