Runs of Kenneth Zetterlund’s Restored Wright R-3350 TC


First run in the recently completed R-3350 test cell at Neptune Aviation Services in Missoula, Montana.
NAS overhauls engines for use on the P2V Neptune.
Photo submitted by shop manager Tracy Brendal.


Thursday, 21 April 2005:
My Allison V-1710 ran for the first time today! - Dan Whitney


11 May 2011 Demonstration Run


Tulsa Technology Center


1) 39,000 sq ft Powerplant Hangar with perfectly flyable Boeing 727 inside.
2) 39,000 sq ft Airframe Hangar currently occupied by CAF LB-30 (B-24).
3) Oil stain on ramp from running R-4360.

Super-nice facility with four dynamometers for reciprocating engines. We use a Lycoming GSO-480 for reciprocating overhaul and run. There is a turbine engine test cell with a TF41 engine installed.

Runners from the Collection of the Tulsa Technology Center


We run each of these engines about every 39 days, which is the length of the reciprocating engine course at Tulsa Technology Center. We are a state and federally funded A&P school. They run fine -- make lots of smoke and noise. The test club is a C-130 Hercules prop cut down to nine feet, with manually adjustable pitch.


Union Blimp Engine

Readers of Torque Meter Vol. 1 No. 1 may recall a letter from Mr. "Sal" Salomon describing his restoration of a Union Blimp engine
belonging to the New England Air Museum.


All that hard work has its rewards. Below is Sal's account of the first run of his project:

"Saturday 11 May 2002. A beautiful sunny day. I pushed the engine out of the garage and prepared for the first run. When my friend Bob (an outstanding machinist) came up from NJ we started. After priming the oil system we hooked up the oil line to the engine driven pump. Turning on the fuel valve allowing the fuel to fill the carburetor float chamber, the engine was rotated. As the fuel started to run out of the carburetor we figured it was enough! Throttle open 1/2 inch, the left mag in the 'ON' position, Bob took the starting handle. At the third snap of the impulse coupling the engine roared to life. What a thrill! Mag switch 'Both' Sounding more like an old Caterpillar tractor then an aircraft engine. We ran the engine 3 more times to work out the bugs. WOW what a beautiful day!"